Judy Moore – Ladies Offroad Challenge Featured Entry
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Judy Moore – Ladies Offroad Challenge Featured Entry

Judy Moore – Ladies Offroad Challenge Featured Entry

Judy Moore Ladies Offroad NetworkJudy Moore
San Jacinto, CA


"Judy Ann Moore, San Jacinto, CA – Judy lives and works in an offroad shop in Southern California and loves shop life. She recently had the opportunity to learn how to weld, and is about ready to take on rebuilding a 1972 Chevy C-10. She has already started with maintenance items including new brakes, new tires, replacing the power steering pump and lines, replacing the steering gear box, installing a new distributor cap and rotor, replacing the spark plugs, installed a new window crank handle, and passenger side mirror. Offroading and the Garage are new to Judy so each time she learns something new she feels powerful and proud of herself!"

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Judy Moore Ladies Offroad NetworkTell us about yourself:

Born and raised in rural Idaho, I moved to Southern California 3 years ago. I live and work in an offroad shop with my significant other and his son. The Offroad Industry is still somewhat new to me, but I love being involved in every aspect of it. From working the shows to taking the day to go wheeling and have some fun! I love working out in the early mornings (3-4 am) that's MY alone time. I am very organized and clean almost obsessively. Spending time with my sister is one of my most favorite things and taking her to Offroad Events. I enjoy every aspect of the Shop Life. The guys teaching me to weld, and about my old 1972 Chevy C-10, which I will completely tear down and rebuild with the guidance of Mike and the Rock Solid Offroad crew, as an "All Girl Build"! As the time gets closer I get more and more anxious to get started, I am both scared and nervous to take on such a HUGE project, but I know in my heart that I can do it!

Judy Moore Ladies Offroad NetworkHow long have you been offroading? 

Coming from the mountains of Southeast Idaho where only the main roads were paved, every day was off-roading lol. I really had no idea what it was all about until I moved to Southern California in 2015. Since then I have been out wheeling a couple times a year. It wasn't until Tierra Del Sol 2017 that I had ever felt confident enough to actually be the driver.

How did you get into offroading?

I moved to southern California to live and work at Rock Solid Offroad. Which is owned and operated by my boyfriend, Mike Francis and his son Tyler. I jumped in with both feet and absolutely fell in love with not only the shop aspect but the offroad lifestyle.

Judy Moore Ladies Offroad NetworkTell us about your vehicle:

1975 Custom Toyota FJ40 stretched and widened to fit on an FJ80 Frame built by Rock Solid Off Road, 46” Interco Super Swampers tires, 20” Method Race Wheel Beadlocks, custom 3 link front Suspension 4 link rear, Bilstein 9100 rock crawler shocks, Energy Suspension bump stops, Ruff Stuff Specialties front axle housing, rear Toyota 80 Series, Toyota 9.5 Differential, Detroit Locker, Nitro Gear Chromoly 80 series front/rear Axle Shafts, Nitro gear front & rear drive flanges, Hubs, EBC Brakes, AGR RockRam, Nitro Gear Ring & Pinion 5.29 ratio, Chevy 383 Stroker Engine, 500 hp, 540 torque, PC1700 Odyssey Battery, Gibson Performance exhaust, TH400 Transmission, Advance Adapters, Art Carr Shifter 60 Series Split Transfer Case, J.E. Reel Driveline shafts, JAZ Fuel Cell, Aeromotive dual phantom pump & filter, Aluminum Aqualu body polished with Mothers Wrap by Judy Moore Ladies Offroad NetworkGatorwraps, Royalty Core grille, Livorsi Marine gauges gauges, 2 Spod Switch panels, Ididit steering column, NRG steering wheel, 2 PRP enduro elite seats, custom bench, Five 5.3 Harnesses, Vision X Lights - Vortec LED Halos, 5 9” Cannons Chaser bar, LED tail lights, Superwinch EXP 12,000 lb, Factor 55 Flatlink & Fairlead, bumpers, swing out, sliders, cage all by RSO and Rockford Fosgate Sound System - 4 8” Subs/4 6.5” speakers/2 10” subs.

What has been your favorite offroad experience?

Judy Moore Ladies Offroad NetworkSpending the entire week out at King of The Hammers working with Ladies Offroad Network. Meeting new people every day. Making life-long friends. Seeing badass offroad rigs everywhere. Learning how to use a Hi-Lift jack and a winch.

