Rileigh Augustine – 2017 Ladies Offroad Garage Featured Attendee
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Rileigh Augustine – 2017 Ladies Offroad Garage Featured Attendee

Rileigh Augustine
Fort St. John, BC, Canada


2017 Ladies Offroad Garage Featured Attendee

I've been a tomboy since . . . forever! Getting my hands dirty while being creative and problem solving is like second nature. I have been a mechanic for ten years and wouldn't do anything else. When my brain isn't being stimulated in the shop, I'm drawing, painting, working on my Jeep, or extending my comic book knowledge. I'm a nerd in more ways than one.

How did you get involved in fabricating and working in the garage?

After I started building my Jeep(s), I wanted a more unique look to my latest build, and the only way I was going to achieve that was to learn how to build my own accessories.

What is your welding experience?

Minor repairs in the mechanic shop such as exhaust repairs, removing broken studs by welding on nuts, and light brackets for custom mounting.

How did you get started with welding?

I was first taught during my first year of automotive school training.

What is awesome about being a woman in the garage?

Always achieving the unexpected and the immense confidence it gives me while setting an example for upcoming young ladies in the trades.

What are some projects or vehicles that you have worked on that you are most proud of?

My most proud project is my Rubicon. The looks I get when I drive around - I tell people I have a lifted Jeep and roll up in it, and their jaws hit the floor. It's unique and performs very well.

What is the best advice you have been given for working in the garage as a woman?

Our actions define us. Do what you love and love what you do, and something amazing will always happen. Stand your ground, grab life by the ballz, and punch it right in the undies.

Is there anything else you would like to add about your garage experience?

I've done a lot of a little bit, and a little bit of a lot. I'm always looking to get better at all of it!

What are you hoping to learn during the Ladies Offroad Garage?

I have good and broad experience in many shop duties. I am looking to better my fabrication skills and apply them to my current Jeep build and future builds, as well as better my craft for work.

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Author: Rileigh Augustine