Rileigh Augustine’s Ladies Offroad Garage Experience
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Rileigh Augustine’s Ladies Offroad Garage Experience

Author: Rileigh Augustine

Rileigh-Augustine-2017-Ladies-Offroad-Garage-3Where should I begin? To say that I am more than happy that I made the effort to attend the Ladies Offroad Garage would be an understatement. I started the event with a diverse skill set, but I left the event with even more skills that will aid me in and out of the garage. Being a mechanic, there are many things I love about my job. I love being able to work with my hands, and having to learn as I go. It is quite the learning curve. That was all kicked into overdrive during the Garage event that Charlene put on for us.

There’s a certain confidence that comes with being able to work, fix and create things with your own two hands. I was fully expecting to get a good dose of that feeling when we visited The Fab School. It was so much more than I expected! There were tons of tools and techniques that I hadn't even heard of, but I wanted to learn them all. The knowledge and atmosphere were infectious. Between the shop and personal skills that we learned, I can’t think of a better way to set the tone for the rest of the weekend!

Rileigh-Augustine-2017-Ladies-Offroad-GarageEvery moment was a learning experience, an adventure, and many moments presented unique challenges as well. The extreme heat just added to the challenge! Charlene taught us the knowledge and skills necessary to keep ourselves, our equipment, and everyone with us on the move safe, and mentally and physically alert on the trails. The alertness may have been a struggle. However, we found it in us to adapt to the situation, rise above it, and come out stronger (while trying not pass out before that live video)! I believe I can speak for all the girls that participated when I say that we all came out stronger and better in our own ways. Everyone involved in teaching us over the week were some of the nicest, most humble, badass, successful people I have ever had the pleasure to be around and learning from. I took away more from this adventure then I could have ever imagined.

Rileigh-Augustine-2017-Ladies-Offroad-GarageAnother thing I took from this experience, is an amplified appreciation I have for the relationship between what my hands have the ability to create bad my minds ability to conjure. Everyone has their own method, and we are fortunate to have learned and gained from so many people in such a short time. Small tricks of the trade can make an enormous difference. The insight with product knowledge from the different manufacturers was much more than expected as well. To have them be so open to teach and show so much meant the world to us. It's amazing to feel so much support from so many corners of  the industry!

Rileigh-Augustine-2017-Ladies-Offroad-GarageMany of the awesome ladies I’ve met on this trip like Jessi Combs, and Theresa and Sara from LGE CTS Motorsports said, “Never not try! Yes, you could fail, but at least you had the balls to say you tried! You could also be amazing at it and open a whole new world for yourself, but you will never know until you try!” As women, we have a tendency to underestimate ourselves when the only thing that’s really getting in our way is our minds. Trusting Charlene with my time on this trip was one of the best things I have ever done. I made an investment in myself. It gave me a clear picture of what I want out of life and what I want to represent, and at the same time it gave me the confidence to stand a little taller.

Rileigh-Augustine-2017-Ladies-Offroad-GarageThe Ladies Offroad Network is exactly what I want to represent. It’s a great outlet for women who have similar interests to learn and grow. To Guide, Educate, and Motivate! I cannot wait for the forum to grow and all these awesome ladies to team up to give everyone involved the biggest fraction possible of the camaraderie I felt during the Ladies Offroad Garage. Huge shout out to Charlene Bower and her team for making ALL events continually great  and the Ladies Offroad Network everything it is and what it’s going to be!

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Author: Rileigh Augustine