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Making Pink Pigs Fly

by Journee Richardson

Journee-Richardson-Ladies-Offroad-Challenge1“No, you can’t.” The phrase that ignited the fire in my soul. To be more specific, “No, you can’t because you are a girl.”

Journee-Richardson-Ladies-Offroad-Challenge1My name is Journee Richardson and I am an Offroad Racer. If I met you 10 years ago, I would never have dreamed of adding that title next to my name, nor would anyone who knew me back then either. It wasn’t a dream I had or a family hobby, it started with “No”.

Journee-Richardson-Ladies-Offroad-Challenge1To make a long story short, I grew up in a small town, (Yes my name is Journee and I’m a small town girl, living in a lonely world) I was your typical girly girl, cheerleader, dancer, track athlete, horse girl, involved in school and always busy. I did have my country side to me, I wasn’t afraid to get dirty and could wrestle a steer and climb trees with the best of Journee-Richardson-Ladies-Offroad-Challenge1them. And I never backed down from a challenge.

After high school, I had a boyfriend who was an Offroader. I wanted more than anything to be a part of his hobby but when I asked to join, I was told I was better off as a cheerleader on the sidelines. That I couldn’t participate, the main reason being I was a girl. I wasn’t strong enough, fast enough, big enough etc, just because of my gender. If there was a fire, I couldn’t get out fast enough. If we had a flat, I couldn’t lift the jack or tire. If we broke down, I wouldn’t know how to fix anything. I could help with Prep, Pre-run and Tech, but when it came down to race day, I was “Just a girl” and better off on the sidelines. Well I don’t know about you but when someone tells me “No” or “You can’t”, it makes me want it that much more.

Journee-Richardson-Ladies-Offroad-Challenge1An opportunity to drive in the 2014 Powder Puff Race came up and I jumped on it. I bought a suit, neck brace and cleaned up my helmet. I went all in, my fire inside was lit. I knew it was the right choice. Sammy Navarro let me wheel his beast of a Truck around and we got the Checker Flag. (If you’ve experienced this before, you know the depth of feeling and emotion that comes after seeing the black and white waved in front of your face, there is nothing like it)

Journee-Richardson-Ladies-Offroad-Challenge1Soon after, I bought a Ford Ranger,
thinking I could turn it into a Race Truck. It needed a lot of work, and again, I didn’t have much support. I met Emme Hall, a female racer that raced in class ½ 1600, a buggy class. One race by Emme’s side with a double roll over and a second place trophy - I was hooked. I found a piece of me that had been missing. I was a buggy dork! Who knew? I sold the truck and a few months later bought a buggy in July of 2015 all on my own to prep and race! She’s a bit on the heavy side. But is a winning finishing car and I love her. My little racing brother, Harley Hendrickson l, dubbed her the pink pig, and we’ve been making pink pigs fly ever since!

I was very alone on this endeavor. But the offroad community swooped me up and took me under their wing. Having no help at home, the generosity and friendships of the Journee-Richardson-Ladies-Offroad-Challenge1people who have helped me had made every opportunity in racing I’ve set my mind to, possible. I am forever grateful for the love and support this sport has shown me.

Journee-Richardson-Ladies-Offroad-Challenge1I raced my first season as a Sportsman to get my feet wet and placed 2nd for the year. It was a great learning experience. My second season, I stepped up to the Pro class. I battled with the best of the best and came out 3rd overall for the year. I never dreamed that was possible for me.
I have learned a great deal since then and I am very proud of all I have accomplished in such little time. I have learned so much about my car in the last few years working on it. I am confident I can fix almost anything out there on the course, and had to troubleshoot out there a few times now! To be in a pro class and racing next to some of the best drivers out there is a true honor. I’ve done things people said I can’t, and I’ve shocked even myself! Haha!

Through offroading, I try to give back as much as I can. I mean, what’s more fun than doing what you love, and giving back at the same time? Using my Race Car to make a difference, (Her name is Princess Diana) I have a number of youth that I mentor through racing and show them that with a little hard work and dedication, you can accomplish your dreams! From prepping her for the race to riding by my side, they learn the ups and downs of the car and earn that spot. My goal is to inspire ALL drivers and aspiring racers, that with hard work, and a strong desire to succeed, you can achieve all your dreams and make a difference while doing it!

I am experienced & motivated and enjoy spending time in the garage, outdoors and on the race course. Lucky for me, I’ve found the man of my dreams CJ and 5 year old Christian, who both share the passion and joy I have for offroad and the great outdoors. Together, we adventure around the Nevada desert enjoying time together on and off the race course. With him racing in class 1, and me in 1600, we spend a lot of time in the dirt. And we couldn’t be happier. CJ and I are board members for our local racing organization, Southern Nevada Off Road Enthusiasts. We volunteer together to help run the races and though trying at times, it has really helped me understand the full scope.
Overall. I found who I was. Someone telling me no, in turn opened doors I could never imagine. I found the missing part of me I never knew was inside. And I found a lover and best friend to enjoy it with. I couldn’t be happier with how things have turned out. And me and my pink pig, we plan to keep on flyin'.


Posted by: Dulcy Rojas

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