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2024 Resolution Letters

There is NO Registration needed for the 2024 Resolution Letters. 

You DO NOT NEED TO BE A MEMBER to join the Resolution!!

We are accepting Resolution / Goal Letters from everyone in 2024!!

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Coming out of the last couple year that have been the most challenging that many have faced in a lifetime, we need to stand together and focus on the positivity of 2024 and what we CAN and WILL accomplish. The resolution is all about YOUR GOALS and accomplishing them to the best that you can. You simply write your own set of 2024 Resolution Goals and send them to Charlene.  At the end of the year you will be encouraged to review them for success and pride! 

When your letter is received you will be added to our Private App group of ladies that are also chasing goals this year. There will be a series of conversations throughout the year in an extremely supportive "lean in" group!

Start NOW

For the last 7 years I have offered the opportunity for you to write yourself a Resolution/Goal LETTER and send it to me. (Something about having an accountability partner that goes a long way) I keep them in the mailbox in the office and at the end of the year I send the letter back to you.

The simple act of pushing yourself to write down goals and dreams gets you one step closer to accomplishing them in 2024.

What do I Write

Write the goal list to yourself. "Dear Charlene ~ This year I want to accomplish:..."
**You Do You**
You like bullet points. Great.
You like wordy paragraphs. Great.
There is no judgement!
Your goals can be personal, financial, emotional, physical, anything you want them to be. They are private to us.
---> But, do add at least One Offroad Goal

Throughout the Year

A couple years ago we read the book "GOALS!" by Brian Tracy. It is a great read if you are looking to get really focused in 2024.  See the book notes below.
We do have our Private App group for the Resolution. I will add you to it when I receive your letter (if you aren't already). This will be where we can continually support each other's goals throughout the year.

Goals! by Brian Tracy

Let's start by Building Goals! Follow last years conversation as we read Goals! by Brian Tracy. It is also available via Kindle through the Amazon Link.

(This is an affiliate link that helps LON also!) 

As part of the 2023 Resolution, we will be setting GOALS to strive to hit by encouraging each other. To help us do that our reading crew has picked up Goals! by Brian Tracy. 

I scanned Chapter 6 for you...

Chapter 6 Goals

Cutting to the main topic as outlined in Chapter 6, there are 

7 Keys to Goal Setting

“Fifty successful business owners were asked for their best time management tool. 49 out of the 50 held up a yellow writing pad,” Tracy says. “Their business tool was simple: simply making a list. Most businesses fail because they’re not clear. They don’t think on paper.”

Tracy emphasized the importance of pen and paper. It’s the physical process of writing — not the words — that activates all three major areas of the brain and makes our ideas and goals stick longer term. The following 7 keys (and writing them down!) can help you achieve more clarity and the subsequent boost in self-confidence that will follow.

Key 1: Decide exactly what you want. Most people in the world don’t know what they want and when they want to accomplish it by. Make sure what you want is so simple that a 6-year old can both understand it and explain it to another 6-year old.

Key 2:  Write it down. If your goals aren’t written down, they’re just a fantasy. If you write down one important goal today, things will start to happen for you.

Key 3: Set a deadline. Whatever you do, don’t set open-ended goals. Every goal should come with a “use-by” date. This simple action adds an extra level of clarity that most choose to ignore.

Key 4: Make a list. Next, make a list of everything you need to do to accomplish your goal. This doesn’t have to be accomplished all in one sitting. Keep a pad of paper by your bed and add items as they come to mind.

Key 5: Organize your list. Once your goal is clearly defined and you’ve created a list of all the action items that need to happen in order to accomplish it, it’s time to organize your list. Prioritize it from most important to least important.

Key 6: Take action. Taking action sounds simple, but it’s hard. Get up and do something. It can be an easy next step like revising your paper, making a phone call, or ordering a book. The important thing is you’re up and moving towards your goal.

Key 7: Do something every day. Tracy recommends taking out a clean sheet of paper and writing down the next 10 goals you’d like to accomplish. Then pretend you have a magic wand and the ability to make any of these goals a reality in the next 24 hours. Which would you choose? Circle that goal, write it on a clean sheet of paper, and begin these seven keys again.


