On Friday, you will attend three seminars of your choice in addition to one required seminar that everyone will attend. The seminars are built around various aspects of offroading. We encourage you to attend one where you feel confident in knowing most of the information and can sharpen your skills and then, step outside of your comfort zone and attend seminars that push you to try something new or attack a skill you have always wanted to learn. All of the seminars are hands-on and may be outside or inside, depending on the topic.

Special Guest: Michael Morrison - I4WDTA® Master Trainer
In addition to being certified by the International 4-Wheel Drive Trainers Association, Michael Morrison is a Tread Lightly trainer and manager for 36 Hours of Uwharrie. He is also the director of recreational training and events at Overland Experts.

Additional I4WDTA Instructors will be on site.

Special Guest: Cora Jokinen - President, Torq-Masters Industries Inc.
Cora Jokinen is a long time offroad enthusiast and former sponsored rock crawler for Aussie Locker, made by Torq-Masters Industries Inc. In 2014, Cora acquired Torq-Masters when the former owner, Bill Cole retired. As the owner and president, Cora is using her background in design to create innovative new products. After discovering a love for welding during college, Cora bought her first Miller welder and has since developed a relationship with the company.

Special Guest: John Williams - Owner, Impulse Off Road

2018 Seminars will be announced Summer 2018.  There will be a wide variety of activities and 201 classes hosted by amazing offroading legends. There will also be a wide selection of vehicles available to choose to learn. As an example, some of the classes offered last year are below.

Offroad Recovery & Driving

Use a WARN Winch, Hi-Lift Jack and Pull-Pal.  Understand the theory of recovery and how to utilize additional tools to be successful.  Driving will be basic since we won't be on a trail. Taught by certified I4WDTA trainer, Michael Morrison.

Vehicle Sympathy & Maintenance

Based around a Jeep, learn more about how to drive with vehicle sympathy in mind. Go through a maintenance checklist and learn the basics of how to do it yourself. Plus, learn how to change a tire when it's fun, so that it's easier when you're in a stressful situation. Taught by nationally ranked professional racer, Brad Lovell.

How to Back Up a Trailer & Maintenance

If you haven't backed up a trailer before or need some practice, this is your chance! You will learn the tricks to backing up and how to use your mirrors. You will also learn about trailer maintenance. Taught by a nationally ranked professional racer.

The Basics of Welding

Want to learn more about welding, different metals, and the business behind it? In this seminar, you will have the opportunity to understand all the different types of welding. Taught by a nationally recognized and sponsored woman welder, Cora Jokinen.

Navigation & Overlanding

Do you want to learn how to use a compass and read a topographical map while offroading? Do you want some tips on how to plot points like the ladies in Rebelle Rally? We will also talk about overlanding and what helps to make a successful trip. Taught by a Rebelle Rally navigator and finisher, Coralee Lack.

Offroad Photography & Journalism

Do you want to learn more about taking pictures and videos while on the trail? During this seminar, you will learn how to frame a picture to get the best angle and view. In addition, you will learn how to write an article that properly expresses the event, trail ride, or experience that you can submit for publication. Taught by a nationally published journalist, Charlene Bower.

Business Round Table & Strategy

Are you a business owner or hold a high ranking position within your company? In this seminar, you will meet other ladies similar to you and discuss ideas and challenges regarding careers and business. There will be a list of topics and a time frame for each to keep the conversation moving.  Led by Charlene Bower.

Outdoor Cooking & Kids on the Trails

Do you love to camp and want some additional options for outdoor cooking? In this seminar, you will be making us all a snack! And if you have children, you will be able to discuss different ways to keep your kids learning while on the trails. Taught by Mary Levenhagen.

Offroad Style - Required

In this seminar, you will learn proper hand signals and how to spot a driver. You will also learn about offroad safety and treading lightly. Taught by Charlene Bower.

Social Media - Required

Dive into social media for personal and business use. Learn about Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube, and Snapchat, plus more advanced tips for Facebook and Instagram. Taught by Charlene Bower.