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2023 Convention

LISTEN to the Details about the Convention ~ Forward to 7:30 ~ Click Here

Our 7th Annual Ladies Networks Convention is the Grand'mama event of our year!  If you can only set time aside for one trip...this is the ONE!

September 11-15, 2023
Near Moab, Utah      

Camping On-Site or Hotel less than 20 minutes from site


LIKE MINDED LADIES! You may know some of the ladies coming or you may not know anyone. Either way, you will find that you will be at the table with like-minded ladies that don't mind dirt + overall adventure and want to learn. It's a great time to sit with new people every chance you get to learn more about each other. The bonds that we create at these events pull across our online interactions that follow for years to come.


This is a HANDS-ON Learning Experience.  We don't stop...for long. 

From the minute you arrive until the time you leave, you will have the opportunity to LEARN.  There will be no lack of opportunity.  There will be casual times when you have the time to do a quick reset, but they are the minority.

My Theory: You paid money to learn. I am going to give you as much as possible! So take it!

We joke...but we really mean it...TAKE A NAP before you come. πŸ™‚


Because this is the biggest event of our year that is truly incredible. I love to answer all of your WHY questions and watch you bloom in the short 5 days that we are together in your ah-ha moments!  

That is my Why.... What is yours?

polaris ladies offroad network


When you Register you will get an immediate confirmation email. Inside the email is your LINK to our Network App that has ALL the Specific Information, Hotel Codes, Opportunity to sign up for Camping, etc.  Below is general information to make an informed decision, but details is provided upon commitment. Reach out if you need additional support.

Where: Near Moab, Utah   

We are TAKING OVER a complete Shop and RV park!  Yea, that's how we roll for event venue changes πŸ™‚ For Driving Purposes - Head towards Moab, UT, but consider it will be about 20 minutes South of town.  More complete details will be provided to those who are officially registered.

CAMPING -  $395 for first person / $195 per person thereafter
      Rate is for the entire Convention week and Certification Weekend. 

  • Tent / Vehicle Camping Welcome in all sizes.
  • All sizes of RV Camping Welcome. No Hookups. Generator 10pm-6am quiet time. 
  • Showers and Bathrooms onsite
  • Please advise if you would like a Camping Package provided. $40. Includes: Tent, Tarp, Air Mattress, Sleeping Bag, Blanket, Pillow, Sheet Set, Towel and Light. Limited to first 8 guests to ask.

Very Limited RV 50amp Power Sites available ~ $495 for first person / $195 per person thereafter (This is close to, but NOT in the same camping area as everyone else)

HOTEL - $149* + Tax and up 

We have secured an extremely new and fancy hotel for our guests. This is a special group rate that they have extended just for you ladies. Please be respectful. There will be a shuttle that runs between the Shop and the Hotel in the morning and at night.   BREAKFAST INCLUDED

AirBNB, Friends Houses, etc

If you choose to stay at a different location from the 2 provided, you are responsible for your breakfast and transportation to/from the Arena.


There is A LOT more planned than what is on this outline of a Schedule. 
    Details and more Details are inside our Registered Network Area...

Sunday:   Travel Day & Lifetime Member Dessert First

  • Arrive at Hotel or Camping Zone on/after 3pm mst
  • Lifetime Member Dessert First @ Camping Zone.  Time TBA

You can Check-In to the Hotel or Camping anytime after 3pm on Sunday. I encourage you to do so. Get here, get settled for a long fast week. There will be nothing hosted officially on Sunday night.  You are encouraged to help your fellow campers setup etc.  There can be no cooking or open fires in the camping area.

Lifetime Member Dessert First:  This has been a longstanding tradition to have the Lifetime Members come together the night before the start of the Convention to "catch up on life". Sunday Night. Specific Time at Convention Location TBA.

Monday: Kick Off!

  • 9am Registration
  • Pro-Tip Tables  (Your Table to Share!)
  • Vehicle Show-N-Tell (Your Vehicles on Display\!)
  • Bullet Proof Diesel Radiator Install
  • Rugged Radios Radio Install
  • 3pm Kickoff Talk
  • Rugged Radios Education
  • Motivational Moments

You can Check-In for the Convention at 9am on Monday.  I suggest that you plan to be registering as close to 9am as possible. We have many activities for you to participate in while everyone is showing up. Pro-Tip Tables will be hosted by you...and the Show-N-Tell will have your vehicles on display within the arena. If you are checking-into the camping area on Monday, the goal would be to have your camp set no later than 2pm.  Our official Kickoff Talk will start at 3pm. 

The In-Between Days - Tues-Thur

We have a TON of things to do. Do Not plan on adding any other activities to your list outside the Convention. If you need something, please advise one of the team and we can help you acquire it. If you want to add another activity to your list, please do it on either weekend surrounding the Convention. 

Tuesday: Let's Work!

Wednesday: Engineers Take Over!

  • Polaris Engineers Dig In!
  • Peterbilt Engineers Dig In!
  • + More Projects to Complete & Surprises πŸ™‚
  • Motivational Moments

Thursday: Hunt & Giveback!

  • Self Guided Scavenger Hunt ~ ohhhh soooo fun!
  • Giveback Projects!!
  • More Special Guest Speakers
  • Charlene Motivational Moment

Friday: Adventure & Celebrate!

  • Explore with Polaris and Outlaw Adventures
  • Celebration!

Don't plan on leaving early πŸ™‚  Stay and enjoy the celebration of the week!

Saturday: Travel Day

  • Hang out or Peel out  πŸ™‚
  • There is always more to do and learn and adventure!


Oh, Monday!

If you can...take the day off work πŸ™‚  You will thank me later!

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