November 2018 Giveaway
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November 2018 Giveaway

November 2018 Giveaway

November 2018 Giveaway

Enter to win a DemerBox filled with Goodies! 

+ Enter to win a set of Coyote Enterprises Automatic Tire Deflators!
+ Enter to win a 1 year subscription to CRAWL Magazine!

SCROLL ALL THE WAY TO THE BOTTOM of this post and add a comment - something like, "I would love to rock to some tunes on a DemerBox!" or "I want a set of Coyote deflators!" or "I'd like a CRAWL Magazine subscription!"

*You must be a Ladies Offroad Network member to enter this drawing. If you are a member, you will have a "MEMBER" banner under your user profile. If you are not a member, click here.

Drawing: November 30, 2018

One winner will be chosen per prize.

November 2018 Prize #1


Retail Price: $349


DemerBox plays as hard as you do. We took the best Bluetooth wireless sound technology, put it in an indestructibly rugged Pelican case, gave it a killer 50-hour battery life, took it everywhere on earth and tried our best to destroy it. It became a speaker portable enough for everyday and durable enough for every adventure. With crisp highs and punchy bass our sound quality game is strong. We also have some cool features like a USB port to charge your devices and a dry internal storage place. We make every DemerBox in the USA, by hand.

See what they have for you at

Bonus: Since there is storage in the back of the Pelican Cases, Charlene is going to pack it with goodies from the Bower Media shelves of goodness! 

A Cool Product for Outdoor Ladies

DemerBox plays as hard as you do. And we think that might be pretty hard which is why we created DemerBox. We took the best Bluetooth wireless sound technology put it in an indestructibly rugged Pelican case, gave it a killer 50-hour battery life, took it everywhere on earth and tried our best to destroy it. With crisp highs and punchy bass our sound quality game is strong. So strong we even have a 3 time Grammy Award-Winning musician who thinks it’s pretty great. Zac Brown, from the Zac Brown Band, bought one, tried it on a spearfishing trip in Belize and then bought into the company. We also have some cool features. Like a USB port to charge your devices. Or a dry internal storage place. We’re pretty sure you can fit 14 pairs of tube socks inside the Demerbox. Or your wallet and keys. You know, whatever your priorities happen to be. And hey, we make every Demerbox in the USA, by hand. A real person builds each speaker with pride and according to insanely high standards. We know this means your Demerbox will become your trusty sidekick... not some fake TV one...a sidekick with actual adventures...crazy awesome adventures.

Weatherproof - Weatherproof Pelican Case keeps the elements out.

50 Hour battery life - 50 hour battery life keeps the adventure going... and going... and going.

Quick Bluetooth - Quick and easy Bluetooth pairing with a new wireless range up to 100 feet.

October 2018 Prize #2


Prize: 1 Year Subscription to CRAWL Magazine

CRAWL is your source for the content the others are afraid to bring you. CRAWL Magazine is the most Hardcore Offroad mag published in North America. Printed bi-monthly, CRAWL is a title of CRAWL2 Media, LLC. It’s available throughout North America in major bookstores, auto parts stores, foreign bookstores and US military bases throughout the free world.

October 2018 Prize #3

Coyote DeflatorsPrize: Coyote Enterprises Automatic Tire Deflators

Coyote Automatic Tire Deflators are a spring loaded check valve with the ability to vary the spring pressure on the check valve via the Adjustment Cap. More spring pressure means a higher destination**, shut OFF pressure. Less spring pressure means a lower destination pressure. The Coyote Enterprise Automatic Tire Deflators are guaranteed to cover a destination pressure range of 4 to 56 PSI (CED456) and typically handle 3 to 65 PSI and 5 to 45 PSI.​

November 2018 Membership Giveaway

If you logged into one of our Ladies Offroad Network tablets throughout the month you have been entered to win a One-Year Membership to Ladies Offroad Network.  If you are already a member, you will be able to gift the membership to someone!  

Tablets can be anywhere throughout the month! We will keep this list updated:


Take the Tablet To Your Event

Would you like to offer the ladies at your event, or an event you are attending, the opportunity to enter to win AND receive a 10% off coupon to!  This is a great opportunity for you to help spread the word about Ladies Offroad Network, while the ladies get something in return!

Please contact Charlene directly with your event date and information. We will email you the specific list with all the tools to be successful. or 480-490-2019

MEMBERS, Enter Below

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I would really love to have the DemerBox!! ♥


My Jeep life would be COMPLETE with a DemerBox AND Coyote Deflators!!!


I would love to rock out with the Demer Box!


I would love to share some tunes with a DemerBox!


I would love to win any of the prizes. Thank you.


I would love to win the dremerbox!


Oh yes please to the Dermer Box and Coyote, Please Please.


Oh man all of these prizes are amazing, but the DemerBox is something I have had my eye on for sometime now! #AdventureBeats


Would love to win any of the wonderful prizes for November. The DemerBox is intriguing, Coyote deflators would be a great additional to my off-road arsenal of tools, and the Crawl magazine is fascinating.


DEMERBOX!!! #InItToWinIt! 🙂


I’d LOVE to win the DEMERBOX!!
Pretty Please!


The Demer box would be amazing on the trips we’ve been leading!! 🎶🏜 OIIIIIIIO


I would Love to win the Demer Box or the Coyote Deflators or the Crawl magazine subscription!!! Anything is great!


The Demerbox would be great to have!


SOOOOO want that DemerBox!!!!!!


That Dremer box is such a cool idea!


I can’t believe you are giving away Demer Box!!
I am so excited! Please add my name to the give-away!!!


I would *love* a set of Coyote deflators. They would get a lot of use and admiration in my truck.


I would love to win the Dremer Box! #rockon


Awesomeness!! Would love to win that!!


I would love a CRAWL Magazine subscription!!


So excited I would love the win the DemerBox Awesome


Would put the deflators or the Demerbox to to good use.


I would absolutely love to win November’s give away! I’d love to have the DemerBox full of goodies or the Coyote deflators!