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Audrey Byrd Page"My father was from Tennessee and an Officer in the Air Force for 28 yrs and then in Real-estate until he passed away in Sept. 2006. My mother is Spanish and from New Mexico. She owned her own businesses most of my life. They both were from large families. I’m 56 yrs young. I was married for 18yrs. Divorced in 2000. I have had several relationships since, but have found that I truly enjoy being single. I have 2 grown sons; Aaron Byrd, 34 yrs old, lives in Marina Del Rey, Ca. Works as a Lear Jet Charter booking agent. Dillon Byrd, 29yrs old. Lives in Henderson, Nv. Works as a Supervisor for ELM – The Gas Co. Dillon is married to Stephanie for 4 yrs and will be giving me my 1st grandchild (named Gage, a boy) July 7th 

I grew up owning, riding, training, showing and boarding horses. I was and still am a huge animal lover. I also rode everything from mopeds, mini bikes, dirt bikes, ATC’s (3 wheelers), ATV’s (2 stroke & 4 stroke), sand rails, Myers Manx dune buggy, Honda Oddacy’s to still owning a CanAm 800 4x4 ATV. I currently have 4 dogs. 2 Female Boxers, a 15 yr old male Miniature Pincher and tiny female Chihuahua. I moved my mother into my home in 2006 as I didn’t like her living alone. It soon became apparent that she had Dementia and other health issues. I cared for her till her death in December 2015. She had developed full blown Alzheimer’s and was in Kidney failure. She fell and broke her hip in Sept. 2015 and the disease and the rest of her health issues took a nose dive. I set up home Hospice here for her and besides the Nurses, Day Care people, I was her only caregiver, so the last few months was just staying at home 24/7 to care for her. I will never regret any of it though.

I bought my 1st and only Jeep in Oct. 2010. I joined my 1st Jeep Club in Nov. 2011. There were approx 13 members. I became the co-organizer for that club and helped with the internet side of the club building up the membership to over 350 members over the next 2 yrs. The In 2011, I was also one of 2 trail leaders and I lead over 58 day runs and 3 overnight trips. In 2012 was similar to 2011. By 2013, I belonged to over ½ clubs and was going to events in Arizona, Nevada and Utah too. I stepped down as co-organizer and just stayed as a member of the Desert Wranglers as I just couldn’t handle all the work from several clubs.. The Desert Wranglers club currently has over 990+ members. In 2013 I started the club called: Jeep Fanatics. It currently has approx 375 members. I belong to several other local and out of state clubs too.

I bought my jeep as a 2nd vehicle for everyday use and to haul my dogs to the dog park.. It was only 10 days when I took it to 4 Wheel Parts and got a 4” lift, 35” tires, a roof rack & LED light on the roof. About 6 months later, I realized that to keep up on the trails with the big boys, I needed to change some things. So, I upgraded to a Rough Country 6” lift and 37” tires. In 2014 during the Winter 4x4 Jamboree I bent my front axle and knew I needed another upgrade…. So this time, I spent most of the year working on getting as many sponsors as I could… Then late in the year the parts started coming in and the latest upgrade started again…"

Occupation: Owner of Rental Houses, Retired from working at a Casino for 18 yrs and slightly handicapped with back and both knee issues.
Birthday: December 31st
Vehicle Name: Black-N-Blue Sexetoy


Questions & Answers with Audrey

Audrey Byrd PageAbout Audrey:

Q: What is your favorite color?
A: Blue

Q: What is your favorite food?
A: Mexican and Chinese, but I love just about anything.

Q: Do you have kids? 
A: I have 2 sons. #1. Aaron is 34 yrs old. He Lives in Marina Del Rey, California. He works at Big Fly Aviation (a Lear Jet Charter Co.) He is engaged to Erin Lear. He grew up on dirt bikes, atv’s, jet skis, boats and surfing. He has a room filled with motocross trophies, he has done some movie stunt work riding street bikes and was in the Guinness Book of World Records for doing the longest Nose Wheelie on a street bike during the NHRA Drags ½ time show in Phoenix, AZ. #2. Dillon is 29 yrs old. He works for ELM a company that is contracted for South West Gas here in Nevada. He is a supervisor in the department that turns on & off all the residential gas.   He is married to Stephanie for 4 yrs and have been together for 9 yrs. She is a Pediatric Nurse. They will be having their 1st child and my 1st grandchild on about July 7th. The baby is a boy and will be named Gage.

