Ladies Offroad Chapter Notices

What is a Chapter

2020 Plan

Please understand that Chapters are NEW and we are in a BUILDING stage. We will be working with our Leadership Team throughout 2020 to slowly build the following programs. Our goal is for Chapter locations to successfully accomplish each once by the End of the Year.  Join the Leadership Team


A Ladies Offroad Network Chapter is a group of likeminded women who have the passion and the drive to learn more, experience more, and share more about the Offroad community in a specific region of the World. A Chapter is an extension of the National group allowing for local offroading interaction and exciting events where ladies can work together daily, monthly and yearly.

Chapter Responsibilities

A Ladies Offroad Network Chapter is responsible for completing a set of yearly tasks including, but not limited to:

  • Monthly Network'ing Events
  • Quarterly Dirt Trail
  • Quarterly Education Pod
  • Yearly Land Project
  • Yearly Local Community Project
  • Yearly LON Charity Fundraiser

All Chapter will start in the Stock Class which supports a start up phase.  There is no member minimum and has a goal to complete half of the requirement list.  A chapter can only maintain stock class for a total of 2 years.  A Chapter will move to the Pro Class when Membership reaches 20 ladies and they have complete all requirement list the first time.

There is a submission process for events to be recognized by National team before Chapters engage and release their events. Marketing tools will be created by the National team and will help the Chapter with their release. All submitted post-event write ups and photos will be posted on the website and social media.

Points are earned for completing tasks, including timely post-reports, with an Awards Ceremony on the Saturday of the Ladies Offroad Convention!

Monthly Network'ing Events - Chat and Plan! Hosted by different members monthly, this is your casual after-work evening to chat, plan and welcome new ladies into Ladies Offroad Network.

Quarterly Dirt Trail - Hit the Trails! Hopefully more than quarterly, but we wanted to make it realistic for everyone including snow states. One month do a harder trail, next month a UTV trail, next month a simple dirt road to a cool hiking spot...

Quarterly Education Pod - Learn, Learn and Learn More! Charlene will be developing Education Pods that you can bring to your Chapter. Designed to be 2-4 hours of hands-on activities, your group can choose when to meet and go through the program.

Yearly Land Project - Take care of our Trails! Collectively decide on a land project that your Chapter can complete that makes sense to supporting your local area. Can be a trash cleanup, trail maintenance day, building a trail and so many other options.

Yearly Local Community Project - GiveBack to your Community! Collectively decide on a giveback project for your local community. (This does not have to be offroad related.) Show the community how awesome offroaders are!  (Our Cookies & Cans program does not count for this event.)

Yearly LON Charity Fundraiser - Giving to Get! Manage a fundraising event for the Ladies Offroad Network Charity. We always want to be able to give into our offroad community. (Previously called Angel Fund)

Filling in the Puzzle

As each of the events are completed and the post-event recaps and pictures are submitted your chapters Puzzle pieces will be filled in.

Every Chapter will start with a blank slate:

An Example of a 6 month Puzzle:

Example of the Puzzle at the End of an Amazing and Hugely Successful Year!!

Chapter Structure

A Ladies Offroad Network Chapter is composed of a three person Leadership team and an amazing Team of Ladies that are empowered to participate and take leadership roles. Ladies must be either a National or Chapter Member to participate.

The Chapter Liaison is available to assist all Chapter leaders and members be successful, overcome challenges and bridge the National and Chapter teams.  As of December 2019, Jaime Bengston and Wendy Norton are the Chapter Liaisons.

The three person Leadership team is responsible for leading the Local team of Network members and communicating to the National team. It is composed of a Driver, Co-Driver and Spotter. 

More Information on Leadership and the Road to Leadership: CLICK HERE

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