Brooke Caswell – 2017 KOH Racer
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Brooke Caswell – 2017 KOH Racer

King of the Hammers Lady Driver Bio for Brooke Caswell

Driver of Record: Paul Wadlington
Co-Driver: Brooke Caswell
Age: 34
From: Ave Maria, FL
Class: UTV
Car Number: 1948
Pit Number: 124

How do you know your Driver? Paul and I are coworkers and great friends. We are both airline pilots at the same company and have flown together as captain and first officer for years. When he asked me to be his co-driver, I jumped at the chance. Team name is PLD.

How many times have you raced King of the Hammers? This will be my first time.

How did you get into Ultra4 Racing? My driver, Paul, got me into it. When he first started racing his UTV, he would show me all his pictures and videos, and I was hooked from there. I'm always looking for new, fun adventures. It's all very new to me and will be my first Ultra4 race. Go big or go home, right?

What has been your most exciting achievement in Ultra4 Racing?   KOH will be my first Ultra4 race, and we're just hoping to finish!

What does race prep look like in your world? Paul and I depend heavily on American Rock Rods. They are our sponsor and pit support. Not sure exactly what to expect since it's my first race, but I've been running a little bit more than normal trying to get in better shape for the race. My diet is a work in progress as usual!

What are you looking forward to at this year's King of the Hammers? I'm just looking forward to having a great first experience and having some fun and meeting new people. 

What are your goals for this year's King of the Hammers?  To finish!

What excites you about racing?  The competition.

What is a piece of advice that you have been given?  Just have fun! I haven't really gotten any racing advice since I'm so new. I've just have some advice I got from my dad who is also a pilot. He always told me fear is the great mind killer. You can't let any fear hold you back from trying and accomplishing things. If you don't have the confidence, just do it!! Eventually the confidence will come. 

Tell us about the Team that Supports you: American Rock Rods is a shop located in Denver Colorado that started out in the rock crawling community. Their evolution into UTV's combined with their rock crawling background makes them the perfect shop to build and sponsor our car. 

American Rock Rods

Brooke Adds: Definitely a huge thank you to Paul, my co-driver. He's been my biggest supporter and cheerleader since I've known him:) Chris and Bill fromAmerican Rock Rods for all the help and support. Wine Country Motor Sports for helping me get a suit last minute - it was much appreciated!

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