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Clean Camera

Tip Thurs Clean CameraMy job is to take pictures and video in the dirt! It certainly has it’s up side, but the downside is the wear and tear on the equipment. Do you take a second thought to taking your camera on the trail? Trust me, I understand.

Miocrofiber Towels

I like everything I have clean. I have always had a bunch of microfiber towels in my vehicles to wipe down the dash. So it was habit to grab one the first time I went out to a race…it was right there. I kept my camera wrapped in it and it stayed amazingly clean. If we got into a silty or dusty situation, I covered it up (and sometimes with my body too!) and then unwrapped it, got the shot, and instantly put it back in the microfiber.

I find as I am waiting to take a picture with the camera in my hand I will continually clean the nooks and crannies of the camera, because I can. The case is always looking nice and black, not brown. It also allows me to quickly wipe my lens and keep it clean at all times.

I took my camera to get it cleaned after about 3 years, which included dozens of photo shoots. After the guy was done lecturing me for taking my camera into the dirt to begin with, I told him what I do and he was amazed at how clean it was for the length of time. I remember to this day him saying “I’ve seen cameras dirtier than this after one weekend.”

Rocket Air Blaster

At the camera stores they sell the rocket air blaster which is a no-contact lens and sensor cleaner. While you may want other cleaning tools to get the job done more thoroughly, the Rocket Air Blaster quickly handles dust and other small debris that may collect on your lens or sensor. These are great with the goal of keeping the dirt out of the small areas that it could slip into the lens. It doesn’t allow it any protection from the elements though.  Great to have both!

Small Sleeve Case

I found the perfect case that fits my Nikon like a glove.   It is what they call a sleeve style. I am able to put a little more protection around my camera when I put it in my backpack - or purse which is actually a camera bag.   Padding from impact is important as we are bouncing around.

Take Your Camera Offroading

It’s ok, you can do it! Try the mircofiber rags and keeping it padded. Take some great pictures and then cover it back up. Go home, edit some up and then share with us!


Author: Charlene Bower

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