Elisa Burke’s Wild Wheeling Weekend Experience

The Ladies Wild Wheeling Weekend was an event imagined by Charlene Bower, who launched Bower Media, Ladies Offroad Network and I’m Not Just a Girl.  Ten ladies from the 2017 Ladies…


Bonnie Lake’s Wild Wheeling Weekend Experience

This last year, I entered the Ladies Offroad Challenge not even knowing what I was getting myself into. In doing so, I have created a lot of new friendships, and have taken…


Jessica Chasse’s Wild Wheeling Weekend Experience

Those that know me know that I am seldom at a loss for words, but trying to explain the experiences I had over this amazing weekend has me stumped! Giving…

Tonya Mercer’s Wild Wheeling Weekend Experience

In early September, I was fortunate enough to be a part of an amazing group of women that descended upon Mesa, Arizona to go wheeling. As one of the Ladies…


Tabitha Tucciarone – Ladies Offroad Challenge Featured Entry

Tabitha TucciaroneNewark, TX "Tabitha has limited experience as a driver, but has been off-roading since 1994 when she met her husband spending every winter in Glamis in their sand rail.…


Achieve Tahoe Rubicon Trail – Jaime’s Story – Ladies Offroad Challenge Event 1

When I entered the Ladies Offroad Challenge, I never thought there was a chance that I could win. As things started to progress and I kept moving up in each…


Victoria Reynolds – Ladies Offroad Challenge Featured Entry

Victoria ReynoldsBelleville, WI "Victoria grew up in Northern Nevada where 4x4 trails are easily accessible allowing for her to go off-roading daily for many years, always giving her a sense…


Stacy Walther – Ladies Offroad Challenge Featured Entry

Stacy WaltherCottonwood Heights, UT "The majority of Stacy's off-road experience has been in the past 2-3 years on trails consisting of slickrock, sand/mud, rocky terrain and unimproved roads. Born in…


Nicole Honstead – Ladies Offroad Challenge Featured Entry

Nicole HonsteadLakeside, CA "Nicole has some off-road experience on her local trails, as well as at Tierra Del Sol where she has learned many off-road skills as well as developed…


Keri Porter – 2017 Ladies Offroad Challenge Featured Entry

Keri PorterTemperance, MI "Keri has been off-roading for over ten years and supports her husband who is the President of Toledo Ohio's largest off-road club. She and her best friend…

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Event #1 Rubicon Trail: August 11-13, 2017

Event #2 Baja 1000: November 14-18, 2017

Event #3 Fury Rode: December 7-9, 2017

Announcing Top 3

Announcements -》 Ladies Offroad Challenge Top 3 & Ladies Offroad Local Leaders nominations. Ahhhhhh!!!!Plus don't forget about the July Raceline Wheels giveaway, or Buy 3 get 1 free special. #ladiesoffroadnetwork #ladiesoffroadchallenge #ladiesoffroadlocalleaders

Posted by Ladies Offroad Network on Monday, July 17, 2017

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