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2023 Challenge



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Why is there a Cost?

  1. I want you to invest in this 6 month opportunity to learn! FREE isn’t a serious investment. This is all about you!
  2. I will be sending you a set of tools to use through this process.
  3. You will be guided with a lot of educational materials.

You DO NOT NEED TO BE A MEMBER to join the Challenge!! However, Members will receive their discount.  To receive your Discount become a Member now. CLICK HERE


Ladies Offroad ChallengeThe 7th Annual 2023 Ladies Offroad Challenge continues the fun and exciting format with a little additional twist!  Ladies will participate in a series of 10 Challenges that you will have a total of 6 months to complete. You will create your own timeline and order, yet you will have to submit a minimum of 1 Challenge a month to keep us all from being a last-minute-procrastinator. 🙂 

These offroad based challenges will tap into each persons Skills, Tools, Heart and Mind. They are built to be: Hard / Easy ; For Beginners / Intermediates / Advanced. They are expected to be: F-U-N and at least one should push you outside your comfort zone. 

No Money: You will not need to purchase anything to complete this challenge (well, except for some gas and lunch for your offroading day)

We have had over 200 Ladies Challenging themselves in past years... Be part of history in 2023...


Ladies Offroad ChallengeHalf of being successful is FINDING what you are looking for!  Each of the Challenges will have a set of Scavenger Hunt items that are associated with the project. They can be fun, challenging, thought provoking, outside, inside or online. This is going to be a great addition to the enjoyment of the Challenge!

Each Scavenger Hunt item will have points attached to it. For our competitive spirit ladies, this will help separate the points a little more than in the past. 


I can't tell you exactly what the challenges are because that would spoil all the fun...but I can give you a brief list.  I will teach you how to do each of these tasks so you won't be asked to do something without tools or take on a project you have no idea how to start. (There will be videos and written elements for each)  YES! You can do this!!

  • Go Offroad (Driver or Passenger)
  • Mapping
  • Weld!
  • Build a Kit (do not need to purchase anything)
  • Build an Adventure
  • Work with your Rig
  • Take a Picture & Write a Story
  • Offroad Shopping
  • Precision Driving Exercise
  • Use Tools for a Project
  • Land Project

If you completed in a recent Challenge, this list may sound very familiar...yes, it is...but the actual tasks are sooooooo different. You will love it!

Ladies Offroad Challenge

Because We Aren't Competitive

Each of the Challenges and Scavenger Hunt items will have a points system. You can work hard to become one of the Top 5 in total points ~ You can  grab as many points as you can for lots of giveaway entries ~ Or get done what you want to learn and don't care about the points. At the end of the day we are here to learn...some of us are more motivated with a little friendly competition. Because we aren't competitive at all....

The Top 5 in points will receive a special gift from Charlene. 

The Top 20% in points* will go into a special drawing for some great partner products.

Every 10 points that you earn will give you 1 entry into our big giveaway. Yes, completing just 1 Challenge is worth it!

*Must have 1 point to be considered.

Ladies Offroad Challenge


CLICK HERE to Join the Fun!

You can register any time during the Challenge will just have less time to complete the Challenges. But, don't let that stop you, you will have plenty of time. Your monthly Challenge requirement starts the day you register. 

Get Logged In

We will be working within our new Member Networking app and web program, constantly in communication and supportive. Join the pre-chatter of the Challenge on our Member Networking site.  

If you are new, please take some time to go through the "Maximize Your Experience" zone to familiarize yourself with the space.

(Your specific link will come in the Registration Confirmation email)


Ramp Up Week

UPDATE: Completed! All Challenges are released and available

The Challenge officially starts on March 6th, but the first couple weeks is a slow start. In the past we have tried to release it all on the first day and it feels completely overwhelming to you and us!

Each Challenge will have a "lesson" that will outline everything you need to know, do and submit. During the first couple weeks you will be introduced to each of the challenges.

Start the Challenge

Then get going at your pace. Remember this is meant to be F-U-N but our job is to make sure at least one will push you outside your comfort zone.

Groups or Alone: You can work together with local ladies, online with the group or you can complete on your own. You can decide what works best for you.

Receive Package

You will receive a package in the mail from us. It will have some tools for you including metal to start your welding project 🙂

Don't stand at your mailbox...until we tell you to. We will make sure the initial group is getting the package at the same time.

Submit Your Challenge & Scavenger Hunt Items

Submit Your Finished Challenges and Scavenger Hunt items as directed in the Lesson.

You will have specific directions on how to submit your finished work for points. You will click COMPLETED on the specific challenge, which will notify us to check your submission and apply points to the spreadsheet.

You DO NOT need Social Media, or have to be a Member, to complete the Challenge successfully! There are some bonus points for posting on social media.


You must submit all 10 Challenges and Scavenger Hunt items within the 6 month timeline. To keep everyone from procrastinating, we have declared a one-a-month deadline. You get to pick which one you start with and how to manage your time to complete the additional 4 Challenges that also need to get submitted. Yes, You Can!

Make sure all the Challenges you were able to complete are submitted and accounted for PRIOR TO August 31st.


You will be able to check your points throughout the 6 months. The first points list will go up after the first months deadline and then follow from then. Updates to the points will be more frequent as we get to towards the end and more challenges and scavenger hunt items are submitted. 

You are responsible for checking your points within a week of the recent posting to acknoledge any challenges. 

Celebration & Giveaways

Ladies Network Convention

Save the Date and watch for the 2023 Convention Registration ~ September 11-15 ~ Moab, UT. We will take an evening to Celebrate your accomplishments and Draw Names for the giveaways*. It's a BIG DEAL! 

*No, you do not need to be present to win, but we sincerely hope you will be!

Q & A

Ladies Offroad ChallengeI don't have enough time?!  You have 6 MONTHS to complete all of these projects. You will have a lot of time in comparison to what you have to do. You will have all of the Challenges and Scavenger Items to start which allows you to manage your time.  Oh, and, you need to make some time for YOU to LEARN and GROW.  Yes, You Can.

I don't have an offroad vehicle?! That is ok!  You don't really need one except for two items...but you can find a friend!  You will be in a online group where you can work with other ladies in your area or you can get help from any local friends/groups too!

Ladies Offroad ChallengeI can't afford to participate?! We got you! There is a scholarship option for the enrollment portion. There is no money involved in the rest of the challenge other than some gas and lunch money for your trail day.

I can't do them all?!  Hmmm, first, you can will receive instructions on how to do each of them.  You are not expected to know how to do anything when starting. 
Life happens ~ do the best you can! I get it! Therefore, if you compete 3 of the 10, know that your name is going into the drawing for the points that you do submit!  Do as many as you can...which is better than nothing.

I can't take any more time off?!  That is ok! You don't need to take any "time off work" to do any of the Challenge tasks. You should participate to do the challenges, the Convention Celebration is a bonus.  

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