Q: Do you have any pets?
A: I have 4 Dogs. #1. Buddy is a 15 yr old male black & tan Min Pincher. He still gets around pretty good but has cataracts and now has kidney issues. #2. Gidget is a 7 yr old female fawn colored Boxer. I rescued her and her 2 bothers at 3 weeks of age. She was the runt of the litter. I didn’t think she would live thru the night, but she pulled thru and has been very healthy ever since, but with her age comes hip issues now. #3. Chloe is a 6 ½ yr old female fawn colored Boxer. Long story but I got her from friends that just couldn’t take care of her. Gidget and Chloe are extremely close but have totally different personalities. Both are very loving and extremely well behaved dogs and are my true “Fur Babies”. #4. Lil Girl is a 6 yr old cream colored tiny 4 lb. Chihuahua. I found her running the streets during the hottest part of the summer. She was malnourished at 3 lbs and scared of everything. She is now the Queen of the house and bosses the big dogs around.

Q: Do you take your pets off-roading?
A: No. If I’m off-roading, I’m out for 8-12 hours at a time and it would be impossible with 4 dogs and the big dogs would be too much of a handful wanting to run and play and the little dogs would get bounced around way too much and possibly get hurt. So they stay home in the air-conditioning and are well taken care of.

Q: What are your off-roading goals?
A: My bucket list; To travel the USA and go to all the off road parks and off road events I can. My goals; To meet many more people in the industry, to help others learn about off roading and to somehow make money to help finance my bucket list.


Audrey's Off-Road Facts:

Q: Is your whole family into off-roading?
A: Yes, one way or another. My son Dillon is very active in riding dirt bikes. He owns a KTM 540 and rides every week. With a child on the way, he is now looking into buying a 4 seat RZR. As for jeeping, he has gone with me many times and I have even let him drive my jeep (Yes, it’s shocking, lol) He does enjoy driving my jeep but at 29 yrs old he would much rather go fast. He loves the speed and adrenaline rush. My son Aaron got his 1st ATC (motorized 3 wheeler) on his 1st birthday and had many, many different dirt toys, jet skis and boats, until he moved to California 4 yrs ago and fell in love with Surfing. So he’s traded in his truck for an AMG Mercedes and his dirt bikes for surf boards and beach cruiser bicycles.

Q: Are you usually the driver or co-driver?
A: Driver – ALWAYS, I’m single, so about 90% of the time it’s just me, myself and I in my jeep. No co-driver. I do take passengers with me frequently.

Audrey Byrd PageQ: How old were you when you first started wheeling?
A:  Wheeling in a jeep, I was 50 yrs old when I bought my jeep. I first road mini bikes since I was a young girl of about 5 yrs old.

Q: How often do you get to go off-roading?
A: I go wheeling on a weekly basis and sometimes during the week too.

Q: How did you get started in the offroad world?
A: I grew up loving animals and horses. From the age of about 5 or 6, I spent every summer with my grandparents in a tiny village in New Mexico 30 miles away from Grants off I-40. My grandfather was the foreman and his brother was the assistant foreman of the largest cattle ranch on the west side of the Mississippi. I would spend a month up on the side of Mt. Taylor working on the cattle ranch along with many other cousins, uncles, aunts and the numerous Navajo workers. Not only did I learn every aspect of ranching life, but we rode around and raced on mini bikes, dirt bikes, and various old trucks. As I grew older it was bigger dirt bikes, then came the 3 wheelers and then I bought a Honda Odacy (a single seat little dune buggy). Then over a dozen different ATV’s over the years, sand rails and even a Myers Manx dune-buggy. I also had my fair share of boats and jetski’s too. After my divorce I got my 1st jeep and it’s still my 1st and only jeep, a 2010 JKU Rubicon. I actually thought it was going to just replace my small SUV and be an everyday driver. That lasted about 10 days and the story and jeep just keeps growing in fun, excitement and $$$.

Q: Where is your favorite place to wheel?
A: I live in the Las Vegas / Henderson Nevada area. There are many trails from mild to wild just outside of town. I have mostly wheeled in Nevada and a little around Kingman until I took my 1st trip to Moab for EJS in 2012. I have made it to EJS 4 times now. I took my 1st trip to Colorado last year and spend 12 days there. Being that I live in the desert and it’s mostly dirt, rocks and dust… I fell in love with wheeling in Colorado for its scenery and different types of trails. So I’m going to say my favorite place to wheel right now would be Colorado.

