Teresa Lummus’ Ladies Offroad Challenge Top 10 Experience
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Teresa Lummus’ Ladies Offroad Challenge Top 10 Experience

Author: Teresa Lummus

Teresa Lummus Ladies Offroad Challenge D2 40When I was chosen as one of the Top 10 for the Ladies Offroad Challenge, I was very excited. It had been years since I was in Arizona, more years than I will admit to.

The big thing that stuck out to me over these 4 days, was the willingness of all the people in the industry to show us how to do different things around their shops. Not everyone is willing to open their shops to a group of strangers. 

Teresa Lummus Ladies Offroad Challenge D2 40I realized that this was an amazing group of girls that love all things off-road.  Going into this, I honestly thought there wouldn't be much that I would learn that I didn’t already know. I was surprised to learn some new things like the correct way to use a Hi-Lift Jack, and the correct way to mount beadlocks. I learned how to MIG weld, that was something I had never done before.

Teresa Lummus Ladies Offroad Challenge D2 40There were two things that we did that were my favorite of the entire weekend. The first was hiking Pinnacle Peak Mountain with P.J Jones. I had no idea Arizona was so beautiful! Getting out there and accomplishing a hike with a group of women from all different backgrounds and physical conditions was challenging and very rewarding!

Teresa Lummus Ladies Offroad Challenge D2 40The second one will be no surprise to anyone. I absolutely loved off-roading in UTV’s with P.J Jones and Kyle (AKA Brazil). Flying through the hills at what seemed like 100 mph was amazing!! I have ridden in side by sides before but nothing like this! Kyle, my driver, was an incredibly skilled driver! I could have ridden with him all day long and been in heaven.

Teresa Lummus Ladies Offroad Challenge D2 40My biggest challenge for this weekend was not being in control of my own schedule. I have worked for myself for years, I’m not used to having to follow any rules or going by a schedule. I’m also not used to having to be up early either. I’m sure for other people that have a 9-5 job this wasn’t as much of a challenge for them. However, I loved not knowing what would be next.  

Teresa Lummus Ladies Offroad Challenge D2 40Other than all the amazing things I learned, the one thing I will take away with me is all the friends I made. Most people would think that with all these women in the same house for days there would be fighting. We didn’t have any of that. I will never forget meeting each one of these amazing ladies. My roomies Rachel and Danielle were awesome. I just want to apologize for all the snoring… It wasn’t me.. really. 

Photo Credit:  Rachel Speir - RS Marqueting

Author: Teresa Lummus

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June 27, 2018 12:54 am

It was so amazing to meet you and spend time with you. Love reading your story. You are awesome and love all that you do 🙂 Love you ME 🙂