Trail of Missions – DAY 10 – 2016 Ladies Co-Driver Challenge – Event 1
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Trail of Missions – DAY 10 – 2016 Ladies Co-Driver Challenge – Event 1

Day 10 – Home

Bower Media Trail of Missions D10-7We got up at 5:30 and headed home, but first we needed to stop and do some wrap up interviews for our video. It won’t be until much later that Marcie will actually see the big picture of the trip, it is still too fresh. It won’t be until that week when I reflect at the challenges that I know how to better prepare gals for the next two events. Everything happens for a reason and it worked!

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We rolled up to a very happy husband and daughter, and then I rolled up to a very happy Matt and cats! I think we both took naps that day…we needed them!

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Bower Media Trail of Missions D10-8As I pushed Marcie through her challenges, I had my own set of challenges I was pushing myself through. Many ask what it is like to be a girl in the offroad world - I love it!   One challenges is being judged by those who may not know my past and honorably doing a great job at showing my skill set to where they release any judgment of ladies not being able to drive or participate. In addition to the driving, I had a BFGoodrich Tires vehicle that was built exceptionally well by John Williams at Impulse Offroad and I had to return it in the same shape. Plus, I won’t deny there was a challenge to taking someone below the border and being responsible for them. I took my challenges and I owned them. I’m proud that the Jeep is in tip top shape after 813 dirt miles and 1161 asphalt miles from border to border. Marcie and I survived – we only had the one maintenance man experience! And, almost every woman on the trip got behind the wheel of their vehicle at some point.


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