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Air Compressors

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Air Compressors

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Pressure vs Speed: There are many portable air compressor options – When purchasing one of the styles below, consider these two elements:

  • Pressure: If you have big offroad tires you need to make sure that the compressor can fill up to the desired PSI (Pounds per Square Inch).
  • Speed: It may be able to fill to the pressure, but may also take an hour to do one tire – look for words similar to “High Output”.

Bigger is Better for this tool! J

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Battery Operated: Do you have powertools? Look to your preferred brand for a portable air compressor that works within the same battery system.  

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Air Tank: Fill up an air tank at home from your bigger compressor and take with you. Tire Size will determine how big of a tank you need. The drawback to this option is when you run out of air…you are out of air.

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12v or Battery Cable Operated: There are a few different options in the Offroad Category that offer high output compressors that run off 12v or have battery cable clips. These are nice because you can transfer your compressor between vehicles or to a vehicle that needs assistance.

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Compressed Air: PowerTank offers a CO2 option that satisfies High Pressure and High Speeds. Offroaders that have tire sizes over 37” tend to have a compressed air system to fill tires quickly. Bottles are refillable at most welding shops.

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On Board Air: Built into your engine compartment these systems are most common if you have air lockers. They are also very convenient for filling tires. Bigger tire vehicles may also have a air tank that this compressor fills prior to filling the tires so it doesn’t overwork.

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