Rosanna Duprau – 2017 KOH Racer
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Rosanna Duprau – 2017 KOH Racer

King of the Hammers Lady Driver Bio for Rosanna Duprau

Rosanna DuprauDriver of Record: Rosanna Duprau
 Scott Munchow
Age: 50 
From: Makakilo, Oahu, HI
Class: UTV Qualifying (Saturday) & UTV Race  (Wednesday)
Car Number: 808

How do you know your Co-Driver?  Scott and I are good friends.  We met at King of the Hammers 3 years ago on a ride.  We connected and he has been my co-driver ever since.  Before we met I hadn't done any hardcore wheeling, he is a great coach on how to do rock crawling.

We tried to get Taylor, my husband, as my co-driver but by the end of the first day of pre-running we weren't talking.  Plus, he is a motorcycle rider, so it was really hard for him to be strapped in, muchless in the passenger seat.

How many times have you raced King of the Hammers?  This will be my second time racing the King of the Hammers in the UTV Class.  Last year we had a good morning loop and the second loop we had a mechanical breakdown not finishing.  This will be my husbands 4th year racing King of the Motos.

Rosanna DuprauHow did you get into Ultra4 Racing?  It's a weird coincidence how we got involved.  In 2011, we came to California and visited friends that own a cabin 3 miles away from where Hammertown is. We were enjoying the Johnson Valley area, I was driving a UTV and my husband, a motorcycle. They told us about Ultra4's King of the Hammers and through googling and YouTube we got hooked and my husband wanted to race King of the Motos. We decided before jumping into racing that we should go as a spectator, so we came to KOH 4 years ago and spectated in Jack Hammer where there was the big bottle neck.  Three years ago my husband Taylor Duprau #62 raced King of the Motos.  Last year I was able to add in doing the UTV race and we will both be racing again this year.  After being disappointed on not doing well last year, I kinda back pedaled on racing this year.  Then I decided that I can't just give up on the first try, so I am racing again this year!

Rosanna DuprauWhat has been your most exciting achievement in Ultra4 racing?  My most exciting achievement was just finishing the first loop of the race last year.  Although we tipped over at RM36 we kept going and passing cars.  We finished the desert section in a good place.  I had never raced before in my life, ever, so my legs were shaking at the starting line and just to be more than half way through the race was exciting.  

What does race prep look like in your world?  The anticipation is really tough.  We are very fit and ride our dirt bikes every weekend rain or shine.  I also go to the gym 4 days a week and love Zumba!   We eat healthy normally and watch our diet.  We are pretty physical and competitive all the time. 

We live in Hawaii, so being able to pre-run doesn't happen until we come for the race.  We store our motorhome and toys in Chula Vista.  Magnum Offroad builds and preps the cars for us.  This will be the second car they have built for me - I'm 4'11 tall, so they have to make it "my size".

Rosanna DuprauWhat are you looking forward to at this years King of the Hammers?  The environment.  There are so many things to look forward to - so many things to do and see, past my husbands race and my race.  I always look forward to seeing all our friends and meeting new people.

What are your goals for this years King of the Hammers?  My co-driver and I want to be in the Top 10,  or at least finish this time.

What excites you about racing? The best thing about racing is my husband is also racing.  It is very stressful to prep him and myself, but it is worth it.  It also excites me that I am 50 and a Grandma of 2 and can say that I am racing - I have been called a super cool mom!

What is a piece of advise that you have been given?  "Keep the car together."  It's not all about speed, we have to keep the car together for the full race.  We don't have to be the fastest, we need to go fast when I can and slow down when I need to.  I do get excited, and last year ended up flipping the car.  So, I have to keep reminding myself.

Tell us about the Team that Supports you.   My husband is my #1. Being a housewife, he makes this possible for me. Magnum Offroad and a group of amazing friends from all over California come together to help support both our races.  Most are my husbands dirt biking buddies.

Rosanna DuprauSPONSORS:
• My husband
• Magnum Offroad
• MRT Tires
• Halo Locker

Rosanna Adds:  I really want to thank my husband who is always there to cheer me on, even when I'm complaining.  He makes me smile and keeps my car working.  I also have to thank my co-driver Scott, I could not do this without him - he's the pro and mellow guy.


Author: Rosanna Duprau