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2023 Bronco Bash

22nd Annual SoCal Bronco Bash

Bronco Bash Ladies Offroad Network We had the pleasure of attending the SoCal Broncos Big Bear Bronco Bash this weekend.  It's their 22nd year of an informal event that welcomes all Broncos old and new. Lots of great runs, some amazing food and awesome people.
Thankfully we were able to utilize the TreadLightly! Wildtrack Bronco for the weekend so we fit in! What a great vehicle and an opportunity to learn the new style Bronco's capabilities and idiosyncrasies on multiple styles of trails. 
Bronco Bash Ladies Offroad Network We started off the weekend joining the "early crew" for a donation based taco dinner, including group organizers Dusty and Stephanie Sharp. We met some great people and Charlene hovered in to help with the merchandise tent.
Friday was the 1st Annual All Ladies Run. It was a great experience with 12 vehicles and over 20 Ladies. Longtime Lifetime Member Cindy Groth left her Jeep in the parking lot and joined Charlene for the day. The group fit through the squeeze rocks and then took time for lunch and a couple lessons from Charlene and Stephanie. 
Bronco Bash Ladies Offroad NetworkMeanwhile, Wes was with the group of guys that had to find rides while the girls were on the trail! For dinner we were surprised at the amazing showing of Mexican Potluck options!  Potlucks are the best!
Saturday Charlene was asked to lead a Easy Trail ride. Using a delivered OnX Offroad track, she easily led the group on some great trails with spectacular views. Of the 17 vehicles on the trail, 3 of the Broncos had never seen dirt. Using Rugged Radios, Charlene took the opportunity to teach about the Bronco's GOAT Modes and during lunch she gave the group a lesson about 4WD and the benefits to Lockers.
Bronco Bash Ladies Offroad Network Charlene's #1 for over 15+ years, Carol, and her son Josh joined for the trail day. The laughs from the backseat made everyone giggle. After a great day on the trail the group wandered to The Big Bear Village to enjoy some shopping and ice cream! 
Bronco Bash Ladies Offroad Network Saturday Nights festivities started with a lot of fun chatter and now friends talking about their trail day. The SoCal Broncos BBQ and Bash did not disappoint! The Pig Roast, Tri-Tip and the live band was amazing. The evening was a ton of laughs!
Sunday we wrapped up the weekend with a strong group going on the Alan Rowe Memorial Trail. With sun, rain, sleet and hail, we traversed a rocky off-camber trail to an amazing overlook that had the Memorial set in concrete. The story is special: coming soon to our @BowerMedia YouTube Channel. This trail put the TreadLighy! Bronco to work using multiple GOAT Modes, including Baja Mode!
Bronco Bash Ladies Offroad Network If you have a Bronco, be sure to put this event on your list - the weekend before Father's Day - it's casual, fun and a great group of people. 

So Cal Bronco's Website:



Bronco Bash 2023 LON

Their Event Website: CLICK HERE

What: Big Bear Bronco Bash XXII (Yes, it is their 22 year!)
When: June 8-11, 2023
Where: Big Bear Lake, CA
Who: So Cal Broncos, the Ford Bronco Brotherhood of Southern California
Cost: Zero. There is no charge to attend So Cal Broncos events.
Why: Because Broncos were made to WHEEL, not to be babied and hauled to auctions.

Join Charlene on the Trail

Look for the TreadLightly! Bronco

Friday: Ladies Run ~ 9am ~ Easy/Med ~ Stage: Boulder Bay Park

Saturday: Delmar Mountain ~ 9am ~ Easy ~ Stage: Discovery Center

Sunday: Alan Rowe Memorial Run ~ 9am ~ Medium ~ Stage: Vons Shopping Center

If you are going to join, please make sure you sign up in the forum for SCB - it is free - but there is a cap to vehicles in the group... Thankyou!


Join Charlene Every Night for Dinner & Fun!

5:00 PM Happy Hour Early arrivals join us for cocktails in the common area at the Majestic Moose. Bring your own, plus something to share!

5:30 PM Super Dave and Son’s Taco Thursday

Taco Night returns this year with Special Guest, The Lovely Vanessa.  12-Pack Jeff, Dave and Vanessa will be cooking up tasty chicken and carne asada tacos using delicious meat from Chino Hills Carniceria.   Tortillas, lettuce, tomato, cheese, onion, cilantro, sour cream will be provided along with 12-Pack’s famous salsa and Vanessa’s amazing guac.

The grills get lit about 5:30ish and we goes until 8ish.. or until they run out of meat, or everyone is stuffed. 12-Pack recommends getting there earlier rather than later as the fixings get thin towards the end of the night.
There is no charge to partake, although donations are greatly appreciated. Can send donations via PayPal to There will also be a tip jar on site.

7:00 PM Mexican Potluck Dinner

Friday Night Mexican Potluck is a tradition that goes back to the very first Big Bear Bronco Bash! Held in the common area at the Majestic Moose. Please bring your favorite Mexican main course, side dish or dessert to share. Note that there is NO signup sheet, so please don’t ask anyone “what’s needed?” Simply bring any dish you’re proud to share, and make sure there’s enough for a few people. Typically the chefs of So Cal Broncos bring their A-game and there is always plenty of everything to go around. Make sure to bring serving utensils for your dish. Please claim your dish after the potluck. Even if you set it out in a disposable dish, it’s up to you to make sure it gets disposed.
IMPORTANT: Bring your own beverage, plates, napkins and eating utensils. And PLEASE pick up after yourself.



8:00 PM SCB Grilllmasters BBQ Dinner

Once again our elite team of SCB Grillmasters will be serving up a delicious BBQ meal on Saturday night! Those who have attended BBBB before know that the Grillmaster BBQ is one of the highlights of the weekend. This year Grillmasters Tom Doran, Bill and Brenda Camp, Kirk Aguer, Kevin Thierry, Mark Shainman, Ed Campbell and Mike & Michelle Fluke  will be cooking up an epic feast!  Early plans are for a full pig roast and tri-tip for the fidels (because only infidels eat pig LOL)  and all the sides. A tip jar will be available so please tip the Grillmasters generously for their hard work!

Donations Accepted to Help Cover BBQ Costs! As usual, attendance at the BBBB BBQ is free but the Grillmasters are accepting donations to help defray costs. We encourage everyone who can, to donate enough to pay for your meal and reward our Grillmasters for a job well done. If times are tough come on out anyway and enjoy a great meal with the SCB broterhood. Nobody goes away hungry! To donate via Paypal go to: (Please check the box for “Friends & Family so they don’t confiscate part of it).  If you prefer to use Venmo please send it to @Kirk-Aguer.  The Grillmasters have asked that donations be made by May 31 so they can plan and prepare.

9:00 PM The Bash

Immediately following the BBQ dinner, we put the “Bash” in Big Bear Bronco Bash with a full night of live music, adult beverages and tons of fun!
Once again The Tomcats will be slingin’ their rocking mix of classics, thanks to our music sponsor James Duff Enterprises!
Bring your own adult beverages or try some of those brought by others to share. Try your hand at the Flabongo while you’re at it!

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