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Member Spotlight


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What is a e-Member Spotlight?

It is a online gathering of Offroad Ladies who will learn from each other through Members showing us around their vehicles, garages and who knows what else. (Of course you will meet their pets too!) We believe that you can learn in many different ways ~ hearing how and why someone has decided to put their vehicle together the way they did is an important step in the process of making your own decisions. 

Three ladies will be spotlighted. We will start the evening by introducing ourselves and then the ladies will take over the main screen. Each will have about 20 minutes to show you around and then you can ask questions. Once all three have given you the tour we will open it up for even more questions or discussions on the different aspects of each. 

You will have a voice and video option on the e-Member Spotlight calls. They will last 2+ hours and have a maximum capacity of 75 guests.
You must be a Ladies Offroad Network Member to attend.   CLICK HERE to Join Now! (Gains Immediate Access)

Once the Members have presented during the Workshop you can follow up here for a Vehicle Link Build Sheet, Video replays, possibly printable PDF's and more information or links to continue learning. 

Hosted by Charlene Bower

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Upcoming Member Spotlight - Members Join Us LIVE

Please let us know you are coming by clicking the REGISTER NOW button. Please help us share the knowledge by Inviting Your Friends via Facebook or Instagram!
Thank you and can't wait to see you!

June 24 Member Spotlights

Ladies Offroad Member Spotlights:

Stephanie Errickson

 Albuquerque, NM
Featuring her JK & her KX Dirt Bike

Marissa VanGundy

From Stoutsville, OH
Featuring her Rock Bouncer Buggy

Robin Brooks

From Edmond, OK
Featuring her Toyota Tacoma with tons of Mods!


You will get to ask questions and interact with each of the ladies to help you understand what you need. 

Hosted by Charlene Bower.

BlueJeans App

We use the program BlueJeans to host our e-Member Spotlights so you can have a voice, video and chat option while we are online together. You DO NOT need to have an account or pay anything. You will receive a direct link to our "meeting" when you sign up. Clicking on the link will take you directly to our space.

Phone / Tablet: Download the App THEN click on the link to open the app. 

Computer / Laptop: Click directly on the link to open the web browser option.

e-Member Spotlight Etiquette

Please follow these rules of Etiquette to help with the call:

  • Arrive to the call On-Time so you can introduce yourself.
  • When you are not talking, keep your microphone on mute.
  • Be aware of your video background 🙂
  • Ask Questions!


We would like to offer these in-depth educational opportunities and discussions to our Members. In addition to the information that these fellow Members are providing they are also allowing us to see "behind the scenes" of their vehicle and home.  It was the decision of the members to keep this opportunity to the member group. 

There are a lot of other member benefits. CLICK HERE to Learn More and Join!

Past Member Spotlights - Link to the Knowledgebase

There was a lot of learning offered. Below are links that will take you to the printable PDF's, Videos and additional information:

June 24 Member Spotlights

Ladies Offroad Member Spotlights:

Tabie Kelley

From South Daytona, FL
Featuring Chaos her 2008 JK Rubicon with LOTS of Mods

Esther Newcomb

From Virginia Beach, VA
Featuring her 1994 YJ, ATVs and a couple stocked garages!

Cindy Groth

From Azusa, CA
Featuring Max her 2 Door Jeep JK with LOTS of Accessories


You will get to ask questions and interact with each of the ladies to help you understand what you need.  Hosted by Charlene Bower.

Member Spotlight ladies offroad network


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