Trisha Glezen – 2017 Ladies Offroad Garage Featured Attendee
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Trisha Glezen – 2017 Ladies Offroad Garage Featured Attendee

Trisha Glezen
Vestal, NY
Forum User Name: Northern Jeepher

2017 Ladies Offroad Garage Featured Attendee
I work hard during the week to enjoy myself on the weekend, as I find myself having many hobbies. I enjoy wheeling my Jeep, hunting, fishing, shooting, and kayaking. I also find myself having fun working in the garage, or goofing around with my boyfriend, Billy, or my two fur babies, Banshee and Hachi.

How did you get involved in fabricating and working in the garage?

My best friend had a fully stocked garage, that he often spent all night in, including the weekends. We would hang out working on an arrangement of vehicles after work, and I never knew that it could be fun before I met him. We had a blast, and he taught me so much! I loved learning and feeling capable that I could fix something. Now that I have my own garage, I find myself using all the skills that I learned from him.

What is your welding experience?

I first started welding when I was building my custom front axle for my Jeep with my best friend. I was lucky enough to get a decent amount of welding practice in but then had about a year break until I started welding again. I also helped build a custom trailer, where I again practiced my welding skills. I would have to say I have minimal experience on smaller projects, but I feel comfortable with MIG welding.

How did you get started with welding?

I first started welding when I was building my custom front axle for my Jeep with my best friend. I was so afraid of failing but he gave me the courage and tips and let me go. I was shocked by how quickly I picked it up, but it wouldn’t have happened without his encouragement and faith in me.

What is awesome about being a woman in the garage?

I like doing things that the “typical” woman does not, it brings me pride to step outside of the norm, and I have always enjoyed being a tomboy. I think woman have a lot to offer in the garage. We tend to be more patient, have a different point of view, and can logically think things through, which is all helpful when tackling a difficult project. It also doesn’t hurt that we are smaller and can fit into tight places or tighten difficult bolts in tiny places J

What are some projects or vehicles that you have worked on that you are most proud of?

My biggest project was the custom front axle that me and my best friend built. His name was Scooter, and he was the most skilled mechanic/fabricator I have ever met. We pulled a 1979 F250 high-pinion D44 out of an old Ford pickup in a junkyard (one of the beefiest 44’s you can find) and went to work! We cleaned it down to the bare housing, welded on brand new brackets, a truss, and c-gussets. We then fitted it with 1985 GM outer axles, Yukon gears, chromoly shafts, locking hubs, U joints, CNC high steer arms, and an Aussie Locker. He passed away expectantly before we got to install it under my Jeep, and it was one of the hardest times of my life. Luckily, I had good friends that helped me finish the install; this axle means more to me than anything on my Jeep. Every weld and part has a memory.

What is the best advice you have been given for working in the garage as a woman?

Be confident in your abilities and always be open to suggestions from others, even if you think you know what you are doing.

Is there anything else you would like to add about your garage experience?

It’s a great place to have fun, get out some of your frustrations, and learn. I learn something new almost every time I’m in the garage.

What are you hoping to learn during the Ladies Offroad Garage?

I’m hoping to learn new skills and improve on the skills I have now. I want to gain more confidence in myself, and have new abilities I can bring home and use in the garage.

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Author: Trisha Glezen
Forum User Name: Northern Jeepher