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2024 King of the Hammers

My favorite time of the year is here!! It's King of the Hammers time!!  I hope this information will help you navigate the race from home or on the lakebed!

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Participate in the King of the Hammers week (on the lakebed or from home) & Win cool prizes!

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Cheer on the LADIES!!

NAME               RACE #    ULTRA 4 Classes
Saturday February 3
Bailey Campbell    35         Nitto Race of Kings 4400 Unlimited Class
Amber Turner        4848     Nitto Race of Kings 4400 Unlimited Class

Friday February 2
Kim Matzen           361       4500 Yukon Gear and Axle Modified Class
Hollie Fowler         4313     4500 Yukon Gear and Axle Modified Class
Amber Turner        468       4600 Currie Enterprises Stock Class
Cindy Bullock       4040     4600 Currie Enterprises Stock Class
Hannah Felton       4611     4600 Currie Enterprises Stock Class
Kelsey Gosser       4614     4600 Currie Enterprises Stock Class
Megan Miller        3105     4600 Currie Enterprises Stock Class
Rubi Kunsch          808      4600 Currie Enterprises Stock Class
Sydney Stevenson 4645     4600 Currie Enterprises Stock Class
Kimberly Sparrow 872       4800 Branik Motorsports Legends Class

Thursday February 1
Briana Reid             85        4900 Can-Am Pro Stock Turbo UTV
Jenn Zipp                4944    4900 Can-Am Sportsman Stock UTV
Baylee Ford            721      4900 Can-Am Futures Youth 1000cc UTV
Emily Manders      1800     4900 Can-Am Futures Youth 1000cc UTV
Payton Dumford    7007     4900 Can-Am Futures Youth 1000cc UTV
Saylor Healy            67       4900 Can-Am Futures Youth 1000cc UTV
Taryn McCalla       1333     4900 Can-Am Futures Youth 1000cc UTV

Tuesday January 30
Brenna Goerke       138        KOH Kids 170 cc Modified UTV
Addie Atteberry      66          KOH Kids 170 cc UTV
Bentley Dixon        224        KOH Kids 170 cc UTV
Claire Dixon           339        KOH Kids 170 cc UTV
Ella Ford                722         KOH Kids 170 cc UTV
Nora Prendergast   413         KOH Kids 170 cc UTV
Rylee Atteberry     100          KOH Kids 170 cc UTV

Sunday January 28
Tayler McNamara  4692       T4 Desert Classes
Kelly Smith            107         Class 1 Desert Classes
Ashley Clough        3932      UTV Pro Stock Turbo Desert Classes
Sara Price                78          UTV Pro Stock Turbo Desert Classes
Vanessa Tortolero   1818       UTV Pro Stock Turbo Desert Classes
Baylee Bryant         5099       UTV Pro Stock NA Desert Classes
Kristen Matlock      1854       UTV Open Desert Classes
Amy Brandt            1632       Vintage Buggy Desert Classes
Karissa Veenstra      925        Vintage Buggy Desert Classes
Emme Hall              1441       1400 Desert Classes

Saturday January 27
Rosalie Prendergast 1113        Class 11
Rylie King               1123        Class 11

Saturday January 20
Addy Albrecht         628L        King of the Motos
Carly Paet                2222        King of the Motos
Louise Forsley         77            King of the Motos
Mesa Lange             33            King of the Motos
Reagan Stone          1111         King of the Motos
Taylor Duprau         62            King of the Motos
Zlata Osadsky         1090        King of the Motos

** Please advise if you know of a female DOR that was missed!


Charlene has been part of King of the Hammers since 2009 when her company Bower Media was contracted to build the first vendor area and help with the racers and teams. She has been in attendance every year since helping racers and companies with media exposure or common-interest ladies meet each other in a fun and fast moving environment. She has competed in the Backdoor Challenge twice, in 2016 and 2017 and finished both times making her the "Fastest Girl up Backdoor". CLICK HERE to Watch This from 2016 🙂

There are over 10,000 spectators annually with a majority of them camping on the dry lake bed. This event is now known as the largest gathering of offroad vehicles and enthusiast. Every type of vehicle is there and probably modified which makes looking at all the spectator vehicles as much fun as watching the racing. 

Charlene loves to host ladies at King of the Hammers and give them the behind-the-scenes VIP opportunities. Never miss a chance to walk with her, you never know who you will meet!

Hear All About it...

ladies offroad network charlene bower

Time Stamp: Fast Forward to 22:15
Facebook Link: CLICK HERE
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Join Us!

King of the Hammers is an amazing week of events in one space. Navigating the event can be a challenge. The VIP opportunity helps you understand the schedule of events for arrival and departures, your camping arrangements and being able to participate in public and private opportunities throughout the week with Charlene. It will be an experience to remember!!

The special gift is always exciting and specifically picked out by Charlene for the event. The reflective silver logo designates that you attended a VIP Event.

After registration you will be given access to a Preliminary Form to let Charlene know you plans and our APP Event Area to start communicating with other ladies that will be joining in on the fun!

Lifetime Member: $149
Member: $169
Non-Member: $179

*This is not an all inclusive LON Opportunity. At VIP Events you are responsible for the event ticket, camping fees, and most living...with our support.
* Date range is flexible. LON will be there around those dates. You do not need to commit to all the days. 

VIP Opportunity

Join us for a great week of exciting adventures hosting you around the event King of the Hammers. 

You will be requested to meet the group at certain times to go on specific outings. 

You will receive a special gift! You have the opportunity to camp with the group in a safe zone. 

  • You will have time to go on your own adventures.
  • Vehicles not required.
  • Male significant others are welcome at VIP events


** More Details to be Posted **

Ladies Offroad Network Meet Up:  Watch for Day, Time and Place where we will all have an opportunity to meet up!

Adventure Seeker Hunt: Play and gain points for the huge 2024 Week of Giving drawing!  (Guys, Gals & Juniors!)

Tread Lightly! Giveback Project: We will post when and where you can participate in the KOH Cleanups, etc.

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