Offroading With Baby Wipes
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Offroading With Baby Wipes

LON-Daily-Dirt-Baby WipesA big part of every great day outdoors is getting covered in dirt! It may not be your favorite part, so we at Ladies Offroad Network encourage you to add “Baby Wipes” to your arsenal of supplies. If you are a Momma, then you are an expert on the variety of uses for baby wipes and probably already have packages stuffed just about anywhere one can fit. But, if you are a non-momma, then here is the quick 411 on these handy tools:


There are multiple types of baby wipes. From scented to unscented, generic vs. brand name, and even wipes that have built-in textures and are extra thick, some even made using saline solution, the options are endless to fit your preferences. If you have sensitive skin, water wipes are a great chemical free option for you.  You can even find instructions about making your very own wipes on Pinterest if you prefer.
As with everything, pack it in means you pack it out, so if you do use one, please put it in your trash bag. There are a variety of all natural, biodegradable wipes. Most vault toilets at campsites and trail heads rely on biodegradable products being used them. Most baby wipes will say right on the packaging if they are biodegradable or not. Keep in mind, flushable wipes are NOT biodegradable! 

Baby Wipes-Ladies Offroad Network Daily DirtWhen purchasing, look at the packaging and consider the resealable packages. Hard containers are great to keep in your trailer because they appear to keep wipes fresh longer, but smaller packs fit nicely in your glove box or backpack. Another option is to double seal the package in a Ziploc bag.  

Pro Tip:  If your wipes do go dry, pull one out and use a little cooler water or drinking water to quickly re-energize it for use.

Interested in bringing these handy tools on your next trail outing? Find out which ones are best for your skin and personal preference: Saline WipesOrganic WipesWater WipesBiodegradable Wipes.


Baby Wipes-Ladies Offroad Network Daily DirtBaby Wipes have a multitude of uses. They can be used for wiping your hands, taking care of that dirt mustache or even wiping the mud off your arms. You may also need to clean up a soda spill in your vehicle or have a greasy part that needs to be prepped before being reinstalled during a trail-fix, no fear baby wipes can be used! Worst case, if you run out of toilet paper on the trail, baby wipes will be your new best friend. Thinking outside the box, even the package can be used to keep bottles from rattling around in your vehicle glove-box or other storage solutions, like snack holders!

Charlene Tip: I personally utilize Baby Wipes during the day and then at night I hand Matt and myself a Neutrogena face wipe that I keep at camp for our faces. Ah, the feeling of a clean face that doesn’t require freezing cold water and a rough paper towel!


Baby Wipes is like Kleenex, the brand name has become the stated word.  The baby wipe was first invented in 1958 under the name Wet-Nap by Arthur Julius. Arthur actually partnered with a mechanic during the fine tuning process of Wet-Nap before he revealed them at the 1960 National Restaurant Show in Chicago. Arthur’s first major client for Wet-Nap was Colonel Sanders for use at KFC restaurants.  

Author: Ladies Offroad Network Team

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