Sue Mead

Sue Mead began her automotive career in 1988 as a free-lance evaluator for Four-Wheeler Magazine, on the first team that included women as test drivers. She immediately became hooked on four-wheeling and the places it took her. Over the next few years Mead developed relationships with all of the leading 4WD publications in the US and then began to work with the mainstream press writing columns, such as “Get off the Road”, a syndicated newspaper column, gaining a reputation as a woman who understood and could write about 4WD vehicles. Mead’s goals were not only to learn about and participate in 4WD events, but also to write about the fun and adventure of four-wheeling and inspire others to participate and to promote safe technical driving and responsible use of the backcountry. She also served a 3-year term on the board of directors of Tread Lightly! Mead has been a participant in four Camel Trophy events, the Baja 1000 six times, twice as a driver and competed with Darren Skilton in the 2000 Dakar Rally. She has written about her adventures and extreme four-wheeling for publications around the globe focusing considerable attention on the world of off-road motorsports. Today, Mead travels the world test-driving vehicles and working as a photojournalist/feature writer for more than 100 publications. She has been four wheeling in 36 countries during the past 19 years and has accumulated enough off-road miles to have circumnavigated the world in the dirt. It has become her professional and personal passion. She is one of four ladies inducted in the Off-Road Motorsports Hall of Fame.

Charlene Bower

Charlene grew up in an off-roading family, enjoying annual trips to Dumont Dunes, the Rubicon and other iconic off-road destinations. Charlene's first job was changing dirt bike tires at a motorcycle shop in Northern California.  She worked upper retail management at multi-line Powersports dealerships for 11 years and in magazine media for 4 years before founding Bower Motorsports Media in 2009.  In just nine short years she has built a media empire using trending media and communication platforms supplying the backdrop for some of the most successful racers, events and companies in the 4x4 market. Filling needs, she has built brands that include the online talk show Bower Power HourRace Team Store online marketplace, I'm Not Just A Girl clothing and jewelry line, Ladies Offroad Network website and events devoted to women offroaders, and Offroad Marketing School for online education.  Charlene doesn't spend all of her time behind a desk, she's actually a dirt bike rider, hard core wheeler, and the only female member of the Arizona Undertakers 4x4 club. In 2014, she earned the title of "Fastest Girl Up Backdoor" at the King of the Hammers Backdoor Shootout.  With different contest winners in her co-driver seat in 2015, her team took 2nd in RallyVenture and in 2016, they placed 1st in the Rebelle Rally and 2nd in the Pro Class at 36 Hours of Uwharrie.  Charlene has been recognized by BFGoodrich Tires as one of their Performance Team Members, and was recently voted by peers as an Off-Road Motorsports Hall of Fame Industry Rising Star. In 2017, Charlene obtained her training certification from the International 4-Wheel Drive Trainers' Association.  In 2018, Charlene continued her education path earning her Wilderness First Aid certification.

Sarah Burgess

Growing up for Sarah Burgess never followed the typical path for a young girl – following a sporting career that started at the age of 5 with BMX, moving into Triathlons, Cycling, Kayaking, then switching up to represent Australia for Inline Speed Skating and also Short Track Speed Skating, challenges and competition became the standard for Sarah. Sarah started off as Team Manager for BMI Racing when their first drift car (a Mazda RX8) was built, but this also included fabricating parts, installing the electrical system and providing marketing opportunities for BMI Racing’s partners. In 2011 Sarah stepped back into the driver’s seat, adding another profession to her busy schedule, and competed in Xtreme Drift Circuit in Seattle WA and Dallas TX. 2012 brought a change to the BMI Racing team stepping up to an 700hp Ford Mustang running a 5.0L Coyote Engine with a 2.9L Whipple Supercharger – Sarah stepped up to the challenge of driving this beast and competed in a variety of drift events across the country including the Xtreme Drift Circuit and East Coast Bash. At the time Sarah was the only female drifting on a national level.  In between her competition events throughout the year Sarah spent time at the automotive technical college WyoTech talking with new students during their first day of school being a role model and mentor within the automotive industry. Sarah’s relationship with WyoTech continued to grow in 2014, with them being a part of her program as she moved her driving career from drifting to the Redbull Global Rallycross Series.  In 2015 Sarah became the first female to compete in the Pro Lite class of the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series, and she became the first female to podium at the Lucas Oil Regional Off Road Racing Series earning 3 podiums and a top ten in the points championship. 2016 was Sarah’s second year in the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series and still the only female in the pro series; her and her team have made significant progress in speed on the track. Sarah became the first female to start on the front row of the pro-classes in 2016 and continues to manage her own team, now a two driver and two vehicle team: her and her 16 year-old daughter Bridget!