Q: Do you belong to an off-road club? Which one? What is their motto/mission?
I actually belong to 10...#1. Desert Wranglers.   I joined this club in Dec. 2010 when there was 13 members. I became the co-organizer, web master and co-trail leader for this club for 2 ½ yrs and helped build this club to appox 350 members.Club motto: They are a stock friendly and family orientated group.

#2. Jeep Fanatics.   I started this club in Dec. 2011 and I am still the organizer. There are 2014 members and we have done over 195 jeep meet-ups.Club motto: Life is Too Short – Just Have Fun.

#3. Jeep Thrills. I joined this club in Jan. 2011. I have been a co-organizer since 2012. There are currently 321 members.Club motto: Have a hard day at work? Tired of all the traffic in Town? Need to just get away from your daily routine? Have a four wheel drive and like to go wheeling, then this is the group for you. This is a very friendly group who loves the outdoors.

#4. Las Vegas Off-Road. I joined this club in Jan. 2011. There are currently 396 members Club motto: You're stuck at work all week long and the only thing that gets you through to the weekend is knowing that very soon you'll meet up with a select group of people that enjoy crawling over rocks, riding down a trail, or blasting over the dunes in 4 wheel drive. It doesn't matter if it's a Jeep, Toyota, Chevy, Dodge, Ford, Hummer, Land Rover, Mercedes, Subaru, or a Volkswagen, as long as it's got 4 wheel drive, some suspension, decent tires, and a driver that's there to enjoy the ride...

#5. Trails OffRoad So. Nevada. I joined this club in Jan. 2014. There are currently 321 members. Club motto: is a dedicated, growing and passionate group of 4 wheel drive off road enthusiasts providing the community with the most accurate, relevant, and current 4 wheel drive off road trail information. We are committed to creating downloadable guides for over 2,000 trails in the United States, reporting on the conditions of those trails and updating them four times per year.

#6. Vegas Valley 4 Wheelers Club. I joined this club in March 2011.   There are currently 75 active members. This club also puts on the Hump-N-Bump as an annual event for the last 35 yrs. I was the club Secretary in 2013 and the club Treasure in 2015. I have also been a co-organizer for the Hump-N-Bump for past 4 years. Club motto: Vegas Valley Four Wheeler’s(VV4W’s) was created over 33 years ago, and today boasts over 90 members and their families. Members come together to take their 4×4’s out on the many trails around Vegas and surrounding areas. Most runs are arranged by an individual club member, but we also have annual club events that are designed to attract out-of-state 4×4’ers. We also do our part for the community. We organize annual charitable activities with Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Southern Nevada, along with organized cleanups of desert areas. In 2007, the Vegas Valley Four Wheeler’s helped start the Southern Nevada Trail System, and is one of their major sponsors.

#7. R Jeeps of Las Vegas, Nevada. I joined this group in 2014. There are currently 396 members. Club motto: This is a family and pet friendly group. All are welcome.

#8. Red Rock 4 Wheelers. I joined this club in Jan. 2013. This club is in Moab, Utah and they put on the annual Easter Jeep Safari and in 4-2016 was the 50th year. Club motto: the club was formed as a family club to have fun and promote responsible 4-wheeling. So now, instead of just Jeep Safari.

#9. The Pahrump Valley 4 Wheelers. I joined this club in 2013. There are currently approx 100 active members. Club motto. A group of friends getting together to enjoy a common hobby of off highway exploring of ghost towns, mines, trails, and the open country! Mission; Having fun with friends and doing community service.

#10. Various Facebook groups: Jeep Family, R Jeep Angels, Battle Born Jeeps, Dirt Road Mafia, Walapai 4 wheelers, Mesquite Jeeps and the Toyota FJ Cruisers. These are Facebook groups that post up trail runs for people to go on.

Q: Do you have any wheeling traditions?
A: As a trail leader I always have a short drivers meeting and then in the jeep I do a cb radio Hello to everyone and tell about yourself & jeep and ask that the rest of the group do the same. This opens up the communication for everyone and then during breaks and lunch, people seem to be more friendly and open and not feel left out or alone.

Audrey Byrd PageQ: Do you look up to anyone in the industry?
A: I look up to many people in the industry. I look up to James Adams the owner of Adams Driveshaft & Off-Road. This company is a family run operation and he has gone so far above and beyond in helping me and my jeep get ready to go to many events and runs.

I look up to Tony Pellegrino and his family. He is the owner & president of Gen Right Off-Road. He is a very down to earth and people person and will welcome and talk to everyone. He and his sons race in the King of the Hammers and also he attends many Jeep events throughout the country. He will sit at your campfire to tell stories and listen to everyone telling their stories for hours during events.

