Seatbelt Fluffies
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Seatbelt Fluffies

Tip FluffiesI Love My Fluffies - and everyone that see's them say's they need to get some.  So, this is my first tip!

You might think that it sounds a little silly, but because us girls tend to wear tank tops or lady cut shirts instead of neck height tshirts, seatbelts tend to rub you in just the wrong spot around the neck.  I have been using "fluffies" for years to avoid this rubbing raw feeling. 

Head into your local auto parts store and pick yourself up one, two or four depending on if you are using regular seat belts or 5-point belts.  I just stick with the black set, but look at all the different options!  Oh, I guess are technically called "Fluffy Soft 100% Fleece Material Car Seat Belt Covers".  

Order a set today:

Fluffies Tip

Author: Charlene Bower

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