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Now-HiringHiring for a unique position that would be ideal for someone that needs some flexibility, but is committed to doing an excellent job. Our business is located in the offroad market, but zero experience in the industry is necessary. Attitude, personality, fast-paced, self-motivator and willingness to work will outweigh experience 100:1. This opportunity is not open for an “employee”; it is only open to someone that wants to be part of a team that has to work together to continue to hit goals that may sometimes feel unobtainable. We have yet to miss a goal by taking our teams strengths and putting them to work!  This is not a 6-figure job. This is a chance for someone to earn decent money while learning and be part of something awesome with a lot of growth opportunities.

Are Your Strengths:

#1: Member and Guest Relations

  • Understand our guest experiences are #1 priority
  • Execute projects with guest experiences as #1 priority
  • An excellent and timely communicator via text, pm and email
  • Must be an Excel Lover!
  • Manage data coming in and log it for coordination
  • Prepare envelopes and mailings

#2: Content Management

  • Must know how to post on WordPress!
  • Have the ability to edit for grammar and spelling
  • The possibility of helping with Social Media for the “right person”

#3: Event Coordinator

  • Participate in event coordination jobs
  • Lots of opportunity here for the “right person”

#4: The Daily, Weekly, Monthly Grind

  • Must be MAC Friendly
  • Constant Communication on Projects
  • Shipping
  • Reports
  • Content Calendar
  • Managing Emails and Data
  • Data Inputting
  • Deadline Checks
  • Keep Track of Charlene 🙂  You are her Right-Hand person for the day-to-day operation.

#5: Other Opportunities

  • Possibility of Travel to Events
  • Possibility of Sales Position
  • Possibility to take on Charlene’s Personal Assistant projects


Cat Allergies:  Piston and Oil pretty much run the office.  If you have cat allergies I’m afraid it probably wouldn’t work for you. Although we do keep it clean, I want you to be excited to come to work, not feel miserable the whole time.

Recap: You must know Excel, WordPress, how to use a Mac and type. You should have an entrepreneur spirit with great customer service. We will give you the opportunity to learn marketing and be part of a community that is amazing and fun!

Location: Mesa, Arizona   (There could be an opportunity for the “right person” to work from a distance with training days scheduled.)


How to Apply: Please submit Resume, monetary requirement, who referred you or how you found out about this opportunity, and a 300 word (minimum) story about your experiences while showcasing the needs that have been listed above. Send to Resumes with no article will be disregarded.

Submission Period: Please submit by midnight Saturday March 10, 2018. We will interview the week of March 12-16, first via phone and then in person. This is an immediate need, but we want to invest time and energy into the right person with a long-term attitude who wants to LEARN and give.

Startup Work Flow: It will start out slow, 15-20 hours a week to get you up and rolling. The learning curve on what we are doing is very steep, so we want you to learn and master and then move onto the next project. With that said, we are extremely high paced with lots of big events being executed immediately. There is nothing slow about what we are doing! You will be asked to do an occasional guest communication project over a weekend, (most) everything is preplanned. This should be a full time position for the correct person.

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