Charge Your Battery
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Charge Your Battery

LON-Daily-Dirt-ChargingPreparation of everything is key, including charging your batteries. Batteries for phones, cameras, flashlights and....

Charge Away

Have you seen the cool docking stations for charging electronics on Pinterest? You can make one yourself or you can buy one. You can keep all your cords in one place and make sure you have your batteries charged.  (This is a mid-size option)

I personally have one outlet that I am constantly keeping my camera batteries rotated through.  A different outlet to keep all the battery packs charged, and then we have our desk and bedside outlets for the phones, tablets and laptops.

Part of my traveling case is a power strip, sometimes two depending on how many cameras we will be using for the event.  You can never have enough plugs, especially if you are camping and need to charge multiple batteries while you only have a limited amount of time on a generator.  

Charlene Tip: Powerstrips are also extremely welcome in hotel rooms that are also limited on outlets.

shoppingBattery Packs

Once on the road, I am pretty much glued to battery pack versus trying to keep anything charged from a car-charger.  With being out of the vehicle most the time, this works best for me.  Most battery packs come with a short cord, but I have found that replacing it by a longer cord allows me to keep the battery pack in a pocket while being able to have both hands on my phone. The battery packs that I have been using last a day or more, extending a phone multiple charges.  (This is similar to what I have)

Spare Batteries

If your flashlights or cameras take AA or similar non-rechargable batteries, always have a spare or two in a safe place to be able to replace in case of an emergency.  

Let's Go!

Time to load up!  Grab all your electronics from one place, pack in micro-fiber towels (remember that tip?) and head out for a great day or weekend!


Author: Charlene Bower             P 2/17/2017

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