MacKenzie Duncan – 2017 WERock Competitor
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MacKenzie Duncan – 2017 WERock Competitor

W.E. Rock Rock Crawling Lady Driver Bio for MacKenzie Duncan

MacKenzie Duncan WERock Ladies Offroad networkDriver of Record: MacKenzie Duncan
Spotter: Scott Duncan
Age: 18
From: Small Town, Northern CA
Class:  West Coast Sportsman Class
Team Name: Renegade Rocksports
Team Relationship:  Father / Daughter

How long have you been competing in Rock Crawling?  What Classes?  Finishes?  It will be my first year competing, so I'll be competing in the sportsman class.

What is the most challenging part of Rock Crawling?  I think the easy part is the crawling itself. The hard part is strategizing about how to get around the cones without a point deduction.

In your opinion, what are the characteristics of a good rock crawler?
I would say someone with a lot of try.

MacKenzie Duncan WERock Ladies Offroad networkWhat does event prep look like in your world? Because we're just starting out, it's been a whole lot of prep work, and we've been nonstop these past couple of months. Getting the car ready, meeting with sponsors and potential sponsors, getting in as much practice as possible with the flooding that we have had here in Northern California. 

What do you look forward to at W.E. Rock events, past the actual competition?  I'm excited to meet new people with the same passion for crawling.

What are your goals for this year’s W.E. Rock Series? Probably to be able to move up into the Pro Mod class.

What excites you about competing? Seeing how far I can push myself and my car.

What is a piece of advise that you have been given that you have taken to heart and instill into your racing career?  Or, quote that you always remember. "Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire."

MacKenzie Duncan WERock Ladies Offroad networkTell us about the rest of the Team that Supports you.  Define the roll of the driver and spotter in your team.
I think that the spotter is way more unappreciated by the spectators than he should be. As the driver, I rely almost entirely on my spotter. What he says, goes and you just have to trust it. When people think of rock crawling, they initially think of the car and the driver, but you have got to remember the brains and strategy that goes into it.

Fowler Auto Center
Redwood Empire RVs
Relentless Motorsports
Jodi Todd R.D.H.A.P.
• Urban Stitcher
Liv Fashion Boutique
Law Office of Duncan M. James

MacKenzie Adds: I wanted to thank my Mom and Dad for giving me this opportunity to do what I love. They've always supported my brother and I in everything that we do and I'm so thankful.

SnapChat: rrocksports

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