Ladies Offroad Chapter Notices

What is a Chapter

A Ladies Offroad Network Chapter is a group of likeminded women who have the passion and the drive to learn more, experience more, and share more about the Offroad community in a specific region of the World. A Chapter is an extension of the National group allowing for local offroading interaction and exciting events where ladies can work together daily, monthly and yearly.

Chapter Responsibilities

A Ladies Offroad Network Chapter is responsible for completing a set of yearly tasks including, but not limited to:

  • Monthly Network'ing Events
  • Quarterly Dirt Trail
  • Quarterly Education Pod
  • Yearly Land Project
  • Yearly Local Community Project
  • Yearly LON Charity Fundraiser

All Chapter will start in the Stock Class which supports a start up phase.  There is no member minimum and has a goal to complete half of the requirement list.  A chapter can only maintain stock class for a total of 2 years.  A Chapter will move to the Pro Class when Membership reaches 20 ladies and they have complete all requirement list the first time.

There is a submission process for events to be recognized by National team before Chapters engage and release their events. Marketing tools will be created by the National team and will help the Chapter with their release. All submitted post-event write ups and photos will be posted on the website and social media.

Points are earned for completing tasks, including timely post-reports, with an Awards Ceremony on the Saturday of the Ladies Offroad Convention!

Monthly Network'ing Events - Chat and Plan! Hosted by different members monthly, this is your casual after-work evening to chat, plan and welcome new ladies into Ladies Offroad Network.

Quarterly Dirt Trail - Hit the Trails! Hopefully more than quarterly, but we wanted to make it realistic for everyone including snow states. One month do a harder trail, next month a UTV trail, next month a simple dirt road to a cool hiking spot...

Quarterly Education Pod - Learn, Learn and Learn More! Charlene will be developing Education Pods that you can bring to your Chapter. Designed to be 2-4 hours of hands-on activities, your group can choose when to meet and go through the program.

Yearly Land Project - Take care of our Trails! Collectively decide on a land project that your Chapter can complete that makes sense to supporting your local area. Can be a trash cleanup, trail maintenance day, building a trail and so many other options.

Yearly Local Community Project - GiveBack to your Community! Collectively decide on a giveback project for your local community. (This does not have to be offroad related.) Show the community how awesome offroaders are!  (Our Cookies & Cans program does not count for this event.)

Yearly LON Charity Fundraiser - Giving to Get! Manage a fundraising event for the Ladies Offroad Network Charity. We always want to be able to give into our offroad community. (Previously called Angel Fund)

Filling in the Puzzle

As each of the events are completed and the post-event recaps and pictures are submitted your chapters Puzzle pieces will be filled in.

Every Chapter will start with a blank slate:

An Example of a 6 month Puzzle:

Example of the Puzzle at the End of an Amazing and Hugely Successful Year!!

Chapter Structure

A Ladies Offroad Network Chapter is composed of a three person Leadership team and an amazing Team of Ladies that are empowered to participate and take leadership roles. Ladies must be either a National or Chapter Member to participate.

The Chapter Liaison is available to assist all Chapter leaders and members be successful, overcome challenges and bridge the National and Chapter teams.  As of April 2019, Jaime Bengston is the Chapter Liaison.

The three person Leadership team is responsible for leading the Local team of Network members and communicating to the National team. It is composed of a Driver, Co-Driver and Spotter. 

