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2024 Easter Jeep Safari

My favorite time of the year is here!! It's King of the Hammers time!!  I hope this information will help you navigate the race from home or on the lakebed!

Hear All About it...

EJS Adventure Seeker

Time Stamp: Fast Forward to 10:30
Facebook Link: CLICK HERE
YouTube Link: CLICK HERE

Multiple Levels of Engagement:

You decide what works best for you...

  1. Join the VIP Opportunity


    Just want to join for the Saturday Fun?! Yes! Sign up!


    or FREE:

  3. Drop by Tuesday anytime between 8am-2pm @ BFGoodrich Tires Garage

  4. Play the Adventure Seeker Game

  5. Join us at Different Events

More Information Below....

Join Us!

Easter Jeep Safari is an amazing week of events spread across the whole town of Moab. Navigating the event can be a challenge. The VIP opportunity helps you understand the schedule of events for arrival and departures, your lodging arrangements and being able to participate in public and private opportunities throughout the week with Charlene. It will be an experience to remember!!

The special gift is always exciting and specifically picked out by Charlene for the event. The reflective silver logo designates that you attended a VIP Event.

After registration you will be given access to a Preliminary Form to let Charlene know you plans and our APP Event Area to start communicating with other ladies that will be joining in on the fun!

Lifetime Member: $149
Member: $169
Non-Member: $179

*This is not an all inclusive LON Opportunity. At VIP Events you are responsible for the event ticket, lodging fees, and most living...with our support.
* Date range is flexible. LON will be there around those dates. You do not need to commit to all the days. 

Adventure Seeker Game

Have FUN at Easter Jeep Safari while seeking out different activities and places that you may not go to otherwise. Keep an eye. Take a picture. Submit once you have everything you can find.  Gain lots of points. Participate in more fun Hunts in 2024.  Get Cool Things in December.

We love to see YOU in the pictures. Have fun with them! There are some that have requirements that you are in them, some are more generic. I've been known to highlight those that really put the FUN BUTTON into their photos! Keep me smiling as I get to look at all things you did.

DEADLINE:  Submit you finds ONLINE before Monday April 8th (1 week after Easter)
Week of Giving is December 16-20, 2024 ~ Every 100 points gets you an entry into the drawing for $$THOUSANDS$$


VIP Opportunity

Join us for a great week of exciting adventures hosting you around the Easter Jeep Safari week. You will receive a special gift with reflective materials representing that you came to a VIP Event!

You will be requested to meet the group at certain times to go on specific outings. The schedule so far includes:
  - Monday ~ Tread Lightly project with Fox Trail Trust  (Stock'ish vehicles ok)
  - Tuesday ~ Hangout at BFGoodrich Tires Garage anytime between 8am-2pm to meet other ladies.
  - Tuesday ~ RMB4x4 Grand Opening VIP Guest
  - Wednesday ~ Party VIP Guest
  - Thursday ~ Party VIP Guest
  - Friday ~ Morning Tread Lightly project with RealTruck  (Stock'ish vehicles ok)
  - Friday ~ Mid-Day VIP Walk @ Vendor Show
  - Saturday ~ Family Day (Stock'ish vehicles ok)
  - Saturday ~ Family Dinner
  - Sunday ~ Easter Sunday

  • You have time to go on your own adventures during the day Tues/Wed/Thurs.
  • You can pick and choose what you would like to join into. You do not have to attend everything.
  • Vehicles not required for most activities. Saturday Family Day relatively stock vehicles can join.
  • Male significant others are welcome at VIP events 🙂


Ladies Offroad Network Meet Up:  Tuesday March 26 from 8am-2pm at BFGoodrich Tires Garage. (Tire Pros on Main Street) It's a hang out ~ not something that where you have to come for the whole time or a specific time. We will be there with goodies, smiles and stories. Look forward to seeing and/or meeting you!! 

Adventure Seeker Hunt: Play and gain points for the huge 2024 Week of Giving drawing!  (Guys, Gals & Juniors!)

Tread Lightly! Giveback Project: There are 3 different options to participate: Mon, Wed & Fri CLICK HERE for the Info & Signups

RMB4x4 Grand Opening; Tuesday 4-7pm  This is where we had our 2023 Convention!  The building is up and the shop is ready to help people ~ if you hear of someone needing vehicle help, this is where you should send them!  

BFGoodrich Tires Garage: Is open Tues-Fri 8am-5pm for anyone to get mechanical help with their vehicles. Located at Grand Tire Pros ~ 312 N Main Street ~ your TIRE SOURCE for the week!


Charlene has been going to Easter Jeep Safari since she was a kid (1988). Going with her parents who had a custom built flat fender, her Dad Ben made instant friends with lots of people in the club including the then President Dan Mick, an icon in Moab and the first tour company.  During these early years, Charlene and her Dad DID Lion's Back in the flat was quite the ride and story! 

When Charlene was part of King of the Hammers, she met Danny Grimes who owned a home in Moab and always offered her a place to park and camp. In the upcoming years she would stay there and host many parties at "Grandpa's Garage" for multiple companies and launch her clothing line "I'm Not Just a Girl".

In 2022 she had an opportunity to purchase a home in Moab next door to Danny and was able to make it work! A full remodel, the house boasts an amazing view and a ton of work 🙂  About 6 more months and it will be a space to call home. She loves to hike and mountain bike in the area along with host her 4WD friends on her favorite trails year-round.

Adventure Seeker How to Submit & Pro Tips

PRO TIP: Use OnX Offroad for Mapping: You can use for FREE - Download the App ~ 20% off Premium by CLICKING HERE

PRO TIP: Use the checklist to keep track of what you have found. Create a folder on your phone for the pictures you are taking to submit. Move them to the folder when you take them, which will make it a lot easier to complete the submission process when it is time!

HOW To Submit:

Collect Your Photos/Info during the week of EJS,
THEN Submit Online once you have All the Info

NOW: CLICK HERE Get a Reminder to Submit & Updates. Tell us you are collecting! 

BEFORE Mon April 8th:  You will have one week after Easter to submit all of your photos and answers for points. See specific details for what to submit on other side. 

SUBMIT WHAT YOU FIND: You do NOT have to complete the entire list. Submit what you did accomplish. Each 100 points is an entry into the drawing. Get in! Submitting more means more opportunity to have your name drawn for awesome gifts! 

PHOTOS: All photos must be taken or owned by you. ONE use of photo for submission – one photo can not be used by multiple people. By submitting your photos, you are allowing Bower Motorsports Media to utilize them in marketing materials, as appropriate.

Have fun!! ENJOY 2024 Easter Jeep Safari!

WHY To Submit:

The Week of December 16-20, 2024 we will be giving away Thousands of Dollars in Offroad Prizes. (2023 was $37K!!)

Every 100 Points is 1 Entry Into the Adventure Seeker Giveaway

You will be notified by email to participate in the Giveaway to claim your prizes.

You will have Additional Opportunities to gather points in 2024 through local Flash Hunts emailed to you and at Different Events including:

  • Camp Rubicon – Jeepers Jamboree
  • Sierra Trek
  • Dixie Run
  • Jeep Beach
  • Overland Expo – West, PNW, Mtn & East
  • Dirt Expo Arizona
  • Ladies Offroad Network Events
    …and More…

Updates & Clarifications: TEXT 480-470-2369 if you have any questions. We will respond to you, and add the Q&A here for everyone to benefit.

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