King of the Motos is My Kind of Race – Kate Schade
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King of the Motos is My Kind of Race – Kate Schade

king of the motos kate schade ladies offroad networkKing of the Motos is my kind of race. It’s the type of riding I excited about: Big rocks, boogers that knock you, work you, lines that need finding, steep tight switchbacks, physical limits being pushed beyond what you’d ever dream of, endurance and mental strength constantly tested, exhaustion coupled with exhilaration as cold recovery beers make it to your lips and head afterward!

Really wanting to do this race, signing up would put myself in favor of actually committing to it or I’d otherwise be donating over $200 just for the entry. A few of my friends were great influencers, Tony Gurule, Nathan Lundquist, Bill Slominski. Also with help from Chris Vestal of MotoMinded LLC, I bought a great light system for the night race, borrowed a GPS from a friend (never having
used one before), got the manual clutch from Rekluse, suspension work from TBT Arizona, and had already received Flexx Bars from FasstCO. Thanks guys for helping me get dialed!

king of the motos kate schade ladies offroad networkStill . . .what the heck was I doing coming from the winter snow storms of the Rockies, not having ridden for months and months at a time? I came for the experience. While I was unable to finish 2 of the races from mechanical issues, the experience of Hammertown, the people I met (thank you Evan Ask for loaning me his Beta 300 - another first experience), and the camaraderie (as always!) of all those involved simply made it great in itself.

And an extra bonus getting interviewed by Ricky Johnson!

Thank you King of the Hammers and Jimmy Lewis for a great time. And even though I’m the boss, thank you Kate’s Real Food for getting me here.

2017-KOH-Sun-kate shade ladies offroad networkI’ll be back next year….


• I thank first my own business, Kate’s Real Food because I don’t think I’d be here otherwise.

• FasstCo

2017-KOH-Sun-kate shade ladies offroad network
Kate stopped by our Ladies Offroad Social between Motos to say Hello to all the Ladies!

• Rekluse

• Klim

• TBT Racing AZ

I’d like to take this opportunity to promote my brand, Kate’s Real Food. KRF looks to support riding and all trail user groups. We make the best tasting real food bars made of wholesome real organic ingredients. By “real,” I mean made of honest and genuine true organic ingredients that a body can trust and utilize. “Real” also signifies great taste. I began making bars to satisfy both my hunger and discerning taste buds: hearty and tasty. Your food needs to match the caliber of your adventure!   Sustaining and easy to digest, our
king of the motos kate schade ladies offroad networkbars do not also need a bunch of water to swallow them down. No gut bombs here. Please give them a try or find me at the race. They are worth it!
Rider of Record: Kate Schade
From: Victor, ID
Class: King of the Motos
Bike Number: 208

Author: Kate Schade