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Meet & Greet for Trail of Missions at 4 Wheel Parts



4 wheel parts trail of missionsWe are wrapping up our 2016 Monster Energy Trail of Missions presented by BFGoodrich Tires hosted by Cameron Steele and the Desert Assassins!  Although there are still many videos and pictures to share, Marcie and my last formal appearance for the Ladies Co-Driver Challenge was last night at the 4 Wheel Parts in Mesa, Arizona.

We set up two tables inside 4 Wheel Parts.  One was filled with our 95 selfies, posters, chips and salsa, snacks from the Jeep, and pictures from the Ladies Co-Driver Challenge weekend.  The second table had our travel log, route book, Mission Guide Book, stickers 4 wheel parts trail of missions4 wheel parts trail of missionsand some giveaways spread out across the table.  In addition, we had our “Find Joy in Each Day” cards hanging up on a pegboard.  Above us, we had a flat screen TV running a video with just under 400 photos from our trip.

The friends that came ended up gathering around the table with all the pictures.  They bounced through them and helped Marcie and I reflect on the awesome moments and stories.  Awkwardly enough, the stories that had the most entertainment value for everyone were based around the bathroom challenges and our two very interesting shower experiences!  More on those coming soon!

4 wheel parts trail of missionsSome of the other stories that we told included hanging out on the beaches, driving through huge cactus fields, the amazing food and new friends.  Marcie and I shared a favorite moment of being on the very top of the dome of a mission, it was amazing!  I also told my mountain biking story from Solo Sports – it’s pretty epic.

Greg Foutz from Foutz Motorsports, and Ken Neal and Donna from Bullet Proof Diesel, were on the trip with us and dropped by 4 Wheel Parts to show their support and share some of their own stories.

4 wheel parts trail of missionsOutside, Frankie clicked on the diff lockers and climbed the rock in front of the store.  Franko, as we actually called him while in Baja, was joined by the Craigslisticon that has been built across a few episodes of Bower Power Hour.  I was able to take a couple different people out to the Jeeps to show them around the different products that we were using.  One of the most special moments of the night for me was Marcie showing Kaleigh how she had the co-drivers seat set up and passing over the torch to the next person.

Actually, I lied, we do have more public appearances.  Marcie will be presenting her story at the Ladies Offroad Annual Summit December 3 &4 online.

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4 wheel parts trail of missions 4 wheel parts trail of missions 4 wheel parts trail of missions 4 wheel parts trail of missions 4 wheel parts trail of missions 4 wheel parts trail of missions 4 wheel parts trail of missions 4 wheel parts trail of missions 4 wheel parts trail of missions