Getting a behind the scenes tour with Charlene of all the ins and outs of King of The Hammers. I got to meet the infamous Shannon Welch, welding with ESAB, watched the shootout, wheeling with my family, spending a week with my sissy. Learning how to use the camp trailer by myself, and cooking on a grill for the first time myself. I loved every minute of it and cannot wait until next year!

What was your most exciting offroad achievement?

Learning how to wheel Tyler’s FJ60 Overland rig. We were next to a steep sand hill out at King of the Hammers watching an older Bronco make attempt after attempt to try to crest the top. Tyler looked at me and said, “Okay, let’s show them how it’s done!” He instructed me as we went, and we made it to the top, all the people in the Bronco cheered for me and asked for a ride! Lol, that felt amazing! I couldn’t stop smiling, I wanted to do it again and again then find a bigger hill!

Judy Moore Ladies Offroad NetworkWhat excites you about offroading?

I love the thrill of it, the fact that there is a challenge to it. It’s not just steering and gas pedal, you have to actually think, figure things out (obstacles, terrain, etc.). I get to feel that rush once I have accomplished it.

What do you think is the most challenging aspect of offroading?

The fear of breaking something! That it may be something super expensive (like almost everything on an offroad rig) or that I may not be able to repair it on the trail. Just trying to get over that mental hurdle of tearing up your rig or getting seriously hurt. That’s where the education comes in, to be as prepared as possible.

Judy Moore Ladies Offroad NetworkWhich aspect of offroading do you think is the most fun?

The family time we get to spend together outside of the shop. Being able to blow off steam, relax, and enjoy ourselves in the outdoors. That each trip is a new and different adventure; that is both challenging and rewarding! Each time learning something new, or trying something new, pushing yourself a little more each time.

Judy Moore Ladies Offroad NetworkWhat does prepping for an adventure look like in your world?

SNORT! Weeks of preparation (not just to gather everything, but prepping the shop and house for a departure) but no matter how much I plan and try to prep, we are still not ready hours before we leave. It NEVER fails, that something on one of the rigs decides to break within a few days of the date you're leaving!

What is on your offroading bucket list?

To build and be able to wheel my 1972 Chevy C10 pick up. I can’t go into all of what I’m going to be doing, or the modifications I’m going to make, as my build is going to be unique and different!

Judy Moore Ladies Offroad NetworkTell us about who you go offroading with:

Family of course! I’ve only been out on my own (without the guys) once, but I didn’t wander too far off the beaten trail. I would LOVE to go out with a Ladies Group at some point!

What is a piece of advice you have been given that you instill in your offroading adventures?

Expect the unexpected and try to be as prepared as possible. You never know what might happen out on the trail. Keep your winch controller within reaching distance, carry a few extra parts, and most importantly ALWAYS know who within your group is a first responder, or who can give medical assistance if needed.

Judy Moore Ladies Offroad NetworkDo you have anything else you would like to add?

Just that if me, a girl who loves make up, dressing nice, has her nails manicured and toes pedicured, her hair done daily can get out in the dirt to change a tire, can crawl into the engine bay and replace a distributor cap, or can put on a welding helmet to cut a bead then ANY girl can do it!

I am a firm believer in knowledge. There was a time in my life where I didn’t have a guy who was always there to fix or replace something, whether it be on my vehicle or in my house. I don’t want to be in a situation again where I have to pay someone a lot of money to fix something when I am more than capable of doing it myself. If I take the time to learn what needs to be done and give it all I got and try – and ya know what? In every instance where I had to step up (ie: replacing a thermostat on a water heater, jump starting one vehicle from another, trapping a pack rat that moved into my basement) I succeeded! I won! I rose to the challenge and did it myself! Not only gaining the knowledge along the way but also gaining confidence and pride that I could accomplish a task that no one thought I could because I looked like a “Princess” (a term people often referred me as).

Don’t judge a book by its cover. I may model for Rock Solid Off Road, but I can also go out in that shop and help wherever the guys need help. Dirt, oil, and grease clean off pretty easily!

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Love this!!


So excited, so honored, and so blessed to be apart of such an amazing group of Ladies! I have learned so much and met so many wonderful people!! I cannot wait to see what’s around the next corner with Ladies Offroad Network, each experience is better than the last, each is a new adventure, and I’m loving every minute of it!