Rachel Speir

An avid racing and sports fan her entire life, Rachel Speir forged a path into the automotive and racing worlds, working with some of the biggest names in the industry along the way. Though it wasn’t a straight shot to the industry she has loved, her many experiences along the way have only strengthened her ability to multitask and problem solve from both creative and analytical perspectives.  In 2009, Rachel found a new opportunity at a marketing agency in San Diego. There she worked as an account manager with clients such as the San Diego Chargers, The San Diego Padres, BridgePoint Education, MiraCosta College, and Medill School of Journalism to name a few. She also forged working partnerships with third party media creators like TenStories and FreshForm Interactive, learning all about the behind the scenes work that it takes to create engaging cross-marketing campaigns. This was a launching point for her career in the corporate branding and marketing world, but when her first opportunity came calling to move into the automotive world, she couldn’t resist and found herself working at Grand Prix Classics, where she located, sold, and marketed multi-million dollar vintage and historic sports cars and race cars around the world.  Having now established new connections in the automotive industry, she decided to focus all her time on her own marketing company, RS Marqueting, where, since, she has been fortunate enough to build up a portfolio of clients such as Trans Am Racing Series, Dana Incorporated, SVRA, Walker Evans Racing, Casey Currie Motorsports, Bully Dog and SCT, Bruiser Conversions, RAM Mounts, MAHLE, among others where she has helped create effective and engaging marketing solutions. Through RS Marqueting she has developed websites, created lifestyle product campaigns, captured the heart of events through photos and videos, designed logos, designed vehicle graphics, branded events at every touchpoint, developed sales books, written press releases and helped manage sponsor needs.  She is also been Charlene's right hand helper and media professional at two Ladies Offroad Challenge Top 10 Weekends and champions for the network among the industry.




On Friday, you will attend FOUR seminars of your choice in addition to ONE required seminar that everyone will attend. The seminars are built around various aspects of offroading. We encourage you to attend one where you feel confident in knowing most of the information and can sharpen your skills and then, step outside of your comfort zone and attend seminars that push you to try something new or attack a skill you have always wanted to learn. All of the seminars are hands-on and may be outside or inside, depending on the topic.

Watch the video to hear a little better explanation of each of the seminars.

Convention Registered Guests will receive an email that allows them to choose a seminar per spot.

Offroad Recovery 101

*Mandatory* Use a WARN Winch, Hi-Lift Jack and Pull-Pal.  Understand the theory of recovery and how to utilize additional tools to be successful.  Taught by certified I4WDTA trainer, Michael Morrison.

Offroad Recovery 202

*Mandatory, Must have taken 101* Take what you learned last year to the next level! Use a WARN Winch, Hi-Lift Jack and Pull-Pal in more extreme situations.  Taught by certified I4WDTA trainer, Michael Morrison.

How to Back Up a Trailer & Maintenance

If you haven't backed up a trailer before or need some practice, this is your chance! You will learn the tricks to backing up and how to use your mirrors. You will also learn about trailer maintenance. Taught by !

The Basics of Welding 101

Want to learn more about welding, different metals, and the business behind it? In this seminar, you will have the opportunity to understand all the different types of welding. Taught by a nationally recognized and sponsored woman welder, Cora Jokinen.

Wiring 101

Ever wanted to learn more about wiring, the hands-on how to's?  This is it!  Strip wires, use butt connectors, learn about grounds, and more. Kicker Audio is sponsoring this class so there will be an emphasis on audio wiring, but wiring is interchangeable!  Taught by SSV Works Lorin Morrell.

Tool 101 - Step it Up!

