The knowledge and real world experience Charlene brought to the table was unsurpassable, and no college or educational institute would be able to offer everything Charlene taught us in those few days. Our business, Black Diamond 4×4, has already had success implementing some of the marketing tips, and we are looking forward to our continued growth as we keep trying more features.

My ideals and goals for Lyft Offroad for the long term have grown and flourished. I just needed to know how exactly I should translate everything that was going on in my mind for my company and use it in the real world to create a thriving business. That’s where the Ladies Offroad Business Training came in. Charlene Bower selected a small group of off-road women that she recognized as being in a similar stage and would benefit from intensive training.

We had a short period of time to go over a TON of information, and Charlene wasted no time at all! There were a lot of topics covered, but Charlene was focused on going in depth on topics that answered specific business questions our group had. Our group consisted of 5 women who are new owners of off-road businesses, and the coolest part, is that we all specialize in something different. So, not only did we get to learn about new companies, but we also got to meet other women who are going through the same struggles and successes.