Ladies Offroad Adventure 2019
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Ladies Offroad Adventure 2019


Date:  May 19-24, 2019

Leave: Sunday May 19 @ 1pm  - Overland Expo, Flagstaff, AZ
Finish: Friday May 24 @ 5pm - St George, UT

Difficulty:  Rated 5-6
Minimum Vehicle Requirements: 33″+ Tires, Winch, Recovery Gear, Spare & Rear Locker (highly recommended)

Driver $650
Passenger: $300
+ Responsible for 2 Hotel nights, Fuel and Snacks

Limited to Ladies Offroad Network Members and Guests (Booking to non-LON members starts April 15th if not sold out)
10 Vehicle Maximum
Must fill passenger seat, preference with LON Member or Guest

In Coordination with 

Requests are due NLT 01 Apr, 2019 in order to make lodging reservations and preparations. Guest will be confirmed NLT 15 Apr 2019

Open booking to all non LON ladies begins April 15th if space is available.

As Seen on 4xploring

4xploring ladies offroad networkLadies Offroad Network members, are you looking to expand your off-roading experience beyond a day or weekend trip? Are you interested in a multi-day off-road adventure – where the journey and camaraderie are the principal goal? LON members get priority booking through April 1st. Join us as we take you on an adventure into the unknown and show you what back country extended travel is all about. On this “101” trip we will demonstrate basic overland skills – campsite selection and setup, outdoor cooking, navigation, gps mapping, vehicle prep and recovery. This excursion will be organic; based on trail conditions, weather, scenery and the general consensus of the group. We have a beginning and end point, however what happens between those two points is based on the before mentioned factors.

4xploring ladies offroad network
This is Bob! 🙂

North Rim ’19 – Adventure 101 begins at Overland Expo West held outside of Flagstaff AZ. The group is limited to ten (10) 4WD vehicles crewed by a driver and co-pilot. Minimum vehicle requirements: 33″ or larger tires, operational winch, recovery gear, matching spare, jack and tools to change your tire – rear locker highly recommended.  Must carry 5 gallons of reserve fuel. Every participant will be expected to be self-sufficient. You are responsible for your vehicle, sleeping arrangements (tent / sleep system), personal hygiene, fuel and expenses. While bivouacked, all meals will be provided so no cooking gear is required. Our experienced team members will be along offering training, guidance and assistance where needed.

Requests are due NLT 01 Apr, 2019 in order to make lodging reservations and preparations. Guest will be confirmed NLT 15 Apr 2019

Open booking to all non LON member ladies begins April 15th if space is available.

Additional Notes from Charlene

4xploring ladies offroad networkLadies, you have asked for an Adventure and we have delivered our 1st Annual Adventure Getaway!  We are very excited to partner with 4xploring, Bob & Mary, who will be hosting our group on this very exciting adventure.  Registration and questions will be handled through them directly, and although I will help facilitate, I am not in charge 🙂 (Yea!) 

This is not a hard-core wheeling trip.  This is a trip where your vehicle and your skills will be put to the test, but in a (hopefully) non-failure mode. Your vehicle needs to be in tip-top working condition so we don't have a weeks worth of trail repairs that would be otherwise unnecessary with proper preparation.  There will be gravel roads, sand, rocks and the possibility of mud with the weather patterns we have been seeing this winter!  We will have days where we get out and hike into some remote locations that vehicles just can't take us. (If you are unable to hike, please advise, and that is ok)

We will tent camp for 3 nights and hotel for 2 nights.  (T,T,H,H,T) You are expected to have what you need to tent camp on your own. We can coordinate throughout the group for some of the bigger tools.  Campfires and group activities will be hosted by 4xploring.  Friday night has a lot of options - once the group is set we will make a group decision on what sounds like the best plan.  

Food, the most important topic! 🙂  Breakfasts and Dinners will be hearty!  This is not the time to go on a diet, but rather enjoy Bob's cooking.  There will be plenty of opportunity for you to jump in and help, in fact, he is counting on us to chip in. One night we will have the honor of having an award-winning dutch oven cook show us how to be a successful dutch oven user, while cooking us a scrumptious dinner!  Lunches and snacks will be up to you to provide for. There will not be a daily lunch stop, we will need to keep covering ground.  * Food challenges will be addressed and accounted for.

This is as much a learning week as it is an adventure.  We will have set times and places to demo different recovery tools, and probably not planned times! You will learn tricks for setting up and breaking down camp quickly and efficiently.  You will learn the art of cooking while on the trail. Heck, you might even learn a couple new campfire songs (or jokes!). 

The most important thing that you bring with you is an open mind and the ability to go with the flow.  These are the 2 keys to a successful adventure!  Can't wait to share this opportunity with you!

Charlene's Passenger Seat

Since Charlene has a passenger seat in Frankie, we need to fill it!  We came up with the recurring idea to give the Ladies that attended the previous years Convention the opportunity to be a guest on the following year's Adventure!

----> Here is how this is going to work <----
- Every lady who attended the 2018 Convention is entered to have the opportunity.
- Charlene will pull one name 2/19/19 on LIVE@5 
- The person will have 1 week to confirm or deny the opportunity. 
- If they confirm - RAD 🙂
- If they can not attend and deny the opportunity the bucket will come back at next weeks LIVE@5.  
- This process will continue until someone is able to hang out with us.
---> YOU will be responsible for <---
- Travel arrangements to Flagstaff, AZ
- Travel arrangements from St. George, UT (Las Vegas)
---> I will cover <---
- Event dates food and lodging
- All vehicle responsibilities
Basically, you have to get to and from the Adventure and Charlene will take care of everything else in between. You are our guest.

Congratulations to 2019 Passenger

To Be Announced!!




Register now for the 2019 Convention - Aug1-4 - Atlanta, GA  -  Your name will be in the hat for the 2020 Adventure Week!!

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