Ever wanted to really talk through what tools are important and how they work? Or understand what you need in your tool bag? Oh, did I mention you get to use a power tool?!  Rock-Slide Engineering is sponsoring this class so there will be an emphasis on how to install a step on a vehicle!  Taught by Rock Slide Engineering Works Kevin Smith.

Welding 202

*MUST Take Welding 101 First* **LIMIT 10** Want to throw down some welds? This will be a helmet on class that will allow you the opportunity to learn how to weld. Taught by a nationally recognized and sponsored woman welder, Cora Jokinen.

Outdoor Cooking

Do you love to camp and want some additional options for outdoor cooking? In this seminar, you will be making us all a snack! Utilize different techniques and talk about different recipes. Also work through logistical scenarios with packing food. Taught by TNT Customs owner Mary Levenhagen.

How to go Overlanding

What is Overlanding? Is it for me? What will it cost? Do I have to give up everything in order to hit the road long term? Taylor Pawley of Running From Monday and Women Overlanding the World answers your questions about how to be an Overlander. Spoiler alert: It's easier than you think!!

Offroad Leader

Want to be a leader in the offroad community?  This is a great place to start to check down the list of responsibilities.  Topics covered will include TREAD Lightly! principals, hand signals, how to lead a group and more.  Taught by TreadLightly's Danielle Fowles!

Compass & Map Navigation

**LIMIT 10**  Do you want to learn how to use a compass and read a topographical map while offroading? Do you want some tips on how to plot points like the ladies in Rebelle Rally?  Taught by a two-time Rebelle Rally navigator and finisher, Coralee Lack.

Vehicle Choice & Maintenance

Wanting to understand more about vehicles?  What is 2 Wheel Drive  vs  4 Wheel Drive  vs  All Wheel Drive?  Learn more about how to drive with vehicle sympathy in mind and go through a maintenance checklist to learn the basics of how to do it yourself.  Taught by Fridays Keynote Speaker and Offroad Motorsports Hall of Fame Inductee Sue Mead.

Offroad Photography & Journalism

Do you want to learn more about taking pictures and videos while on the trail? During this seminar, you will learn how to frame a picture to get the best angle and view. In addition, you will learn how to write an article that properly expresses the event, trail ride, or experience that you can submit for publication. Taught by a offroad marketing business owner Rachel Speir.

Opening and Building Trails

Do you want to help your local club open trails?  Understand the process from start to finish, including permitting, process work, layout and design, grants, and the exciting moment of opening!   Taught by StageVMedia Valerie Douglas.

Overcoming Objections

How to overcome objections and difficult people while trying to be a lady on the trail, online and in the shop.  How to educate people on the trail doing the wrong thing. Some insight from a 14-year industry veteran.   Taught by owner of StageVMedia Valerie Douglas.

Racing Inside

So, you want to race?! There is so much more to it than just showing up for the race on Saturday.  Understand the physical, mental, emotional, and business preparation that goes into a successful race team.  Taught by full time professional racer Sarah Burgess.

Business Round Table & Strategy

Are you a business owner or hold a high ranking position within your company? In this seminar, you will meet other ladies similar to you and discuss ideas and challenges regarding careers and business. There will be a list of topics and a time frame for each to keep the conversation moving.  Led by Charlene Bower.

Social Media - Required

We will spend the first 30 minutes doing a quick dive into social media for personal and business use. Learn about Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube, and Snapchat, plus a couple advanced tips for Facebook and Instagram. Taught by Charlene Bower.



Michael Morrison

I4WDTA® Master Trainer
In addition to being certified by the International 4-Wheel Drive Trainers Association, Michael Morrison is a Tread Lightly trainer and manager for 36 Hours of Uwharrie. He is also the director of recreational training and events at Overland Experts.

Cora Jokinen

Cora Jokinen is a former sponsored rock crawler for Aussie Locker, made by Torq-Masters Industries Inc. In 2014, Cora acquired Torq-Masters and is using her background in design to create innovative new products. After discovering a love for welding during college, Cora bought her first Miller welder and the rest is history!

