Sara Price – 2017 KOH Racer
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Sara Price – 2017 KOH Racer

King of the Hammers Lady Driver Bio for Sara Price

Sara PriceDriver of Record: Sara Price
Co-Driver: Erica Sacks
Age: 24
From: Canyon Lake, CA
Class: UTV Qualifying (Saturday) and UTV Race  (Wednesday)
Car Number: 123
Team Name:  Teryx Girls

How do you know your Co-Driver?  Erica is basically family, she is my long-term boyfriend's sister.  We have been friends forever and competed in the Rallye Aïcha des Gazelles together.

How many times have you raced King of the Hammers?  This will be our second year racing Ultra4's King of the Hammers.  Last year we had a few days of training to learn how to rock crawl.  We started 20th in a 800cc Kawasaki Teryx against a field of 1000cc vehicles.  There were a lot of people laughing at us for being in an underpowered vehicle, and a team of two girls.  We left the start line and came out of the desert in 12th place.  We entered the rocks and came out in 5th place.  The Teryx belt started to get hot and slipping, so we ended up having to use our SuperATV Winch the rest of the day.  It was a small sandhill around mile 78 that finally took us out.

Teryx Girls King of the HammersHow did you get into Ultra4 Racing? I have been racing all my life in 2-wheel and 4-wheel.  Erica and I did the Gazelle race and with our success, Kawasaki wanted to support us tackling every discipline of racing in offroad. So, we signed up for the King of the Hammers UTV race last year.

What has been your most exciting achievement in Ultra4 racing? We had never raced like this before and were trying to do it.  We were two girls in an under powered car.  We put our head down and did it!  We passed a lot of people in the race and were respected afterwords by racers coming up wanting to shake our hands.  It was cool to be able to prove ourselves.  

What does race prep look like in your world?  Last year, we actually had to build a car.  This year, Kawasaki is building the car for us.  It is the same one as last year, but with newer parts. We will be training with Reid Nordin again in the rocks and doing some pre-running when we go out there.  We are also making sure that we are healthy, getting all our paperwork done, and communicating our goals and working on the pits with our team.  We have a good core group of friends that work together in the pits.  We will have a couple of pit meetings ahead of time.  

What are you looking forward to at this years King of the Hammers?  King of the Hammers is a one of a kind experience.  It's a different kind of adventure with a race attached to it.  We have a good time pre-running with family and friend.  I also like that we get to meet new friends and fans, which makes it all worth it.

Terxy Girls King of the HammersWhat are your goals for this year's King of the Hammers? Finish. My main goal is to do well and finish, while having a good time. 

What excites you about racing? The Adrenaline.  The Challenge.  The Achievement.  Having to work for something really hard and knowing you accomplished something to achieve your goals. 

What is a piece of advise that you have been given?  "Go slow to go fast"  My Dad always tells me this.  Sometimes you want to rush and push into the next corner or into the next section of the race, but you need to be patient.  Stay calm, focused and level-headed to get to the end.

Tell us about the Team that Supports you.  I have a great team that is more like a really big open family.  My boyfriend builds the vehicles and helps with everything along with our families, especially our dad's.  They are at all the races. 

Sara Price Erica SacksSPONSORS:
• Kawasaki
• IMG Motorsports
• SuperATV
• Optimas Powersports
• PCI Radios
• Raceline Wheels
• Arisun tires
• K&N Air Filters
• Coyote Ent.
• PRP Seats
• KC HiLites
• Walker Evans Shocks

Sara Adds: I would like to thank my family, friends and racing family for all their support and encouragement.  Emily Miller is a big part of why we are racing King of the Hammers after working with her preparing for the Gazelle race.  I also want to thank all my supporters and fans - it's why we keep coming back.


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