  • All leaders should be embracing the spirit of Ladies Offroad Network 
    Guiding, Educating, Motivating - Understanding you are representing the National brand on a local level 
  • All welcoming  
    Engaging with everyone – members, guests, and onlookers 
    Encouraging of all people to mingle and meet new people  
    Discourage the formation of cliques  
  • Attend monthly online leadership meetings with Charlene & all leaders
  • 2 of 3 Leaders attend Yearly Summit Leadership Retreat for following year planning
  • Participate in the Chatter Box regularly
  • Participate in Basecamp with National and Leaders
  • Identify, support, and encourage members who want to become leaders
  • Delegate Network'ing events to Team members 
  • Build up women from all backgrounds, experience levels, rig preferences
  • Work with other clubs, groups, organizations in the area. This includes men and women 
  • Promote the education of proper trail techniques, trail repairs, safety, recovery, and first aid for all members 
  • Maintain awareness of land use issues affecting our community 
    Promote awareness and involvement on land use issues within Chapter membership 
    Educate club membership and others on TreadLightly! principles and guidelines
    Discourage members from riding illegal trails 
  • Always looking for new opportunities for trails, events, experiences for the Chapter 
  • Maintain the Chapter as a whole 
  • Help and support the Co-Driver and Spotter in their taskswhile keeping them accountable for their assigned tasks  
    • Supporting Team members in their growth within the group 
    • Encouraging new members to join
  • Diplomacy when diversion arises 
  • Staying neutral and keeping the Chapters wellbeing at the forefront of decisions
  • Represent the Chapter in any meetings outside the organization
  • Managing events  
    • Delegating tasks to Team members both willing and capable of being successful in those roles
    • Ensuring all safety aspects are met
  • Making sure all tasks are done and branding is met 
  • Any accounting 
  • Assist in preparation for Network'ing and events. 
  • Coach and support new and existing members 
  • Be a "cheerleader" for your chapter and encourage the exchange of ideas and communication among members in person and through social media. 
  • Engage on social media and in the members only area of LON.
    • Encourage members to share events
  • Planning and implementing strategies to attract members
  • Scout for opportunities, and present them to the team
  • Follow up on team ideas
  • Confirm submission of Network'ing and Additional events for review and marketing
  • Make sure that all documentation is sent to LON National about events and activities. 
  • Make sure that all Articles/stories/photos about events are submitted to LON within the timeframe. (They do not have to be the author!)
  • Maintain all documentation of events, members, and activities.
  • Maintain member list and contact information  
  • Track the progress of weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual objectives
  • Support new and existing members 
  • Assist Co-Driver in planning and implementing strategies to attract members.
  • Host a Network'ing Event
  • Attend and participate in events
  • Encouraged to help with management of any and all activities
  • Scout for opportunities, and present them to the team
  • Support new and existing members 

Leadership Team

Having the correct leadership team in place is essential for respecting Ladies Offroad Network Vision, Goals and Future.

How we are setting up the Leadership Teams - we know its going to be a unique experience the first time:

Requirement: Must be a Ladies Offroad Network National Member

  1. All Chapter Members have access to their specific Chatter Box
  2. There is a Topic: Chapter Leaders
  3. Ringleaders for the area will help lead this conversation
  4. Please self nominate yourself noting which position you would like to host and some qualifications
    1. It is important that ALL that are interested take an opportunity during this phase! Don't discredit yourself if you see someone else put their name on the list.
  5. Encourage each other and have discussions on what is best.  All being regionally local may not be the best situation for the bigger group, having you spread out may host more opportunities.  All leadership communication happens through Basecamp so no one is required to be at "meetings"
  6. Chapter leaders fill out application (will be available online)
  7. Once submitted the application will be reviewed by Charlene, Chapter Liaison, Member Liaison, Local Assistant and Local Ringleader for final approval.
  8. Communication and Announcement of acceptance will be made within a respectful amount of time.


Leaders are expected to host a 2 year term, 3 year maximum. (This can be waived after August for the first 5 chapter leaders may step down due to lack of job specifics in the beginning)

As a leader your job is to build other leaders. As you decide that you are not going to continue to participate in the Leadership team, you will communicate with the Chapter Liaison and Charlene. You will then be encouraged to start working within your Chapter to find the next leader that will be excellent.  These people will need to go through the application process similar to the above stated.

Daily Communication

Communication with the National group, all Chapter Leaders and your specific Chapter Leaders will all be hosted in Basecamp. It is an online program and app.  You will be shown how to use it and will be expected to use it. This program replaces all text, emails, dropbox, google drive accounts etc. 

Monthly Leadership Call

Charlene will host a Monthly Leadership call that will be planned weeks in advance. You are asked to attend the call LIVE so you can ask any questions immediately and help direct topics.  Topics can range from upcoming events, to overcoming obstacles, to event production tips, and a slew of other topics that will help you be successful.

Leadership Summit

There will be a Leadership Summit in Q4 of each year.  Two of the Three leadership ladies are expected to attend.  If two cannot, then one plus a team member. The goal will be for all Chapter Leaders to work together in a exciting high-intensity meeting space. These will be full work days to maximize your time.  A simple outline is: Friday, arrive for evening activities. Saturday, FULL day of seminars, workshops, and networking. Sunday, present your following year plan to the group being able to leave in the afternoon.

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