I look up to Charlene Bower of Bower Motorsports Media. I have known Charlene for a couple of years now and it is amazing how much this women does for the off-road industry and how she supports every women that is a driver of any type of offroad vehicle. She reminds me of the energizer bunny as she just keeps going and going. She is a genius as her mind just creates more and more.

I look up to many others too, like: Barbara Rainey of the Off-Road Motorsports Hall of Fame, Nena Barlow of Barlow Adventures, Cora Jokinen of Torq-Masters industries, Del & Stacie Albright of the Blue Ribbon Coalition, Larry & Wendy Nickell of Vegas 4x4 & Crawl Magazine and many others.


Audrey's Off-Road Stories:

Q: What is your most memorable offroad moment?
A:  So many to choose from, but…I’ll always remember my 1st trip thru Death Valley with a dozen other jeeps on a 3 day trip. It started out hot on the desert floor, rained enough to cool us off the 1st night. Then high up in the mountains on the 2nd night, we had to all huddle in an old miners shack as the weather turned into a very windy, snowy blizzard. We laughed, told ghost stories and stoked the 55 gallon fire drum that actually made the shack too hot. The next morning we woke to about a foot of snow on top of our jeeps and the doors were frozen shut. The weather was clear as we made our way thru the snow covered trail. We all made it home safe and sound, but the memories and friendships made will last a lifetime.

Q: What was your first wheeling trip?
A: My first wheeling trip was to an area South of Las Vegas, NV called Nelson’s Landing. I went with a friend, my dogs and hers. We traveled on a graded power line road. I parked to let the dogs run and took pictures of the Colorado River, the dogs and my jeep. I drove it up onto the burm and took my 1st offroad jeep picture.

Q: What was your longest wheeling trip?
A:  A 3 night, 4 day trip thru Death Valley. It was awesome and I have gone back approx ½ dozen times to explore more of the area.

Q: What was your favorite wheeling trip?
A: 2016 Easter Jeep Safari in Moab, Utah. I have gotten to know so many people from around the country and the whole world thru Facebook, EJS and other jeeping events. During this event, I felt like a kind of jeep celebrity as everyone knows my jeep and wanted to say hi in person.


All About the Ladies:

Q: How do you feel as a woman in the offroad industry?
A: As a single middle aged women of 50 starting out in 2010 with my jeep and going to trail runs and a few jeep events, I didn’t see too many other females much less women my age wheeling and not wheeling alone at all

Q: What changes have you seen in the offroad community since you began wheeling?
In the 5 ½ yrs that I have owned and driven my jeep, I have begun to see a lot more women drivers. Many still have their husbands in the jeep but I am seeing a lot more single women of all ages on the trail and at events

Q: Give us a story, any story, about educating, guiding, empowering ladies in the offroad, past or future:
I have always encouraged women of all ages to get out and drive jeeps or other 4x4’s. I try to meet them on the trail and find out about them and their experiences off roading

Q: Do you have any advice for ladies wanting to get started in off-roading?
A: To get out there and don’t be shy. There are a lot of women willing to give advice all across the USA. Find a club in your area or even go to facebook and message myself or any other women out there and I’m sure they would all give you advice, answer questions, help you find a club or go wheeling with you in your area. 


Audrey Byrd PageAudrey's Vehicle Black 'n' Blue Sexetoy:

About Black 'n' Blue Sexetoy:
"Black 'n' Blue Sexetoy is a 2010 Jeep Wrangler JKU Rubicon. I do not use it as my daily driver, at least not anymore. Big tires give bad gas mileage so anything over 75+ miles of hwy means that it goes on a trailer."

Q: What is the best mod you have done to your vehicle?
A: That’s a hard one, but I’m going with my RedNeck Ram Hydro assist. Example; If you try and turn your steering wheel with the engine turned off it is usually in a locked possession and you can’t turn it at all. Then if you turn on the engine and you can easily turned the steering wheel. I wish I had learned and thought about it a few years ago.

Q: Do you work on your own vehicle?
Some, but I’m not very mechanically inclined. I can do a lot of miner things and help out anyway I can, including handing the guys the tools or a cold beer. Lol. Most of the work done on my jeep is done at Adams Driveshaft & Off-road. It is a family owned and operated shop and they are my good friends too. Besides them installing all of the upgrades to my jeep they installed both front and rear 1350 driveshaft’s