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Your Educational Experience

Custom Build Your Experience

I have been asked about the ability to do 1:1 class for specific training, or teach small groups that you put together. Maybe you are nervous to join a skills camp because of the diversity of skills that show up and want a booster before joining one. Maybe you are headed to Moab or Arizona and want to connect with my schedule. Maybe you want your MALE counterpart to be involved in the learning. Whatever the thought process, there is now a series of options that should fit your needs and wants!

How To Schedule

Let's compare calendars and your plan of what and where you want to learn! 

Subject: Calendar Request: Education Experience
Please Include:
   - Name
   - Cell Phone Number
   - Specific Date or Date Range
   - Location Request
   - What Option (as listed below)(or your idea)  
   - Anticipated Number of Vehicles and People

I will work with you via email and or set up a time to chat so we can build the perfect program!

Base pricing is set, additional price for travel and additional vehicles/people vary per request. 

LIVE@5 Explination

Listen to the explanation of these experiences via LIVE@5
Facebook Link: CLICK HERE

Pick an Experience that will Include:

  • 8 Hour minimum of training with Charlene Bower
  • Up to 3 Vehicles, total 8 people**                 
  • Hand-Held Radios to Communicate
  • Snacks, Lunch, Drinks included
  • Dinner Recommendation
  • Gifts and Tons of Laughs 🙂
  • Specific Trails will be picked per guest. Experience Level and vehicle upgrades will be taken into consideration.
  • Friday and Saturday’s are usually excluded due to high traffic on trails.

    ** Base pricing can be just 1 vehicle and person, upto 3 vehicles and 8 people. Call for pricing and availability for additional vehicles/people.  (Keep in mind, more vehicles and people may dilute the price, but it will also dilute your individualized educational focus.) (
    ** Guys can be included because you are building your group.

Dirt Explorer (Easy/Moderate Level Trail)

  • Learn 4WD Fundamentals
  • How to use your vehicle Buttons and Features
  • Tire Fundamentals and Air down pressures
  • Basic Driving Tips
  • Under Vehicle Component Experience
  • OnTrail / Google Mapping

Offroader (Moderate/Difficult Level Trail)

  • Recovery Focus
  • Winch, Hi-Lift, Pull-Pal, Traction Boards, DeadMan, etc
  • Pull/Stretch Winch Line
  • Driving Tips
  • Under Vehicle Component Experience
  • OnTrail / Google Mapping
  • 4WD, Tire Air Down & Vehicle Button Fundamentals

Wheeler (Moderate/Difficult Level Trail)

  • Driving Focus
  • 2 Foot Driving
  • Picking Lines for Multiple Vehicles
  • Spotting
  • Recovery Using Winch
  • OnTrail / Google Mapping
  • 4WD, Tire Air Down & Vehicle Button Fundamentals

3 Day Educational Experience

  • Let's do it all! 3 Days of Learning
  • Includes additional topics specific to guests requests
  • Travel Management Assistance
  • Celebratory Dinner somewhere yummy!

Asphalt Explorer

  • Amazing Day Experience to many different places!
  • Vehicle Basics
  • Basic Driving Tips
  • Under Vehicle Component Experience
  • OnTrail / Google Mapping

Bigger Group Options

We have proven 3 different lengths of Trail Training Classes that have traveled successfully around the country. If you would like to schedule a Trail Training in your area, at your event or bring a group to me, please reach out and open a conversation! I LOVE putting on these classes and they forever change the participants skillset and confidence!

5 Hours: 1 block of time in a 'classroom' environment. It's a hustle, but we do a ton!
     2019 Tour Past Webpage for Reference: Click Here

10 Hours: 1 Day in a 'classroom' environment. Lunch and Dinner Included.
     Past Webpage for Reference: Click Here

2 Days: 1 Day (10 Hour Class) in a 'classroom' environment and then 1 Day on the Trail. 
      Past Webpage For Reference: Click Here

Want Something Different?

Want or Need something different? I'm all ears! In the past I have taught:

  • Multiple Styles of RV Classes
  • How to Tow a Trailer
  • Youth STEM Program including Offroading
  • General Auto Maintaince
  • Tire Tech
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