Campfire Cones
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Campfire Cones

LON-Daily-Dirt-Food-SmoresS’mores have been an outdoor and camping staple since the beginning of sleeping outdoors for fun, but sometimes the classic can feel a little boring and bland. Change up your campfire dessert by switching out your s’more for exciting Campfire Cones! These cones are a twist on the original s’more that allow for easier cook and cleaning time as well as more evenly melted treat. This sweet dessert is easy to pack out to the trail, assemble, and cook, and it can be mixed into a variety of flavor combinations!


Ice-cream cones
Marshmallows (mini)

Topping Ideas:
Chocolate Chips
Peanut Butter (or peanut butter cups)
Berries (Raspberries and Strawberries work best)
Toasted Coconut flakes

Campfire Cones Ladies Offroad NetworkDirections

Fill a cone with desired amounts of marshmallow and toppings. Wrap the cone with foil (you can wrap multiple cones together to save foil). Place the foil packet by the campfire (around the outer edge, standing upright) for about 3-5 minutes. Let cool for 1 minute and add additional toppings (berries, bananas, coconut, etc.).

Charlene Tip: Put your marshmallows in the bottom of the cone to make a gooey base. This is super helpful as a plug when using a sugar or waffle cone. 

Campfire Cones Ladies Offroad NetworkMake your own variations of the Campfire Cone by switching out for different types of cones (waffle, sugar, cake, etc.) or layering your toppings. Alternating marshmallow and chocolate layers makes for the perfect s’more balance! Add chocolate syrup to the top for an extra sweet option.

Charlene Tip: You can also make this sweet camping treat at home! Assemble your cones the same way, but instead of wrapping the cones in foil, you can simple stand them upright in a pot and heat them in your oven (oven times and temperatures may vary, you might need to experiment a little)!

Give this treat a fun, homemade twist, and make your own ice cream cones! You can buy a cone maker and bake your own sweet waffle (or cake, or any other batter you'd like to try) cone to make your Campfire Cones in! 

Author: Ladies Offroad Network Team

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