Ladies Offroad Chapter Notices

Want a Chapter

Would you like a Ladies Offroad Network Chapter in your area? Awesome!! We hope to have Chapters Globally! A Chapter is an extension of the National group allowing for local offroading interaction and exciting events where ladies can work together daily, monthly and yearly. 

YOU can be a Ring Leader in your area to help get one started. This role does not mean that you are committed to the Leadership team, but it does make you a communication point person with the National team as your area is built into a full functioning Chapter! Make a difference!

Chapter Submission Process

Open Enrollment for Chapters. Submit Form
Text 480-490-2019 with Notification

Open Enrollment for Leaders. Go To Page
Text 480-490-2019 with Notification

Soon After
We will arrange a call with Chapter Ring Leaders, as per Submission Form

Immediately Thereafter
Chapter Intent Announcement
Start Consistently Recurring Network'ing Events
Support Your Local Group with our National Online Programs
Focus on Road to Leadership Tasks
Engage on Wild Apricot and Base Camp

Around 6 Months
Leadership Team Identified
Leadership Event Planning Meeting with Charlene

As Available (2020 Program Rollout Sequence)
Goal to Execute a Successful Chapter Event
As Event Releases become Available in 2020, Rollout into Chapter Area as Part of the Team

Chapter Leadership Summit

When Should You Apply For a Chapter

DO NOT WAIT!  You don't need to have a huge group of ladies bundled up and ready to have your first Network'ing Event. It is actually the opposite. You don't need to do the work ~ WE need to do the work together. You need to have the tools provided by us to be successful to build the Chapter with the foundation that is necessary. Trust me - your Chapter is not going to start out super huge, instead it is going to grow organically with amazing ladies just like you...isn't that what we want?!

You will need to become part of our Leadership Team to help with the Chapters. The Road to Leadership is a long process so I suggest that you show your intent and get started right away. The Chapter conversation and gear-up's do happen as you are working your way through the Leadership program.


Pro Tip: Print out the form and work on the answers offline, then come back and do the work. Don't get timed out on the program.

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