Mary Levenhagen

Mary Levenhagen is a Jeep expert with a passion for wheeling. She and her husband, Bob, own TNT Customs, a full automotive shop and manufacturer of original and innovative designs for Jeeps.  They recently branched out their local businesses to include a LINE-X Shop and is answering a call for adventure with their new 4Xploring adventure trip company.

Coralee Lack

Coralee Lack is an avid offroader who owns two Jeeps.  She has competed and finished two Rebelle Rally's, one as a navigator and one as a driver. Her experience in online management and security adds insight to mapping.

Valerie Douglas

Val has competed in the Ultra4 class as a navigator 5 times. She shoots photos and writes freelance for multiple off-road events from KOH, Baja 1000, Crandon short course, and W.E. Rock.  She is the previous Chairwoman of the Board for the Responsible Recreation Foundation and Stay The Trail Colorado. Val is a social media manager for several off road related businesses and is the Media Director for Trail Hero.

Taylor Pawley

Many years ago KP, Taylors husband, looked at her and said we should drive to Argentina... she laughed, patted him on the hand and said "that's the stupidest thing I've ever heard." Fast forward a few years (and a few bottles of wine) and the same question was answered with "Hell yeah!" She has competed in the first ever Rebelle Rally and is a blogger:

Kevin Smith

Kevin graduated from Utah State in Welding Engineering.  He is a offroad enthusiast that has been developing parts for Rockslide Engineering for the last 7 years as the Sales & Marketing Director.

Lorin Morrell

Lorin soloed his first snowmobile at 3 years old! Through his business Maddog Media Marketing he has participated in all aspects of vehicle building, development, racing and general "Funning" Motorsports Events Management and Logistics specialist.  He has been part of the UTV Industry since 2007 and has spent the last couple years involved with SSV works and KICER in the Offroad Audio Segment of the industry.

Rosanne Simpson

Rosanne Simpson is the Director of Sales for Utah Motorsports Campus. She was born in Hollywood California and a gypsy at her core. In 2014 Rosanne put everything in storage, packed 2 suitcases and moved to NYC, where she landed a job assisting in the opening of the New World Trade Center.  She has been featured in Entrepreneur Magazine, was the youngest center director for Jenny Craig Weight Loss Centers, and owned the Franchise for Utah State for Miss Universe where she worked for Donald Trump.  She is the mother to the most amazing 22 yr old daughter and absolutely lives life to its fullest.

Bridget Burgess

Bridget was born in 2001 in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia and into the world of the automotive industry.  With Bridget’s parents, Sarah and Adam Burgess, she has spent her life growing up around Nissan’s, Mazda’s, Toyotas and Mitsubishi’s just to name a few.  Bridget would fall asleep to the sound of a 600hp car getting tuned on the dyno. She spent a couple of years racing around in a Polaris XP1000, then in 2017 got to race her mums ProLite competition truck at the regional races in Southern California and Arizona.  Bridget now races in the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series alongside her mum (in the same class!!).

Danielle Fowles

Danielle is the Education and Training program Manager for Tread Lightly! - a national nonprofit dedicated to promoting responsible recreation.  When she's not working she enjoys opportunities to learn, be introspective and spend time with her family.

John Williams

John Williams is a Pro Lite off road racer who has completed in the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series. John has been a longtime instructor at the Ford Performance Racing School.  John owns Impluse Offroad and is the creator of the well know Ladies Offroad Network & BFGoodrich Tires Jeep JK "Frankie".  John is a Performance Team member with BFGoodrich Tires.

Donny Edward

Chief Director of Licensing the National Auto Sport Association [NASA], along with instructing here at FPRS. Donny began his career racing ATV’s, quickly becoming a divisional champion and moving into racing off-road buggies, which ultimately led him to road racing sports cars. Donny’s experience ranges from amateur to pro racing in everything from Mustangs to rare & unique historic cars.


AJ Severino

AJ Severino, born and raised in New Jersey decided to move to Utah a year and a half ago. He started racing in 2008 in Formula 2000 and has been racing and instructing ever since.

Todd Hanson

Todd has 15 years road racing experience in open wheel formula cars, production based sports cars, and purpose built race cars. He has 7 years experience as an instructor. 

Shawn Umphries


Kyle Walker

Amy Hunter