Kate Schade – 2017 KOH Racer
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Kate Schade – 2017 KOH Racer

King of the Hammers Lady Rider Bio for Kate Schade

Rider of Record: Kate Schade
From: Victor, ID
Class: King of the Motos
Bike Number: 208

How many times have you raced King of the Hammers? NEVER!

How did you get into Ultra4 Racing? I race my moto on occasion. I signed up with Ultra4 Racing just for King of the Motos. Generally, I am a Springtime racer. The mountains here are covered in snow in the Spring and early Summer with limited riding, so when there’s a race fairly nearby, I will travel. It starts getting me in riding shape and pushes me as an athlete.

SIDRA has some longer desert races in Idaho, so I may do a few of those. The NHHA also has a race in Murphy and generally 1 or 2 in Idaho and Utah, so I’ll do a couple of those, but I have never finished a whole series due to travel constraints. Generally, my last race of the year is the Idaho City ISDE qualifier. After that, it’s time to get into big mountain riding, my favorite! My racing for the most part extends to within a 6 hour drive of where I live. I feel extremely lucky and fortunate to race beyond that.

What has been your most exciting achievement in Ultra4 Racing? So far, just signing up for the KOM.

What does race prep look like in your world? For the most part, race prep is making sure my bike is in good condition, that I am physically fit, and mentally ready to race. If I haven’t been riding in months, it’s quite a bit more challenging! Rider support from FasstCo, Rekluse, Klim, and TBT Racing really helps to feel that I have the best set-up on my bike to race.

For exercise in Winter, I do some Crossfit during the week or a quick mountain hike for a ski. In the summer mountain biking during the week and being on the dirtbike all day on the weekends is my general MO. If I can get to new terrain, it keeps me even more alert with reaction time. Basically, I just make sure to never get out of shape!

As far as diet, I simply don’t eat much in the way of processed foods, and make sure I get plenty of protein.

What are you looking forward to at this year's King of the Hammers? I love being in new places and meeting new people. I know I will be floored by the extent and the amount of people at King of the Hammers. It will surely be a buzz of great energy! I also am able to promote my brand, Kate’s Real Food. We make the tastiest real food energy bars; organic, natural, filling, and easy to digest. www.katesrealfood.com They are really growing in the moto community.

What are your goals for this year's King of the Hammers? Finish! And make sure to have a good time with friends.

What excites you about racing? What I love about racing is seeing how I can push my capabilities both mentally and physically. Getting through those discomforts I believe makes you stronger, better. It’s exciting to see yourself become a better rider year after year. I feel like I’ve just started in many ways. The desire to improve the next time, whether it’s strategy, starts, or how to pass to get ahead of more riders drives me to come back. Racing brings me to the present moment more than any other thing in my life. In that way, it clears my mind of everything else except for the bike, the terrain, and the task at hand. It’s cleansing.

What is a piece of advice that you have been given? I have but one life to give to adventure.

Tell us about the Team that Supports you.  I don’t have a team, but I have a community of friends in the industry who support me with tips and encouragement. I think all racers are part of one big team. We love to race, push ourselves, and share our experiences together to help one another.


• I thank first my own business, Kate’s Real Food because I don’t think I’d be here otherwise.

• FasstCo

• Rekluse

• Klim

• TBT Racing AZ

Kate Adds: An enormous thank you to my dearest friends who got me into riding and had the patience to help me learn, and to those who continue to teach and look out for me! FasstCo, Rekluse, Klim, and TBT Racing - These guys have given me support this year and my riding will be better and less painful for it! Thank you!
I’d like to take this opportunity to promote my brand, Kate’s Real Food. KRF looks to support riding and all trail user groups. We make the best tasting real food bars made of wholesome real organic ingredients. By “real,” I mean made of honest and genuine true organic ingredients that a body can trust and utilize. “Real” also signifies great taste. I began making bars to satisfy both my hunger and discerning taste buds: hearty and tasty. Your food needs to match the caliber of your adventure!   Sustaining and easy to digest, our bars do not also need a bunch of water to swallow them down. No gut bombs here. Please give them a try or find me at the race. They are worth it! www.katesrealfood.com

Author: Kate Schade