January 2020 Giveaway


Congratulations to our January Random Draw Winners!!

Yukon Gear: Pamela Nelson

CRAWL or TRAIL Magazine: Emily Evans

Coyote Deflators: Tabie Kelley

November 2018 Giveaway

Enter to win a Yukon Gift Card for $250 that includes a Diff Cover! 

+ Enter to win a set of Coyote Enterprises Automatic Tire Deflators!
+ Enter to win a 1 year subscription to TRAILS Magazine OR CRAWL Magazine!

GO TO the Wild Apricot post and add a comment - something like, "I would love to rock to some YUKON Diff Covers!" or "I want a set of Coyote deflators!" or "I'd like a CRAWL Magazine subscription!"

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Drawing: January 28, 2020

One winner will be chosen per prize.

LIVE 1/7

Ladies Offroad Network Charlene 1072020

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Giveaway Announcement
+ Education
@ 35:20

LIVE 1/14

Charlene Ladies Offroad Network Lockers

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Giveaway Reminder
+ EDUCATION on Lockers @ 36:10 min
+ EDUCATION including Driveshafts, Axle Setups, What Locker to Install First @ 46:00 min


LIVE 1/21

charlene bower yukon gear axle

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Giveaway Reminder
+ EDUCATION on how to change Differential Fluid and Gear Oil @ 17:30 min


LIVE 1/28

Forward to @ 38min
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Giveaway DRAWING


January 2020 Prize #1


Yukon Gear & Axle Diff Cover

Retail Price: Ranges    $250 Gift Card


At Yukon Gear & Axle we make it our Mission to build quality parts that exceed expectation. It’s that simple!Our in-house engineering group utilizes state-of-the-art software to design product that’s then manufactured in partnership by some of the world’s foremost leaders in OEM manufacturing. After rigorous testing and intense quality inspection, we’re proud to call it Yukon.

See what they have for you at

A Cool Product for Outdoor Ladies

Yukon Hardcore Performance Diff Covers are engineered for extreme conditions.  Yukon Hardcore Differential Covers are made from thick-walled high strength nodular steel to fend off the most extreme hits in off road driving. Yukon diff covers are designed to protect lockers, gears and axles from extreme impact. These covers come  with a durable powder coat finish, magnetic drain plug, quality gasket and high strength steel fasteners for easy bolt-on installation. When strength, performance, and durability matter choose Yukon Hardcore performance differential covers.
  • Manufactured from high strength nodular iron
  • Thick walled design
  • Durable powder coat finish
  • Magnetic drain plug
  • High strength steel fasteners
  • Two fill plug heights
  • Fits Std & Reverse rotation
1 year warranty against Manufacturer defects
Yukon Gear & Axle also produces a long list of products for your vehicle including, but not limited to, Gears and Axles. 

January 2020 Prize #2


Prize: 1 Year Subscription to CRAWL Magazine  OR TRAILS Magazine

CRAWL is your source for the content the others are afraid to bring you. CRAWL Magazine is the most Hardcore Offroad mag published in North America. Printed bi-monthly, CRAWL is a title of CRAWL2 Media, LLC. It’s available throughout North America in major bookstores, auto parts stores, foreign bookstores and US military bases throughout the free world.

TRAILS Magazine speaks to individuals that are planning their 4x4 adventure. We bring our readers the latest in gear & tech to avoid making expensive mistakes as they learn to use their 4x4 vehicle to bring them to new places. Readers learn how to pick a line on a trail, buy the right tire, use recovery equipment safely and bring the family on adventures previously only dreamed about. TRAILS Magazine is the guide to doing it right the first time.

January 2020 Prize #3

Coyote DeflatorsPrize: Coyote Enterprises Automatic Tire Deflators

Coyote Automatic Tire Deflators are a spring loaded check valve with the ability to vary the spring pressure on the check valve via the Adjustment Cap. More spring pressure means a higher destination**, shut OFF pressure. Less spring pressure means a lower destination pressure. The Coyote Enterprise Automatic Tire Deflators are guaranteed to cover a destination pressure range of 4 to 56 PSI (CED456) and typically handle 3 to 65 PSI and 5 to 45 PSI.​


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