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2019 Challenge

**Release Video Coming Soon **

April 16-23 = $29 Don’t Wait! You Can!
April 23-30 = $32
May 1-12 = $49

Yes, your friend can register after we start (they will have less time to complete the challenges) 

Additional Opportunities:
$99 - Registration + LON Support
$149 – Registration + LON Support + Scholarship for Lady who Cannot Afford
Can Not Afford? Submit Scholarship Need Form (not guaranteed)

Why is there a Cost?

  1. I want you to invest in this opportunity. FREE isn’t a serious investment. This is all about you!
  2. I will be sending you a set of tools including a workbook to use through this process.

You DO NOT NEED TO BE A MEMBER to join the Challenge!! However, Members will receive their 10% off.  To receive Discount become a Yearly Member to waive 90-day waiting period.

STEP 2: Receive Package

Tools Ship May 8(ish)

Watch your USPS Mailbox for Awesomeness!

Your Workbook will give you the bump to start right away…

STEP 3: Start Challenge

Starts May 13

You will have 5 of the Challenges to start on immediately. There are some quick deadlines for a couple, others you will have the full 10 weeks to complete.

They are built to be: Hard / Easy   ; For Beginners / Intermediates / Advanced

They are expected to be: F-U-N and at least one will push you outside your comfort zone

Groups or Alone: You can work together with local ladies or you can complete on your own

No Money: You will not need to purchase anything to complete this challenge (well, except for some gas and lunch for your offroading day J)

Watch the launch video to hear an outline of what the Challenges are…

STEP 4: Challenge Continues

May 28 – July 2

Every Tuesday during LIVE@5 we will launch another one of the Challenges.

You will receive an email with the specific docs to print and add in to your workbook.

Submit Your Finished Challenges:

  • You will have access to our Basecamp online system where you will do all your work and upload any necessary requirements.
  • All communication is done in Basecamp. (VERY user friendly!)
  • You DO NOT need Social Media, or have to be a Member, to complete the Challenge successfully!!
  • You will check the specific challenge off your To-Do list, which will notify us to check your submission and apply points to the online visible spread sheet.

(Aye! This is so exciting, and I’m just typing up the How-it-works! 
Wait until you see the Challenges and the How-to-do-it-correctly information! This is all about learning…)

STEP 5: 4th Challenge Ends

July 19

Make sure all the Challenges you were able to complete are submitted and accounted for PRIOR TO this Date.

STEP 6: Points Announcement

Ladies Offroad Convention Gala
Saturday Night August 3rd

Saturday night is a VERY special night at the Convention for many reasons including the Challenge Final Announcements. Finishing even a couple challenges is a WIN!

Guests will be able to purchase tickets to just the Saturday Night Gala, including men. 

STEP 7: Top 10 Weekend

October – Top 10 will determine weekend

An Epic 4 Days of adventure and meeting top industry professionals while being spoiled and educated by Charlene in a TBD place. This is an A-M-A-Z-I-N-G weekend!

Who Gets to Go?

  • Top 5 in Points
  • 2 Ladies Voted by Challenge Participants: Biggest Cheerleader & Tried Really Hard…but…

3 Random Draws! The number of Challenges you complete determines the number of times your name goes into the Grandma’s Salad Bowl. Life happens…you complete 3…your name goes in 3 times and you could still be picked and attend the Top 10 Weekend!!!! Do it! Try it! You Got This! –c-

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