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Tool Box Education Center

Charlene is excited to help you "Build Your Tool Box" 
Online Series of Classes built for your convenience

6 Weeks, 5 Sections + Weekly Conversations


Individual Class Purchases:
Lifetime Member - $59
Member - $69
Non-Member - $89

Buy 5 Get 1 Free:
Lifetime Member - $295
Member - $345
Non-Member - $535

Bower Academy Pricing After LON Program - $99 / $595


YOUR TIME: This class is done at your pace on your time. There is no specific classroom time that you need to be present for. Communication will be done through email, text and in the App. If you want points to be entered into the drawing then you have timeline goals, otherwise you set your plan.

CLASS LOCATION: Will be on our LON App that you can access successfully from a phone, tablet, laptop or desktop. It is organized into 5 sections to make it easy to follow, learn and submit for drawing points.

CLASSMATES: The LON App hosts all of the Ladies taking the class so you can chat, work together, ask questions and support each other. 

ASK CHARLENE: She is online with you during the week, available via text and email. On Tuesday's at 6pm pst / 9pm est she will host a short bonus class LIVE during Ask Charlene. You can ask her any question you want.  MORE INFO

Interact & Complete to Win

Interaction Points:  There is homework! You will have opportunities to submit pictures, answers and other fun interactive ways to know that you completed the assignment. Each submission will have points associated. Points will be tallied and put into a HUGE drawing during the Week of Giving in December.

Completion Reward: There will be different gifts for each of the 6 classes. There are 3 tiers of completion: 100%, 85% and 70%.  Gifts will be shipped approx 1 month after completion of class. 
BONUS: Free Shipping for Store Orders will be available for ship-out reward ladies.

LON Session, Then Open to Public

Ladies Offroad Network ladies have the ability to take the classes before anyone else does.  The class will release specifically for you and the program outlined above is ONLY FOR the 6 week session.

You will have access to the class to review at your convenience as you need the content.  The completion rewards program ends on the scheduled date. 

After the LON session closes, anyone (guys, gals, juniors) will be able to take the class in a open enrollment session! (This is VERY exciting!) However, it will fall under the Bower Motorsports Program. The cost will be $99 per class. 

Class 1

Title: Vocabulary

LON Start Date: Jan 15
LON End Date: Feb 23
Bower Open Enrollment: Mar 6

Description: Words are confusing, especially when you are just starting into a new arena.  UNDERSTAND the words that you have or will encounter on the trail or in the shop.

Section 1:  General Offroad Terms
Section 2:  Vehicle Terms
Section 3:  Garage Terms
Section 4:  Adventure & Recovery Terms
Section 5:  Land-Use Terms
BONUS: Slang Phrases πŸ™‚

Class 2

Title: PreEvent Checklist

LON Start Date: March 4
LON End Date: April 12
Bower Open Enrollment: April 15

Description: Executing a Pre-Event checklist is important to having a great trip, but the list is completely overwhelming. Here is HOW TO execute each of the line-items.

Section 1:  General Vehicle
Section 2:  Specific Vehicle
Section 3:  Charged Items
Section 4:  Packing Checklist
Section 5:  Leave Behind

Class 3

Title: Recovery Tools

LON Start Date: May 6
LON End Date: June 14
Bower Open Enrollment: June 17

Description: There is a minimum amount of recovery gear you should have, then there are specific application items. UNDERSTAND the importance of weight and strength. Pro Tips on HOW TO Use.

Section 1:  Vehicle Weight & Recovery Strength
Section 2:  Winch
Section 3:  Winching Gear
Section 4:  Recovery Gear
Section 5:  Jacks and Traction

Class 4

Title: Maintenance 101

LON Start Date: July 8
LON End Date: Aug 16
Bower Open Enrollment: Aug 19

Description: There are certain elements of your vehicle that you need to understand to help it be a successful partner on your adventures. UNDERSTAND why it matters and HOW TO do it. 

Section 1:  Engine Fluids
Section 2:  Other Fluids
Section 3:  Filters
Section 4:  Bolt Check
Section 5:  Tires

Class 5

Title: Bigger Tire Equation

LON Start Date: Sept 9
LON End Date: Oct 18
Bower Open Enrollment: Oct 21

Description: So, you want bigger tires! Here is everything else that you have to consider and WHY. From the dashboard to the vehicles suspension dynamics and gearing. It's a Deep Dive.

Section 1:  Bigger Tires! Sizing
Section 2:  Gearing
Section 3:  Driveshaft & Suspension Angles
Section 4:  Clearance
Section 5:  Inside Vehicle Considerations

Class 6

Title: Trail Ride Etiquette

LON Start Date: Nov 4
LON End Date: Dec 13
Bower Open Enrollment: Dec 16

Description: UNDERSTAND how to be a positive part of a group trail ride. Everything that you need to be successful for your next trip. Also a section on how to be a successful Trail Leader. 

Section 1:  Trail Ride Prep
Section 2:  Communication
Section 3:  Group Dynamics
Section 4:  Stewards of our Land
Section 5:  Trail Leader Pro Tips

But Wait...there is MORE!

...There will be additional classes released during 2024 that are not currently on the list. You will have the opportunity to join (or use as 1 of your 6) as they become available. 

...There will be class themed shirts that you will be able to pre-order as the class wraps up. If you have completed more than 70% of the class you will have a Free Shipping code to utilize!

...and I'm sure there will be even more! πŸ™‚ 

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