Training Weekend


The Training Weekend is a special opportunity for the Ladies Offroad Challenge Top 10 Finalists ladies to visit Arizona, meet each other, and learn some new skills. Last year, life-long friendships were built during this phase of the challenge. The schedule for the weekend is a secret. The ladies will not know what they will be doing, where they will be going, or who they are going to meet until they arrive at the training locations. Training tasks are designed around the three events and will help narrow down the three challenge finalists. A conversation with promoters from each event will also teach the ladies more about the unique challenges they will be facing if they are chosen as a finalist. This year's training weekend is June 8-11, 2017 in Mesa, AZ. You can learn more about the Top 10 Finalists here. The Top 3 Challenge Winners will be announced following completed training.

This page will be updated as the weekend progresses, so keep checking back!

Top 10 Conference Call

Day 1 - Thursday, June 8

The Top 10 Finalists took glamour shots in the Heritage Square Courtyards before visiting CREATE at the Arizona Science Center. The ladies had to make a ball roll six inches, and all three teams succeeded!

Arizona Science Center

Day 2 - Friday, June 9

On day two, the finalists toured a series of shops to kick off the Baja 1000 including Jagged X, Geiser Bros, UTV Inc, and SDHQ Offroad. The ladies grew better at interviews as the day went on, so be sure to watch the videos on our Facebook page.

Recovery Training

After dinner, it was time for some fun in the garage. The finalists pulled winch line to demonstrate various pulls and then, they headed inside for some station rotation. The ladies rotated through changing a BFGoodrich Tires tire, mounting tires on Raceline Wheels beadlocks, plugging a tire, using a Hi-Lift Jack, and pulling more WARN winch line. The ladies rocked it, and they filmed a video at 11:00 PM teaching everyone how to do it, too!

Day 3 - Saturday, June 10

The Top 10 Finalists started the day at 6:00 AM by marking the van with hashtags before hitting the road to Sedona, AZ to go wheeling. A big thank you to Nena Barlow and Barlow Adventures for renting us Jeeps that the girls were able to drive. Driving techniques and trail lines were the focus. The girls were having so much fun wheeling that they decided they wanted to wheel more than take time to eat a fancy dinner! So, they hit the drive-thru for a quick bite instead.

Next, the group headed to Shooter's World where they worked on their shooting techniques and hit the bullseye. A series of opportunities to shoot led them into a final round of targets, which the ladies nailed! The group returned to the house at 10:00 PM with one more full day to go tomorrow.

Wheeling in Sedona, AZ


Shooter’s World

Day 4 - Sunday, June 11

Kayaking can be fun, but it can also be tough, team building experience, too. The ladies kayaked 13 miles, which gave them a lot of time to reflect on the training weekend.

Then, they returned to the house for a pool party to celebrate the end of this phase of the Challenge. Check out the videos to meet the special guests and hear what the finalists have to say about their experience.


Pool Party – Part 2

Mannequin Challenge

Pool Party – Part 1

Pool Party – Part 3

Weekend Wrap-Up