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Hostess for Saturday Social

** Saturday Socials are NEW for 2022 **

They are replacing Network'ing Events that happened in the evenings during the 3rd week of the month. We were hosting over 20 a month...and then...2020 Covid Shutdown scccreeeched everything to a hault.

The Leadership Team has had to opportunity to re-invent this opportunity and we are excited to introduce Saturday Socials. Please be patient while we refine our plan and get it running as smoothly as possible. We appreciate your help with this phase <3

What is a Saturday Social

Our number one goal is to give Members an opportunity to meet each other, while welcoming all offroad ladies (guests) into our circle with open arms.  Ladies Offroad Network is all encompassing including MC, ATV, UTV, Jeep, Toyota, RC Car, Snowmobile, etc ladies that are Driver, Riders or Passengers!  

They are meant to be casual on a Saturday Morning for a couple hours where you can chat. These non-vehicle based fun events revolve around offroad education topics provided by Charlene and could lead to conversations and plans for weekend adventures. You will be hosing a national Offroad Educational game that has giveaways! Charlene will be online the entire time so you can pop on at any point to have your guest engage or ask a question. 

 These Saturday Social events are not meant to be a hands-on learning session, those are for other times. This is where you learn more about the upcoming Ladies Offroad Network events and opportunities! Be sure to join in on the conversations...

What a Saturday Social is

  • Welcoming and Friendly
  • Learn some New Offroad Facts
  • Opportunity to Meet other Offroad Ladies
  • Opportunity to Plan Excursions
  • Casual and Friendly

What a Saturday Social Isn't

  • Clicky or Exclusive
  • A Vehicle Show'n'Shine
  • Hands on Learning
  • Dramatic 🙂

Will You Host a Saturday Social?

Awesome!  We need energetic awesome ladies to host! We would love for you to!!  Our goal is to have different members in the same area rotate hosting so not one person is feeling overwhelmed with the task, and to have different experiences celebrating our uniqueness!

First, you need to be a standing member of Ladies Offroad Network.  We want you to have the experiences with our network so you can help others understand.  Learn about Memberships.

Second, you will need to let us know you are interested. We will help walk you through the entire process. It is supposed to be fun and easy! We are partners in this together...

Now Taking Hostesses for Saturday...

Saturday March 19

Saturday Morning
2 Hours Window
Between 8am - 12pm

You Pick the Casual Place

Submission Deadline:
Monday Feb 7th


Saturday April 23

Saturday Morning
2 Hours Window
Between 8am - 12pm

You Pick the Casual Place

Submission Deadline:
Monday March 7th


Saturday May 21

Saturday Morning
2 Hours Window
Between 8am - 12pm

You Pick the Casual Place

Submission Deadline:
Monday April 11th


By "Clicking to Host"...

Please fill in the simple Registration Form.  We will see that you are interested in helping us host other ladies. 

We will reach out to you to help you narrow in on the best time and location ideas for your area. 

We will create marketing materials to let everyone know what is happening. We appreciate your boots on the ground posting in different offroad shops, etc. 

We will help you learn all the tools to be successful the day of the event.

We will send you a package with fliers, game questions and more. 

The Day of the Event, Charlene will be sitting on BlueJeans the entire time to help answer any questions and engage with your groups!

We Got You!  You are NOT on your own!! You are helping REPRESENT Ladies Offroad Network in your area. 

Goal: We want to have all of the next month's Saturday Socials lined up before the current months so we can tell people when and where then next one will be. For example, at the March Social we want to let ladies know where the April social will be. 

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