Then you apply the

12 Steps to Set and Achieve Any Goal

    1. Have a Desire: What Do You Really Want?
    2. Believe That Your Goal is Achievable
    3. Write Your Goal Down
    4. Determine Your Starting Point
    5. Determine Why You Want It
    6. Set a Deadline
    7. Identify the Obstacles in Your Way
    8. Determine the Additional Knowledge and Skills You Need
    9. Determine the People Whose Help You Will Need
    10. Make a Plan: Put It All Together
    11. Visualize Your Goal Continually
    12. Never Give Up

Never giving up means backing everything you do with persistence and determination.  It means resolving in advance that you will never give up, and making the decision, long before you face any obstacles or difficulties , that you will stick with it until you reach your goal.

Bringing It All Together

  1. Make a list of at least 10 goals for the next 12 months.  Take out a clean sheet of paper and at the top of the page write the word “Goals” with today’s date.  Make a list of at least 10 goals that you want to accomplish within the next 10 months.  Write the goals in the present tense, such as, “I weigh X number of pounds,” or “I earn X number of dollars this year.”
  2. Identify your Major Definite Purpose.  Read through your list of goals and select the one that answers this question: “What one goal on this list, if I accomplished it, would have the greatest possible impact on my life?”  This becomes the goal that you will use for the 12-part goal-setting process above.
  3. Apply the 12-step goal-setting process.  Now that you have selected a goal that you really want and believe you can achieve it, write your goal on a separate sheet of paper, and set a deadlines.  Write out a list of reasons you want to achieve this goal.  Identify the obstacles that stand between you and the attainment of this goal.  Identify the knowledge and the skills you will need to achieve the goal.  Identify the people whose cooperation and support you’ll need.  Make a plan to accomplish this goal.  Take action on your plan and do something every day that moves you toward your goal.  Visualize your goal continually as if you had already achieved it, and resolve that you will never give up until you are successful.

Quotes Shared by Ladies Offroad Network Readers:

As seen in our Group:

"The fact is that you have more potential than you could ever use in your entire lifetime. No one is better than you and no one is smarter than you. People are just smarter or better in different areas at different times." CH4, PG 44

“Once you decide to accept complete responsibility for yourself, your situation, and everything that happens to you, you can turn confidently toward your work and the affairs of your life.” CH2, PG 23

“...refuse to make excuses or to justify your behaviors.” CH2, PG 22

“One of your most important goals, if you want to be truly happy and successful, is to free yourself from negative emotions” CH 2, PG18

“Make a decision this very day to challenge and reject any self-limiting beliefs that you might have that could be holding you back.” CH4, PG51

“You are responsible for the personal strategic planning of your own life and career” CH2, PG24

“Goals must be balanced among your career or business, your financial life, your family, your health, your spiritual life, and your community involvement” CH6, PG65

“The fourth key to goal setting is that your goals must be Challenging. They must cause you to stretch a little bit. They must be beyond anything you have accomplished in the past. Your goals should have about a 50 percent probability of success. This makes the process of striving toward the goals slightly stressful, but forcing yourself to stretch also brings out many of your best qualities.” This statement is so true with off-roading a new trail. CH6, PG64 in my e-book version.

"You have unlimited potential, and you are completely responsible"

"Know who you are, what you believe in, and what you stand for"

"Your values make you who you are"

“we greatly overestimate what we can accomplish in one year. But we greatly underestimate what we can accomplish in five years” CH5, PG56

"In personal strategic planning, you should begin with a long-term view of your life. You should begin by practicing idealization in everything you do. In the process of idealization, you create a five-year fantasy for yourself and begin thinking about what your life would look like in five years if it were perfect in every respect." CH5 PG54

"In blue-sky thinking, you imagine that all things are possible for you, just like looking up into a clear blue sky with no limits. You project forward several years and imagine that your life is perfect in every respect. You then look back to where you are today and ask yourself this question: What would have to have happened for me to have created my perfect future?" CH5 PG55

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