Ann Woodward Mallery’s Ladies Offroad Business Experience
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Ann Woodward Mallery’s Ladies Offroad Business Experience

Author: Ann Woodward Mallery

2017-LOC-BusinessCharlene Bower has a unique way of reaching into her deepest thoughts and pulling out an answer. I was with Charlene for 7 days; however, not all for the Ladies Offroad Business Training. She really made me consider some things before even starting the business training. She explained to us that there are big companies, but every big company starts as a small company. I should not sell myself short for where I am today but instead, push forward to more than I thought I was capable of as a team and continue to grow. My team ranges from BHM Auto Services LLC in Binghamton, NY where we offer automotive repair, diagnostics, tube bending, roll cages, and whatever we want to take on, to the members of the Southern Tier Off Road Club, which is a great team of men and women that are all amazing in their own way.

Charlene’s business training has given me a new direction. It helped me to recognize the niche that I meet with the services I offer. It helped me answer the questions; what makes us unique and what is my voice, and be able to come up with my business summary. With coaching and endless discussion, we were able to accomplish our goals. This, and the other instructional exercises, helped all of us attending to focus our visions into clearer pictures. I’ve always enjoyed business, and it was exciting to be able to actually dig in and discuss with Charlene.

2017-LOC-BusinessOne point that stood out was Charlene’s discussion about the importance of good content when it comes to a successful marketing plan, how to find the content, and use it to further our goals. Engaging with people and customers at every level is just as important as accomplishing your daily, weekly, and monthly business goals.  It includes all aspects not just on Facebook but also engaging when I am out with the club or the company. We have to add value to what we do and how it works for others.

I had to answer some very important questions about the impression I make as a person as well as the impression my business and club make. I know that all three need work for sure. With the help of Charlene and the Ladies Offroad Network, I feel confident. This experience was a real eye opener. Appreciation goes a long way, and you should never take the help you get for granted. But, you should also never be afraid to ask for a little help or guidance. I’ve learned so much about team building as well.

2017-LOC-BusinessWe were also introduced to the SEMA Garage. It is a hidden gem for all of us involved with garages, small and large. We learned about the association, and the benefits and support system that SEMA offers to its members. I have already reached out and scheduled a meeting!

When I was first "kicked out" from the Ladies Offroad Challenge, it was a bit of a bummer, however the experiences I have gained because of it are well worth it. Things happen for a reason, and I am happy to know and accept that. I was able to be a part of this amazing Ladies Offroad Garage and Ladies Offroad Business experience because of it. The tips and contacts that Charlene gave us will add value to my team in the future. Charlene was amazing, and the experience delivered so much more than I expected.

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Author: Ann Woodward Mallery