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Header Photo from 2017 Convention Adventure Day going to the top of Pikes Peak.  The Pikes Peak International Hill Climb has run consecutively since 1916. The track measures 12.42 miles, over 156 turns, climbing 4,720 ft from the start at Mile 7 on Pikes Peak Highway, to the finish at 14,110 ft, on grades averaging 7.2%. It used to consist of both gravel and paved sections, however as of August 2011, the highway is fully paved and as a result all subsequent runnings will be on asphalt from start to finish.  Wikipedia

Sunday Giveback Project

Giving back, helping others, and being kind are extremely important to Charlene. The final event of the Ladies Offroad Convention weekend will be built around helping ladies that are currently residing in a homeless shelter understand their vehicles better. Some have kids that will join us and get to see a Jeep for the first time.  

For 2019 in Atlanta we will partner with a local Women's Shelter.  They will be joining us for lunch on Sunday and then a full afternoon of automotive care.  Some will be bringing their vehicles so we can use real world examples of vehicle maintenance.  

We will be packing backpacks with car care products, donations will be welcome.

This event is listed as an optional event to allow ladies to travel early if needed. We sincerely hope that everyone will have the opportunity to stay and participate.