Ladies Offroad Networking Events

Where every lady is welcome to join in for an evening of networking with other offroad ladies in your area!

What is a Network'ing Event?

Our number one goal is to give Members an opportunity to meet each other, while welcoming all offroad ladies (guests) into our circle with open arms.  Ladies Offroad Network is all encompassing including MC, ATV, UTV, Jeep, Toyota, RC Car, Snowmobile, etc ladies that are Driver, Riders or Passengers!  These non-vehicle based fun events should revolve around offroad topics and lead to conversations and plans for weekend adventures as a group. They are meant to be casual like a pizza dinner, ice cream, paint and wine night, a pool party.  These Network'ing events are not meant to be a hands-on learning session, those are for other times, but this is your time to plan them!

This Month's Networking Events

Please click on the image to go to the detail page for the event.  There are also Facebook Events set up for each so you can invite your friends and family!

Last Months Events

Enjoy a gallery of pictures and a little recap on last months events. Each picture represents a different location...

Do You Want to Host a Network'ing Event?

Awesome!  We would love for you to!!  Our goal is to have different members in the same area rotate hosting so not one person is feeling overwhelmed with the task, and to have different experiences celebrating our uniqueness!

First, you need to be a standing member of Ladies Offroad Network.  We want you to have the experiences with our network so you can help others understand.  Learn about Memberships.

Second, you will need to download and review the two documents below.  The information you provide helps us understand what you want to do and helps us both use the same checklist to execute the event.  We are partners in this!

Now Taking Outlines for the Week of...

Week of Sept 15

6(ish) - 10(ish)

Submission Deadline:
Aug 26th

Week of Oct 20

6(ish) - 10(ish)

Submission Deadline:
Sept 23rd

Week of Nov 11

6(ish) - 10(ish)

Submission Deadline:
Oct 28th

Please Fill Out and Return

Please fill out this Event Outline Submission form as completely as possible.  We want to know what you are planning so we can support your event!  Once received, we will get started on the marketing materials in preparation for the Big Event Announcement on the First of the Month!

Please TEXT 480-490-2019 "Network'ing Submitted" once completed otherwise we do not know it is there.

Checklist and Details

We tried to answer all your questions about hosting a Ladies Offroad Network'ing event in this one document.  It will help you understand the goals, promotion and gifts.  We have also set up a checklist so that we are all on working down the same task list to making sure that the Network'ing experiences across the country have some similarity. 

If you have any questions, you are always welcome to reach out to us at or 480-490-2019.

Previous Events

This will be where the previous months events will live forever!  😉