Hello, and welcome to Ladies Offroad Network!

Founded by Bower Media’s Charlene Bower, Ladies Offroad Network is dedicated to supporting ALL offroad ladies by guiding, educating, and motivating them to achieve their goals. Whether you are a driver, co-driver, racer, passenger, mother, business owner, worker, or hobbyist, you are welcome. We aim to meet the needs of every lady who loves offroad by providing a space to learn more about offroad sports, chat with other ladies from around the world, and share stories with a community that has the same passion. Plus, join us for events, activities, and giveaways!

Ladies Offroad Network Operates Within 4 Areas

ONLINE INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY: We are online everyday between posting education, posting your story, updating the calendar with new events, or conversing with you.  There are multiple platforms so you can take advantage of the conversation the way you want to.  Our main hub is this website - we will always be directing you back to the information posted here.  We are also on all the social channels: Facebook, Facebook Group, Instagram and Pinterest.

EDUCATION ONLINE & HANDS-ON: Our main goal with Ladies Offroad Network is to provide you with the opportunity to learn the way you want to.  This may be via online How-To's and Videos until the time comes where we venture to your part of the country, or you are able to venture to one of our Hands-On Events.  We teach with a female in mind. Yes, we do learn differently and that is OK!

EVENTS: We L-O-V-E hosting events and have them all over the country!  Depending on the situation they can be extravagant events like our 4-day educational Convention, they can be a 5-hour Hands-On How-To Class, or they can be a simple Network'ing Social to meet others and plan your next trip.  We encourage you to meet other ladies that also love dirt under their nails! (That's the Networking part!)

SHOP: Who doesn't love to shop?  We do have our Bower Media Store that is the authorized retailer of Ladies Offroad Network products and services.


Guests are Always Welcome, but Membership Matters

Guests are welcome online and at 99% of our events.  We are NOT exclusive, we want every offroad lady to be part of this circle of education.  However, Membership does allow you to have a higher level of conversation and participate in a giveaways, VIP events and more.  Learn More HERE

Participate In One Of Our Programs

We are always creating programs to LEARN and LAUGH:

Convention - the Grand'mama event of the year! Must attend!

Skills Camp - 5 Day Hands on Training

Trail Training - 2 Day Hands on Training

Challenge - 10 Projects, 6 Months to complete

VIP Events - Behind the scenes at events

Ask Charlene - Tuesday Weekly Calls where you can ask your questions

LIVE@5 - Stay in tune with everything going on every Tuesday

....and More Opportunities are Always Popping up!
    Refer to the calendar for the most up to date information: CALENDAR HERE

"I'm Just Hosting the Party"

"I've cleaned my house, put snacks and games out, will clean up when everyone leaves and pay for everything that get's broken.  You are all invited to this rocking party!  Be sure to chat around the room, bring any snacks you would like to add to the table, meet some new friends and keep coming back for more!  This is all about YOU, I'm just hosting the party!"  I hope everyone will participate from hanging out in the Social Media Pages, submit and read stories on the website, and make plans to attend our events to meet new friends. 

About Charlene Bower:

charlene bower ladies offroad networkCharlene grew up in an off-roading family, enjoying annual trips to Dumont Dunes, the Rubicon and other iconic off-road destinations. Charlene's first job was changing dirt bike tires at a motorcycle shop in Northern California.  She worked upper retail management at multi-line Powersports dealerships for 11 years and in magazine media for 4 years before founding Bower Motorsports Media in 2009.  In ten short years she has built a media empire using trending media and communication platforms supplying the backdrop for some of the most successful racers, events and companies in the 4x4 market. Filling needs, she has built brands that include the online talk show Bower Power HourRace Team Store online marketplace, I'm Not Just A Girl clothing and jewelry line, Ladies Offroad Network website and events devoted to women offroaders, and Bower Academy for online education.
Charlene doesn't spend all of her time behind a desk, she's actually a dirt bike rider, hard core wheeler, and the first female member of the Arizona Undertakers 4x4 club. In 2014 and 2015, she earned the title of "Fastest Girl Up Backdoor" at the King of the Hammers Backdoor Shootout.  With different contest winners in her co-driver seat in 2015, her team took 2nd in RallyVenture and in 2016, they placed 1st in the Rebelle Rally and 2nd in the Pro Class at 36 Hours of Uwharrie
Charlene has been recognized by BFGoodrich Tires as one of their Performance Team Members.  She was voted by peers as an Off-Road Motorsports Hall of Fame Industry Rising Star in 2016 and ORMHOF Advocate Award winner in 2018. In 2017, Charlene obtained her training certification from the International 4-Wheel Drive Trainers' Association.  In 2018, Charlene continued her education path earning her Wilderness First Aid certification.
Charlene champions for women in offroad.  In 2016, Charlene hosted the 1st annual Ladies Co-Driver Challenge. The wildly successful contest had entries from 91 women wheelers across the Country, vying to have an opportunity to go on the road with Charlene to some of the top events in North America utilizing the BFGoodrich Tires Jeep which stemmed the creation of Ladies Offroad Network. In the last three years Charlene has crossed the country hosting offroad educational classes impacting thousands of ladies and men. 
"I am honored to have had the opportunity to work in different segments of the offroad industry for 25 years!  I am enjoying the opportunity to give back with my knowledge - helping racers be more successful off the track, enthusiasts be more successful behind the wheel, and businesses gain unique media exposure."