September 2018 Giveaway

September 2018 Giveaway

September 2018 Giveaway

September 2018 Giveaway

Enter to win a Rugged Radios Kit

+ Enter to win a set of Coyote Enterprises Automatic Tire Deflators!
+ Enter to win a 1 year subscription to CRAWL Magazine!

SCROLL ALL THE WAY TO THE BOTTOM of this post and add a comment - something like, "I would love to be able to talk to my spotter!" or "I want a set of Coyote deflators!" or "I'd like a CRAWL Magazine subscription!"

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Drawing: September 30, 2018

One winner will be chosen per prize.

September 2018 Prize #1

60-Watt Radio Starter Kit for Jeeps

Retail Price: $533.00



The ultimate radio package for a Jeep Wrangler JK or TJ. This kit Includes everything needed to communicate with others on the trail, and even includes a radio for your spotter.

RM60-V 60 Watt (VHF) Mobile Radio

The RM-60 VHF Radio packs 60 watts of power for maximum performance and distance. Simple operation and an uncluttered face makes the RM-60 easy to operate. With 5 front facing buttons, the RM-60 is easy to adjust functions.

A loud top speaker provides clear communications and remains on even when connected to an intercom. With distances up to 30 miles and the capability to operate VHF bands, this radio will allow you to keep long distance contact with your entire team!

Antenna and Mount for Jeep JK / TJ

A dual band 1/2 wave antenna is provided to maximize performance. The coax cable and antenna mount easily mounts your antenna to the driver side of your Jeep JK or TJ with included antenna mount.

RH5R 5-Watt Dual Band Handheld Radio

This handheld boasts a powerful 5-watts of performance and can also operate on both VHF and UHF bands. Simple to use both in and out of the vehicle. Great for spotters and also lending to friends and family members in vehicles without a radio. This versatility makes it the "go to" radio for everything you need!

See what they have for you at

Pink Radio Campaign

Help us raise $10,000 for the fight against Breast Cancer! Rugged Radios is kicking off Breast Cancer Awareness Month with the launch of a limited edition Pink RH-5R Radio. Rugged Radios took its most popular handheld radio which is usually available in blue and turned it pink for the occasion. On October 1st, the Pink Radios will be available for sale at One hundred percent of the proceeds including any shipping costs will be donated to the cause.
To help guide this campaign, Rugged Radios has partnered with Off-Road Racer Renee Hudson. Renee and her race team, Getting Dirty For The TaTas have been supporting the fight against breast cancer for years by raising over $46,000. With her support and guidance, Rugged Radios hopes to make a huge contribution to the Cancer Association of Havasu this October. The Cancer Association believes that early detection is key and will allocate the funds directly to patients in need.    
Only 100 of these Pink Radios will be available and are expected to sell out fast. Be ready to get your Pink Radio come October 1st, but if you miss your chance, the very last Pink Radio will go up on an ebay auction. The ebay auction will be vital to help reach the goal of $10,000. Once you receive your Pink Radio, use it loud and proud knowing that you made a difference!
Follow along on social media using #pinkradios
For more information visit

September 2018 Prize #2


Prize: 1 Year Subscription to CRAWL Magazine

CRAWL is your source for the content the others are afraid to bring you. CRAWL Magazine is the most Hardcore Offroad mag published in North America. Printed bi-monthly, CRAWL is a title of CRAWL2 Media, LLC. It’s available throughout North America in major bookstores, auto parts stores, foreign bookstores and US military bases throughout the free world.

September 2018 Prize #3

Coyote DeflatorsPrize: Coyote Enterprises Automatic Tire Deflators

Coyote Automatic Tire Deflators are a spring loaded check valve with the ability to vary the spring pressure on the check valve via the Adjustment Cap. More spring pressure means a higher destination**, shut OFF pressure. Less spring pressure means a lower destination pressure. The Coyote Enterprise Automatic Tire Deflators are guaranteed to cover a destination pressure range of 4 to 56 PSI (CED456) and typically handle 3 to 65 PSI and 5 to 45 PSI.​

September 2018 Membership Giveaway

If you logged into one of our Ladies Offroad Network tablets throughout the month you have been entered to win a One-Year Membership to Ladies Offroad Network.  If you are already a member, you will be able to gift the membership to someone!  

Tablets can be anywhere throughout the month! We will keep this list updated:


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Would you like to offer the ladies at your event, or an event you are attending, the opportunity to enter to win AND receive a 10% off coupon to!  This is a great opportunity for you to help spread the word about Ladies Offroad Network, while the ladies get something in return!

Please contact Charlene directly with your event date and information. We will email you the specific list with all the tools to be successful. or 480-490-2019

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Rugged Radios would be perfect while out trail riding! No more missed communication or lost Jeepers!


I would LOVE to have the Rugged Pink Radios!! I tried to purchase them today but they sold out so fast I didnt get any!!Plus Charlene knows how much I love PINK!! 🙁


Rugged radios would be awesome to have when I am off-roading


Those Rugged Radios would be so awesome! I love being a part of the Ladies Off-Road Network!


Yelling at my spotter when I can’t see his hand signals is not the ideal communication method while my front end is nearly vertical. A pair of Rugged Radios would certainly make this part of navigating trails much easier! Being able to clearly communicate with my spotter will help me learn and improve my drivin skills. Fingers crossed I get to own these Limited Edition Radios!💕


I would love to win a radio set for my Jeep. What a great addition. Coyote deflator and a magazine subscription would be the cream on top.


I would love to have the Rugged Radios. Amazing for trail and camping. The deflators would be great for beach and trails. AWESOME giveaway this month, as always❣ thank you, Ladies Offroad Network!


Thanks again to all of our wonderful sponsors!
Heck yeah I want to win! Rugged Radios are awesome!
The deflators are super convenient, and who wouldn’t want a new magazine!


Hello Ladies and happy Sunday funday! I’m sick and missing out on our local Jeep events with @SouthFloridaWomenWhoWheel, so I would love to win any of these giveaways 😉. Happy wheeling – Amanda


I am in the process of building my Rubicon, would love to have anything that would help out on the trails…… I am one of the very few in our Jeep club without a CB or radio system.


As always great giveaways, Charlene! I would love to win any of the three. 😊


Love auto deflators! Set them, put them on, and visit with your friends while they do the job!


I will read my crawl magazine while my tires deflate. LOL! Then I can radio my husband that I’m ready to hit the trails 🙂


We really need to up our radio game! The Rugged Radios would be excellent. Crawl would be entertaining and educational, and who doesn’t want to have some control over the air-down process?