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"I’ve been a car enthusiast since I first started talking and an off-road driver since before I got my license (whoops!) This year I’m running in the Rebelle Rally (teamm 164!!) and couldn’t be more excited! I’m also a mom to Irish twins, two cats and a great husband who is into fast cars. When I’m not doing anything car related I’m reading (I’m pretty nerdy) or enjoying Colorado’s amazing weather outside with the kids!"

Occupation: Mom
Birthday:  September 6

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Questions & Answers

Thayer Cook Ladies Offroad 1About Thayer:

Q: What is your favorite color?
A: "Red"

Q: What is your favorite food?
A: "Veggie Pizza"

Q: Do you have kids? Tell us a little about them:
A: "I have two daughters, 2 and 3 years old (13 months apart) They are little daredevils that will take over the world someday (I hope!)"

Q: Do you have any pets?
A: "Two Cats"

Q: Do you take your pets off-roading?
A: "Ha! No!"

Thayer Cook Ladies Offroad 1Thayer's Off-Road Facts:

Q: How old were you when you first started wheeling?

Q: Is your whole family into off-roading?
"Kids love it, my husband is learning to lol"

Q: Are you usually the driver or the co-driver?
A: "Always the Driver"

Q: How often do you get to go off-roading?
A: "As much as possible- short trails close to home weekly, father routes are monthly"

Thayer Cook Ladies Offroad 1Q: How did you get started in the off-road world?
A: "I grew up in a small mountain town in Colorado.  Learning to drive on dirt roads and driving as far as the roads would take us, usually, they ended when we got bored. Somehow, this leads me to believe wheeling was a more natural pastime then driving on paved roads! I’ve probably spent more time off-road than on!"

Q: Where is your favorite place to wheel?
A: "Hartman’s Rocks, Gunnison Colorado."

Q: How are you active in the off-road world?
A: "Just starting to be =)"

Q: What is on your off-roading bucket-list?
A: "Run the Gazelle Rallye"


Thayer Cook Ladies Offroad 1Thayer's Off-Road Stories:

Q: What is your most memorable off-road moment?
A: "When I was pretty young I got stuck in a huge mud puddle and spun the tires, no top or windows up at the time and COVERED my friend and I in mud. It was great!"


All About the Ladies:

Q: How do you feel as a woman in the offroad industry?
A: "Cars have always been my life.  I went to college to design them, worked at 3 different car dealerships in Colorado and California selling, Jeep, Chrysler, Dodge (I’m dating myself here), BMW and then Mini, and now I’m finally getting into racing by competing in the 2018 Rebelle Rally. So, I have spent most of my life breaking into a male-dominated world, but loving it. There is no reason that women aren’t just as capable as men (if not more so) at any part of the automotive industry!"

Thayer Cook Ladies Offroad 1Q: What advice do you have for ladies who want to get started off-roading?
A:  "Take what you have and drive it down a dirt road. You don’t need a lifted Jeep to have fun. Your Corolla or CR-V can still take you places and have a good time doing it."


Thayer's Vehicle:

Vehicle 1- "2000 Land Rover Discovery Series 2, 3" lift, Exhaust, ARB bumper, Lamp Guards - I am waiting on a roof rack and some new interior parts."

Thayer Cook Ladies Offroad 1Vehicle 2: "2013 Land Rover LR4, 1.5" lift, Voyager Rack, Lamp Guards - I will be adding a hidden SuperWinch, Voyager tire carrier, Voyager Rock Sliders and Voyager Skid Plates in a few weeks."

Vehicle Name: 

Vehicle 1- "Athena"

Vehicle 2- "Monty"

Q: Is your vehicle a Daily Driver?
A: "Yes, Monty is and he is also my baby"

Q: Do you work on your own vehicle?
A: "Some"

Thayer Cook Ladies Offroad 1Q: What is the best modification you have done to your vehicle?
A: "Everything!"

Author:  Thayer Cook

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