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2020 Resolution

Resolution 2020

Watch the "Teaser Version" of what the Ladies Offroad Resolution is...until we update it with a more specific version. Check back soon 🙂


Join us for our 1st Ever Ladies Offroad Resolution where we will be focusing on 4x4 How-To's!

$39 - Registration
$99 -
Registration + LON Support
$149 – Registration + LON Support + Scholarship for Lady who Cannot Afford
Can Not Afford? Submit Scholarship Need Form (not guaranteed - 1:1 ratio)

Why is there a Cost?

  1. I want you to invest in this opportunity. FREE isn’t a serious investment. This is all about you!
  2. I will be sending you a package to help you through this process.

You DO NOT NEED TO BE A MEMBER to join the Resolution!!

  • Members will receive their 10% off.  To receive Discount become a Yearly Member to waive 90-day waiting period. Click Here
  • Members who have not used their Free Training can contact us for the access code to utilize this program as your Free Program!! Text 480-490-2019 or email

What is the Resolution?

Do you set New Year's Resolutions?  Yea, we do too...but how does that go? Are you focused on the task? Does someone hold you accountable? 

Each year Ladies Offroad Network will host a Resolution where we all work together to be successful. This year our focus will be on learning HOW-TO work on your 4x4 Vehicle!  You don't need to know how to turn a wrench, you just need to have the spirit to try and you will learn a ton along the way.  If you are not interested in learning How-To work on your vehicle I may also add that this is a great way to learn how to successfully and intelligently communicate to the mechanic that is working on your vehicle.  Knowledge is Power.

You will receive 20 How-To's over the course of 10 Weeks to complete. You don't have to do them all, but of course the goal is to do as many as possible! These How-To's will be hosted in our Bower Academy online course program where you will have written and video documentation.  Please note - these How-To's are not built to be bolt-by-bolt for your specific vehicle, but the concept of How-To do the maintenance and there may be a little additional digging or information provided for your specific vehicle. 

You will work with Ladies around the country and in your local area that are also participating in the Resolution. Within our online system (Wild Apricot) you will be chatting, encouraging and asking questions of those across the country. In another area, we will group you with the ladies in your region who you can actually get together with and do some of the activities together. It is always way more fun to have a garage day and get greasy with another lady!!  This opportunity should also eliminate the challenge of not having a place to work on your vehicle or a large selection of tools. More than likely, you will be able to network with someone near you to help you be successful. Again, you just have to have the attitude to learn! 🙂

For every How-To that you complete and post a picture of you doing it, as will be requested, you will go into a drawing for something BIG. We will have a series of large giveaways that you could win. This will be the encouragement to successfully complete the tasks.  IF you complete all 20 How-To's, you will go into a special drawing where 3 Ladies names will be drawn to win Free Entry to the 2020 Ladies Offroad Convention!! 

Register today to get excited and motivated as the New Year approaches. The first set of How-To's will be released on January 1, 2020!!


What are the How-To's?

I can't tell you exactly what the challenges are because that would spoil all the fun...but I can give you a brief list.  I will teach you how to do each of these tasks...  YES! You can do this!!

  • Oil Change
  • Differential Fluids
  • Greasing
  • Tires and Wheels
  • Cooling System
  • Battery System
  • Fuses 101
  • Fluids! Fluids! Fluids!
  • Suspension System
  • Filters
  • .....and so much more.....

Tools Provided

You will receive an exciting package in the mail with some items to help you be successful! 

You will utilize our Wild Apricot online system where you will work together with other ladies who are also doing the challenge! This will be where you submit your work. (can utilize on a desktop or as a phone app)

Q & A

I don't have enough time?!  You have 10 weeks to complete all of these How-To's...and don't have to do them all, you need to do as many as you can! You will have a lot of time in comparison to what you have to do. There are some that you get right away so you have all 10 weeks to get them done. Others have deadlines, because we all work better on a deadline! 😉   And Remember, you need to make some time for YOU to LEARN and GROW. 

I don't have an offroad vehicle?! That is ok!  You don't really need one except for maybe something to do with the 4x4 system. You will be in a online group where you can work with other ladies in your area who may be able to help you with that particular How-To.

I've never worked on my vehicle?!  Awesome! This is your chance. These How-To's are built to be understood by all. You are encouraged to try to complete them. They ARE NOT a turn-by-turn how-to being there are so many vehicles available.

I don't have any tools?!  Ok, You will need a series of tools to get you through the activities. This may be your opportunity to build your tool kit too.  OR you have the option to create a relationship with other ladies in your area so that you can work together with someone who may have a great tool bag!

I can't afford to participate?! We got you! There is a scholarship option for the enrollment portion. There is no money involved in the rest of the challenge other than if you need to replace some parts. You may also want to invest in some tools that help you be successful.

I can't do them all?!  Hmmm, first, you can will receive instructions on how to do each of them.  You are not expected to know how to do everything when starting. 
Life happens ~ do the best you can! I get it! Therefore, if you compete 3 of the 11, know that your name is going into the pot 3 times for the random drawing to join the Top 10 Weekend!  Do as many as you can...which is better than nothing.

I can't take any more time off?!  That is ok! You don't need to take any "time off work" to do any of the Resolution tasks. You should participate to do the resolution, the trip to the Convention at the end is a bonus.  
If you get into a position where you are joining the Convention weekend, you can either A. make it happen 🙂 or B. waive your opportunity to someone else. Not a big deal either way.  Don't not do the challenge because of the possibility of the Convention weekend!

STEP 1: Register

Commit by December 31st

Register by December 31st. We will start the program on January 1st. 

(Sorry, I tried to take people in after we started one of these programs before and it is a disservice to everyone involved.)

STEP 2: Receive Package

Package Ship January 3rd(ish)

Watch your USPS Mailbox for Awesomeness!

STEP 3: Start Resolution

Starts January 1

You will have 3 of the How-To's to start on immediately. There are some quick deadlines for a couple, others you will have the full 10 weeks to complete.

They are built to be: Hard / Easy   ; For Beginners / Intermediates / Advanced

They are expected to be: F-U-N and at least one will push you outside your comfort zone

Groups or Alone: You can work together with local ladies or you can complete on your own

Watch the launch video to hear an outline of what the Challenges are…

STEP 4: Resolution Continues

Jan 1 - March 8

Every week we will add more How-To's

You will receive an email with the specific link for access.

Submit Your Finished Challenges:

  • You will have access to our Wild Apricot online system where you will do all your work and upload any necessary requirements. (Usually just an easy picture!)
  • All communication is done in Basecamp. (VERY user friendly!)
  • You DO NOT need Social Media, or have to be a Member, to complete the Resolution successfully!!

(Aye! This is so exciting, and I’m just typing up the How-it-works! 
Wait until you see the How-To's and the How-to-do-it-correctly information! This is all about learning…)

STEP 5: 4th Resolution Ends

Sunday March 8th

Make sure all the Challenges you were able to complete are submitted and accounted for PRIOR TO this Date.

STEP 6: Points Announcement

Special LIVE@5
Tuesday March 31st

We will host a very Special LIVE@5 that will include all of the drawings for the HUGE giveaways and the 3 Ladies Offroad Convention spots.

For every How-To that you complete and post (according to the instructions) you will be entered into the drawing for the giveaways.

Ladies who complete all 20 How-To's will be entered into the drawing for the 2020 Ladies Offroad Convention Entry fees. 3 Ladies Names will de drawn.

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